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  1. Look at it this way, it can only get better.
  2. I was Mech Infantry for many years; and yes, these tanks are too "bright" inside, but it's not a big deal and I really doubt the effort to improve interior shadow rendering is that important compared to some of the other issues that they need to work out. I think they look just fine. I still cannot get over that I can actually play a tank simulator and look around the interior like this.
  3. Does anyone have comparison shots of the damage skins from before and after? I always felt like the damaged skins were one of the most lacking part of the plane textures. Also, are these new 4k damage skins only on the most recent 4k upgrades or were they on the others? (109-F2, IL2, etc)
  4. Me and two other guys will be there on Saturday. I had wondered if we should go out to a pub afterwords but it didn’t seem like there was a lot of interest.
  5. Man, I can’t decide on Reverb or Index. I think I am leaning towards index because of FOV
  6. Call it whatever it is, its amazing to finally get the cockpits sized correctly. I hate flying midget planes in the Vive Pro. I am fearful of what this new crop of even more varied panel sizes will do to the in-game view.
  7. I think you need to manage expectations with VR being “supported”. Yes it works, but it does have some major quirks. By all means buy the game and support it, but you will notice VR is not listed anywhere on the features of tank crew. I would guess they did this because of the current limits of the VR capabilities in this engine and didn’t want to over promise. hopefully, if the game sells well, they can improve some of these. Here are some of the current issues that you need to cope with. 1. The view isn’t linked to crew member bodies, so if the turret turns and you are in the turret basket, be prepared to have your head stay stationary. 2. The controls are funky, and even worse in VR because so much depends on the keyboard as some functions can’t conflict with the flying part of the game. 3. Objects will pop in and out of view from your peripheral. 4. It’s almost impossible to use the gunsight with your “VR head”. Resolution simply isn’t there yet and you can’t lean into the sight like you would in real life. BUT... it looks amazing on the inside to look around and feel like being in the tank. Buy the game!
  8. I really wish this would get improved, but it was implied the control clunkiness is a pretty big issue to tackle
  9. With all of the new headsets coming, and the current issues we already have with scale in the different screen sizes; we really need to have the same IPD adjustment option like the one found in DCS. It’s so easy to fix these issues with something like this.
  10. I really hope they figure out a way to make the gunner and commander views in VR hooked to the turret turning. Right now it is absolutely jarring.
  11. Does anyone know if il2 has a way to adjust the ingame IDP like DCS does? This made it easy to fix my Vive pro 90% issue.
  12. Is it easier to code for using a windows Xbox controller? I assume it isn’t but just asking. That would at least allow someone to sit in VR and operate the tank without struggling with the keyboard
  13. Agreed, it’s so close to a great VR experience but several major flaws (as you suggest)
  14. It’s even worse in VR. I continue to submit that the use of a PC Xbox controller would be best. That way someone in VR could sit in a chair and operate the tank fairly fluidly. The keyboard is simply impossible and a joystick isn’t very realistic for most tank controls.
  15. He’s right of course, we need to ditch the silver braid on the cap for enlisted crew.
  16. I have a vive Pro with lens mod.. for me it took my device to a much higher level. I think mileage can vary depending on the kit you get and your vision. Mine is gorgeous. It was easy to install and I do not see any distortion. I am awaiting my pimax 5k
  17. VR in the tanks is unrefined yet lots of potential. The devs haven't said much about VR for tank crew (if anything), so I hope they plan to over deliver. Once they get the controls worked out (I have advocated for controller support as it solves a bunch of VR issues) we might just have a decent VR game.
  18. I keep advocating that they also add controller support (Xbox) for VR tank use. Keyboard is simply impossible and flight sticks don’t represent all the different functions of tank operations well
  19. The VivePro scale it off.. no question about that. It'll work, and its hard to notice, but once you see it you cannot unsee it. It isn't the IPD either, it's simply off around 10%.
  20. UploadVR just posted a feature article about a tankVR game. Seems like someone from il2 needs to contact them and get some VR press😏
  21. Moosya, Couple of questions, Most of my friends still have Rift's. Would you recommend the Odyssey+ over that? $299 is very tempting. Also, I have a VivePro with gearVR mod. My biggest complaint is the 10% scale of the cockpit being off. Does the Odyssey+ render true 1:1 or does it also suffer from the resolution differential (slightly undersized)?
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