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  1. I didn't mean to get this topic puffed up, I think they look great and merely wanted to see the difference as the 4k texture thing is exciting. Much love to the guys who work on it for us.
  2. I do not notice a visual difference with the higher hz settings.
  3. Hype and Bullshitting? it does feel expensive and compared to the Pimax greatly so. The strap and components and magnets and material is top quaility. The Pimax was squeaky plastic and a simple strap. So as I give my impressions it felt quite fair to say. Hardly hype, nobody said “buy it for the nice magnet face cover” MY Pimax did indeed have a large FOV, and a few bad pixels, and it was blurry as hell in that large FOV. Maybe yours was a better build quality? But again, build quality matters doesn’t it. I don’t know how I got mine to go into 120 hz, Steam VR had a pop up during setup suggesting I switch to it and it’s in the menu option.
  4. Are you using motion smoothing? I am on 120 hrtz and it feels good
  5. Where do you see to put Steam VR supersampling to 140%? Mine defaulted to 100
  6. I was coming from the Vive Pro, so the visual upgrade was minimal. BUT if I was coming from the Rift and played VR a decent amount I would definitely recommend the index. It just does so much either good or great and the product feels like something I can use for a long time. I mentioned earlier I owned a Pimax 5k. I bought it and used it in DCS and immediately knew It was (to be blunt) cheap and not long for the future. Sure it has a great FOV, but I highly doubt people will be buying and supporting that headset years to come. I took it off, sold it, and went back to my VivePro until something else would come along. The index feels like it is the "it" right now. Whats $1000 in your life? If you only play il2; the Reverb and Rift S are a lot cheaper. Otherwise, I have no complaints.
  7. I didn't notice it being "hot", but before I was using the VivePro with an over ear headphone so this seems far better (vive audio was horrible). One thing I didn't mention, and this is sort of a big deal. The audio and audio "comfort" with this headset is remarkable. Not wearing a headphone and not feeling anything on my ear is really cool.
  8. I used my new Index for a couples days and here are my thoughts. Background: Using VR for several years, Oculus Rift, Odyssey, Pimax 5K (for thirty minutes) and Vive Pro w/ Lens Mod (my former mainstay device). My computer is a i7-7000 cpu and 2080ti. Comfort and build quality: Simply the best. Reminds me of my old oculus Rift only better Software: Very easy to use and totally integrated into Steam VR (obviously). I never even had to change the sound device to the headset, it just does it. Visuals: Coming from the Vive pro I didn't expect a huge upgrade, and thus it looked nearly identical to me. I was hoping to be surprised but it simply looked about the same. Lens: Sweet spot is huge, nothing like the horrible stock Vive pro lenses. FOV: Slightly larger, but not earth shattering. I have bug eyes and long eyelashes so I couldn't get the lenses as close as possible. Controllers: I know this is not important for IL2, but these controllers are amazing. Blacks and glare: Much has been made on this. The blacks didn't seem to bother me at all, but there is glare on black screens with text (which unfortunately is the home screen). I never really ever saw it in game though, so that fear seemed far removed. Performance: I ran it on ultra settings (il2) and the headset at 100% SS and 120 hrtz. Performance was just as good as the Vive pro and maybe even better, which surprised me. I havent fiddled with settings yet so more on that later. Buy it? Honestly it depends on you. I have no regrets and find the refinements very nice. It was worth the money to me. I simply hated the complexity and clunkiness of the VivePro but the image was really nice. So in some ways I paid a lot of money for the exact same image, which feels a bit pyrrhic. That said, I do love it. OH! and the IPD is perfect again!!!! ( I hated that about the VivePro). If you do not intend to ever use the controllers and $1000 is a lot of money to you; I would maybe look at cheaper options because you can get the same screen at a far cheaper price. Cheers Redcoat
  9. The eagle they used is also a Luftwaffe eagle not a HEER one.
  10. It has arrived! I will unbox it as soon as I can and give my impressions.
  11. Look at it this way, it can only get better.
  12. I was Mech Infantry for many years; and yes, these tanks are too "bright" inside, but it's not a big deal and I really doubt the effort to improve interior shadow rendering is that important compared to some of the other issues that they need to work out. I think they look just fine. I still cannot get over that I can actually play a tank simulator and look around the interior like this.
  13. Does anyone have comparison shots of the damage skins from before and after? I always felt like the damaged skins were one of the most lacking part of the plane textures. Also, are these new 4k damage skins only on the most recent 4k upgrades or were they on the others? (109-F2, IL2, etc)
  14. Me and two other guys will be there on Saturday. I had wondered if we should go out to a pub afterwords but it didn’t seem like there was a lot of interest.
  15. Man, I can’t decide on Reverb or Index. I think I am leaning towards index because of FOV
  16. Call it whatever it is, its amazing to finally get the cockpits sized correctly. I hate flying midget planes in the Vive Pro. I am fearful of what this new crop of even more varied panel sizes will do to the in-game view.
  17. I think you need to manage expectations with VR being “supported”. Yes it works, but it does have some major quirks. By all means buy the game and support it, but you will notice VR is not listed anywhere on the features of tank crew. I would guess they did this because of the current limits of the VR capabilities in this engine and didn’t want to over promise. hopefully, if the game sells well, they can improve some of these. Here are some of the current issues that you need to cope with. 1. The view isn’t linked to crew member bodies, so if the turret turns and you are in the turret basket, be prepared to have your head stay stationary. 2. The controls are funky, and even worse in VR because so much depends on the keyboard as some functions can’t conflict with the flying part of the game. 3. Objects will pop in and out of view from your peripheral. 4. It’s almost impossible to use the gunsight with your “VR head”. Resolution simply isn’t there yet and you can’t lean into the sight like you would in real life. BUT... it looks amazing on the inside to look around and feel like being in the tank. Buy the game!
  18. I really wish this would get improved, but it was implied the control clunkiness is a pretty big issue to tackle
  19. With all of the new headsets coming, and the current issues we already have with scale in the different screen sizes; we really need to have the same IPD adjustment option like the one found in DCS. It’s so easy to fix these issues with something like this.
  20. I really hope they figure out a way to make the gunner and commander views in VR hooked to the turret turning. Right now it is absolutely jarring.
  21. Does anyone know if il2 has a way to adjust the ingame IDP like DCS does? This made it easy to fix my Vive pro 90% issue.
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