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  1. B25 with enhanced co-pilot functionality = 😁 Me-410
  2. I went Oculus Rift > Odyssey > Vive Pro (lens mod) > Pimax 5k > Vive Pro (Lens Mod) > Index = No regrets. Bear in mind that cost wasn't a major factor in any of this.
  3. Have you ever even used the index in il2? I would hardly call it a shambles. There is a compelling argument that for the money, the rift s can get you through until any next year headsets.
  4. Christ man! What does it all mean? Translate! If they add game pad support that will resolve a ton of issues.
  5. I think one of the elephants in the room is that "Battle of Britain" would be insanely popular; but the CLOD cloud will keep them from making such a great choice.
  6. We already know it’s going to be Battle of France. Or did I dream that?
  7. I am able to help in any of the areas but would submit for the VR section. Our group only flies in VR and have been doing so for two years. I have had a Rift, odyssey, Vice pro, Pimax 5k, and currently use the Valve index with slanted screens. I have an I7 running a 2080ti. I also beta tested for you when we did the 1918 offensive campaign in Rise of Flight... oh so many years ago. I also fly in real life, as well as spent many years as mech infantry in the US Army. (I was a platoon commander and maneuvered armored vehicles in formations) -If you want some of us for group multiplayer TC WIS-Redcoat WIS-ArthurBrown WIS-Vain
  8. Fantastic. So many people appreciate their work on this. Such great community members.
  9. I appreciate your enthusiasm but I think only a couple of the anointed lads get to do official work. But by all means see what you can do.
  10. ICDP, What would it take to bribe you to finish these for the in game default skins?
  11. What ICDP said. When you first launch the game and the dark background has the bright words appear, you can’t miss it. I mainly only flight sim and you won’t notice the glare doing that. I have read that playing a game like beat saber really brings out the glare... I don’t know. All in all it hasn’t been a big deal and I still prefer the index over anything I have tried yet.
  12. Literally tonight I looked over at my left engine and made a wish that the 4K boys would get these textures updated for the official game.
  13. Our squadron is new to the server and one of our guys was shot down in a 110. He respawned as a gunner of one of the remaining flight and he was kicked. He then waited five minutes and spawned in his 109 and it kicked him and said he had a 20 hour time penalty. Does anyone know why this is?
  14. With the games current controls? It would literally be my keyboard and mouse.
  15. I feel like the reliance of third party solutions is not a winning strategy for getting people into the game. I will pray for salvation and wait.
  16. They are very aware of the short comings... I keep hoping for one of those random surprise updates when they announce that they are rebuilding the tank/turret controls and multi-crew turret control functionality. Seems like the same sort of tech would even allow greater multi-crew items like dropping bombs and being a true co-pilot. I really think they just don't want to promise something that they cannot guarantee to deliver. For years they kept saying that the 10km view distance was too hard to expand (even somewhat recently)... then all of a sudden they announced that it'll be expanded very shortly.
  17. Well known and probably one of the biggest issues with solid VR play (the other being forced to use the keyboard rather than other input devices).
  18. I am VERY excited to get into this game; but they really need to get the controls sorted out and better VR use (head tied to the hull rather than the turret basket and gunsight use). Its exciting to get into these machine and see all the detail work. I have faith it'll get there.
  19. I was in this exact scenario. I use the index now, but my VivePro with the lens mod was phenomenal looking. I was a preorder Pimax 5k guy and sold it immediately after I used it. In in my opinion, (and I have never used the reverb), my Vive pro was the best looking even to this day. If you switch headsets, it has to be for other reasons.
  20. Given the scenario you gave, You can’t go wrong with this advice. You could probably find a lot of used 1 generation headsets for sale this summer, but for the money, Rift S over used rift / Vive
  21. Oddly I haven't had an issue with this. I agree many others don't seem to be able to achieve this but I am getting great frames at 120Hz, SS at 150%; both here and in DCS. I cannot begin to explain why, I have a 2080ti and a great computer but nothing "crazy" good.
  22. That was a joke Fenris, not an "attack", you should relax a little. It's tiring to see in every index related thread three or four people give good opinions on the Index and you will almost always post some weird Reddit post about thumbsticks or a video on scary glare that is all but discounted in the sim by... everyone. Using phrases like "deeply disappointing", or build quality statements as "bullshit", or describing your let down as "astounding". You are essentially the only person I have seen speak of the index as a giant pile of failure. If you are going to use such dramatic rhetoric you should expect some poking drama. I used the Pimax and the experience was (for me) terrible yet I don't go into every pimax thread and continuously bash the hell out of its flaws because everyone clearly knows what those flaws already are. To do so would look like I had an axe to grind.
  23. * The above ad has been paid for by PIMAX inc. 🤑 We get it; the index is a notoriously subpar cheap product with bad company support and a house of hype lies, and you own the best manufactured Pimax with all its pixels included, super clear FOV lenses, great fast customer service, and fantastic controllers with no name. You and like seventy other dudes agree on this. I bet you think apple sucks too and Microsoft. I literally used Pimax 5k for a day and saw none of the greatness you see. There are enough people using these headsets to get varied opinions without spamming hate and discontent. Make your point and let it go man.
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