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  1. Our squadron is new to the server and one of our guys was shot down in a 110. He respawned as a gunner of one of the remaining flight and he was kicked. He then waited five minutes and spawned in his 109 and it kicked him and said he had a 20 hour time penalty. Does anyone know why this is?
  2. With the games current controls? It would literally be my keyboard and mouse.
  3. I feel like the reliance of third party solutions is not a winning strategy for getting people into the game. I will pray for salvation and wait.
  4. They are very aware of the short comings... I keep hoping for one of those random surprise updates when they announce that they are rebuilding the tank/turret controls and multi-crew turret control functionality. Seems like the same sort of tech would even allow greater multi-crew items like dropping bombs and being a true co-pilot. I really think they just don't want to promise something that they cannot guarantee to deliver. For years they kept saying that the 10km view distance was too hard to expand (even somewhat recently)... then all of a sudden they announced that it'll be expanded very shortly.
  5. Well known and probably one of the biggest issues with solid VR play (the other being forced to use the keyboard rather than other input devices).
  6. I am VERY excited to get into this game; but they really need to get the controls sorted out and better VR use (head tied to the hull rather than the turret basket and gunsight use). Its exciting to get into these machine and see all the detail work. I have faith it'll get there.
  7. I was in this exact scenario. I use the index now, but my VivePro with the lens mod was phenomenal looking. I was a preorder Pimax 5k guy and sold it immediately after I used it. In in my opinion, (and I have never used the reverb), my Vive pro was the best looking even to this day. If you switch headsets, it has to be for other reasons.
  8. Given the scenario you gave, You can’t go wrong with this advice. You could probably find a lot of used 1 generation headsets for sale this summer, but for the money, Rift S over used rift / Vive
  9. Oddly I haven't had an issue with this. I agree many others don't seem to be able to achieve this but I am getting great frames at 120Hz, SS at 150%; both here and in DCS. I cannot begin to explain why, I have a 2080ti and a great computer but nothing "crazy" good.
  10. That was a joke Fenris, not an "attack", you should relax a little. It's tiring to see in every index related thread three or four people give good opinions on the Index and you will almost always post some weird Reddit post about thumbsticks or a video on scary glare that is all but discounted in the sim by... everyone. Using phrases like "deeply disappointing", or build quality statements as "bullshit", or describing your let down as "astounding". You are essentially the only person I have seen speak of the index as a giant pile of failure. If you are going to use such dramatic rhetoric you should expect some poking drama. I used the Pimax and the experience was (for me) terrible yet I don't go into every pimax thread and continuously bash the hell out of its flaws because everyone clearly knows what those flaws already are. To do so would look like I had an axe to grind.
  11. * The above ad has been paid for by PIMAX inc. 🤑 We get it; the index is a notoriously subpar cheap product with bad company support and a house of hype lies, and you own the best manufactured Pimax with all its pixels included, super clear FOV lenses, great fast customer service, and fantastic controllers with no name. You and like seventy other dudes agree on this. I bet you think apple sucks too and Microsoft. I literally used Pimax 5k for a day and saw none of the greatness you see. There are enough people using these headsets to get varied opinions without spamming hate and discontent. Make your point and let it go man.
  12. I didn't mean to get this topic puffed up, I think they look great and merely wanted to see the difference as the 4k texture thing is exciting. Much love to the guys who work on it for us.
  13. I do not notice a visual difference with the higher hz settings.
  14. Hype and Bullshitting? it does feel expensive and compared to the Pimax greatly so. The strap and components and magnets and material is top quaility. The Pimax was squeaky plastic and a simple strap. So as I give my impressions it felt quite fair to say. Hardly hype, nobody said “buy it for the nice magnet face cover” MY Pimax did indeed have a large FOV, and a few bad pixels, and it was blurry as hell in that large FOV. Maybe yours was a better build quality? But again, build quality matters doesn’t it. I don’t know how I got mine to go into 120 hz, Steam VR had a pop up during setup suggesting I switch to it and it’s in the menu option.
  15. Are you using motion smoothing? I am on 120 hrtz and it feels good
  16. Where do you see to put Steam VR supersampling to 140%? Mine defaulted to 100
  17. I was coming from the Vive Pro, so the visual upgrade was minimal. BUT if I was coming from the Rift and played VR a decent amount I would definitely recommend the index. It just does so much either good or great and the product feels like something I can use for a long time. I mentioned earlier I owned a Pimax 5k. I bought it and used it in DCS and immediately knew It was (to be blunt) cheap and not long for the future. Sure it has a great FOV, but I highly doubt people will be buying and supporting that headset years to come. I took it off, sold it, and went back to my VivePro until something else would come along. The index feels like it is the "it" right now. Whats $1000 in your life? If you only play il2; the Reverb and Rift S are a lot cheaper. Otherwise, I have no complaints.
  18. I didn't notice it being "hot", but before I was using the VivePro with an over ear headphone so this seems far better (vive audio was horrible). One thing I didn't mention, and this is sort of a big deal. The audio and audio "comfort" with this headset is remarkable. Not wearing a headphone and not feeling anything on my ear is really cool.
  19. I used my new Index for a couples days and here are my thoughts. Background: Using VR for several years, Oculus Rift, Odyssey, Pimax 5K (for thirty minutes) and Vive Pro w/ Lens Mod (my former mainstay device). My computer is a i7-7000 cpu and 2080ti. Comfort and build quality: Simply the best. Reminds me of my old oculus Rift only better Software: Very easy to use and totally integrated into Steam VR (obviously). I never even had to change the sound device to the headset, it just does it. Visuals: Coming from the Vive pro I didn't expect a huge upgrade, and thus it looked nearly identical to me. I was hoping to be surprised but it simply looked about the same. Lens: Sweet spot is huge, nothing like the horrible stock Vive pro lenses. FOV: Slightly larger, but not earth shattering. I have bug eyes and long eyelashes so I couldn't get the lenses as close as possible. Controllers: I know this is not important for IL2, but these controllers are amazing. Blacks and glare: Much has been made on this. The blacks didn't seem to bother me at all, but there is glare on black screens with text (which unfortunately is the home screen). I never really ever saw it in game though, so that fear seemed far removed. Performance: I ran it on ultra settings (il2) and the headset at 100% SS and 120 hrtz. Performance was just as good as the Vive pro and maybe even better, which surprised me. I havent fiddled with settings yet so more on that later. Buy it? Honestly it depends on you. I have no regrets and find the refinements very nice. It was worth the money to me. I simply hated the complexity and clunkiness of the VivePro but the image was really nice. So in some ways I paid a lot of money for the exact same image, which feels a bit pyrrhic. That said, I do love it. OH! and the IPD is perfect again!!!! ( I hated that about the VivePro). If you do not intend to ever use the controllers and $1000 is a lot of money to you; I would maybe look at cheaper options because you can get the same screen at a far cheaper price. Cheers Redcoat
  20. The eagle they used is also a Luftwaffe eagle not a HEER one.
  21. It has arrived! I will unbox it as soon as I can and give my impressions.
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