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  1. I wanted to ask you Odyssey users (I returned mine well before the IPD patch), is the scaling 100% accurate? I have a Vive Pro currently but considering looking at the Odyssey +. The reason I ask is I assume they still have the same resolution but as you know, scaling in the Vive Pro is off by 10% or so.
  2. While you cannot go wrong with the customization options or the passion of Vitaly, I eventually went with the Virpil throttle and "retired" my GVL. It was just a tad "squeaky" in the build components and while mine worked perfectly, the other three sets our group bought each had one of the He111 axis not working. We tried to get it sorted and Vitaly attempted to help, but the language barrier was simply too great.
  3. I just tried x-plane a few days ago and I can say that I am quite impressed with clickable cockpits. I also thought it wouldn’t work well but it’s quite amazing. I generally just fly with one hand on the stick and keep one of the controllers in my lap when I need to click something. Try it out. pro: almost no key mapping (it’s all there) con: you have to know what your doing
  4. I do wish the damage "decals" could get upgraded. They seem way behind the other art.
  5. Our problem is we won't be home from work till 6pm or so... so sadly we can't make it. Have fun!
  6. We have 5 Ju-52 pilots that would attend, but that is 2pm Eastern time. How long will this thing last?
  7. That is annoying to hear. I have the wireless adapter but haven't hooked it up to my pro yet.
  8. https://uploadvr.com/htc-vive-pro-down-to-650-at-micro-center-today/ Here is the best deal yet.
  9. I am pretty sure you are exactly right. I have to admit that setting the IPD is hard for me to assure it's correct. Do you have a method that works well? Seems like there should be a program or something to accurately set the IPD.
  10. VIVE PRO UPDATE So I was a day 1 Vive pro user; as well as a vocal critic of it's drawbacks as compared to my old Oculus Rift. That said, I have stuck with this headset and here are a few updates to my earlier critiques. 1. I am certain the "scale" is indeed off a little in IL2(as many others have said) and perhaps the view is 90%. It hasn't been a huge deal but still annoying 2. Switching from PC audio on Teamspeak and between games to the Vive continues to be buggy and annoying, often requiring restarting the headset a few times to start a VR session. The sound has improved a little over the past few months. 3. Clarity - WOW I couldn't handle the crappy god ray/sweet spot issue anymore (my main complaint) so last week I finally bought a V.4 GearVR kit off of ebay for $60. It was easily installed and it is AMAZING. My headset is now crystal clear. No SDE, no god rays, no sweet spot. If you have a vive pro I highly recommend you consider this kit. My vive pro is now exactly what I was hoping for. *Those of you that have followed the GearVR mod know what concerns: Barrel distortion. The version 4 mod I bought has worked so well that I have not noticed any barrel distortion. So I didn't need to do anything other than install the lenses. Obviously some people have stated it was an issue... it simply wasn't for me. The only thing I will note: I have pretty good VR legs, but when playing FPS games (not Il2), I think the clarity is so high it almost makes feel feel worse after a couple of hours. I would compare it to wearing someones prescription glasses for awhile when you don't need glasses. Again, if you have the vive pro I would seriously recommend this mod.
  11. I hated it also. A few days ago I bought one of the ready made GearVR kits (v4) from ebay and installed it on my vive pro. IT IS AMAZING. Believe the hype.
  12. Whats the word on this? Do I turn off "always on Reprojection" or should I leave it on and find other ways to increase frames?
  13. I think the notable absence of any mention of VR with Tank Crew is for a reason. Yeah it kinda works, but clearly isn't working well. Regrettably, It's probably beyond their scope right now to spend time on improving.
  14. Playing in VR is exciting... until you realize the current limitations on controls and gun sight views. Hopefully they will make some updates in this regard. I have suggested merely adding an xbox controller as a supported device would improve the VR gameplay enormously. Alas, I have yet to ever see any sort of mention of VR with Tank crew (VR is specifically mentioned in the FC advert but not the TC content). My guess is they currently have no intention to work on VR for TC and simply don't want to promise anything. Thus, they are silent on the matter. We will see. It is amazing to be inside the tank!
  15. VR view needs to be linked to the turret basket rather than the hull. Currently when the turret spins (and you are in the turret) your view stays linked to the hull.
  16. No, in my case I was the gunner, but I am sure it probably affects both positions.
  17. Really?. If I am in the gunner seat (KV 1) but not nestled to the gunsight my player view stays stationary as the turret and seat move.
  18. Also, in VR as the gunner if you turn the turret your head stays with the hull and not the turret. Fix this!
  19. I would also, but they don’t allow Xbox controller organically. At least I couldn’t get it to work
  20. I do wish they would give us a clue on which direction they are taking some of these things.
  21. I still think something needs to be adjusted. Everyone I know has the game audio set at 5% because the game drowns out Teamspeak.
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