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  1. I literally couldn't read that opening statement. How do people write like that and not see it.
  2. I couldn’t find anything on their website. Is this a project that’s still far away?
  3. If you read anything I have said on the matter concerning this new series of headsets, I have advocated any price sensitive buyer to seriously consider it. I have heard from a great many people that it punches well above its weight class and the price is quite low.
  4. I feel like Jason explicitly answered that, so you either didn’t read the words he wrote or you are simply being snarky.
  5. Once in the gunner seat, take control of the gun or nestle to the gunsight "T" and "Shift T". Don't expect using the gunsight to be easy in VR, but it can be done.
  6. Well they did fix some of it. It now works when "hooked" to the gunsight. Sadly, when just sitting in the gunner or TC position... it is still not working as we would expect. I know they want to get there ( Jason literally told me some of the desires with TC ) but its all a matter of time and money. Lets have faith but remember that nothing was promised in this regard.
  7. My friend and I tried to play our Coop mission but while I could connect, he could not join the mission. This was our first one, so I am not sure if this was user error or part of the bug you mentioned.
  8. Amazing, I read through the many months of patch notes and applaud your progress. S!
  9. It has already been unofficially confirmed by me on the english forms that the next expansion might be the Battle of France.
  10. So I see how to setup a campaign and how to add users. How do the other users "see" the mission results etc? It seems to me only the "Host" gets the benefit from PWCG and the others simply fly on your hosted missions?
  11. The VR experience of actually sitting in the tank is amazing.
  12. I don't yet know if it is better or worse... so I can't vote. I know it should be linked to control axis by either a game controller or joystick. I hope we get there.
  13. Reading some of the comments in this thread have been amazing... People need to calm down. 40 year old man travels on commercial airlines for decades.. reading magazines, sleeping, etc. One day the flight crew announce WIFI is now available on the aircraft. Ten minutes later the flight announce the WIFI isn't working on the flight MAN IS ANGRY THAT THE WIFI ISN'T WORKING
  14. I thank the lord everyday that I was born an optimist and not a pessimist. I look at il2 and see one of my life's happiest past-times and I am damn thankful for it... people like you see excuses, greed and a shitty map because some "thing" (insert niggle here) isn't represented as you see fit; and the part ruins the whole. It must be a disappointing existence.
  15. Well one of the problems has been fixed, the view of the crew in the turret is now linked to the turret... which is cool, though the gunners “ take control” view is still linked to the hull. At least the nestled view works as expected. Damn, if they could just figure out a way to have the turret elevate/depress and rotate from arrow keys, game controller, or joystick. The mouse “point and follow” is hard to accept. I don’t know what’s going on here technologically but obviously it’s a big deal to implement. Its getting there.
  16. Its great and disappointing in equal measure. The three biggest remaining issues are 1. the required use of keyboard which is difficult without eyes. 2. the VR view is linked to the hull of the tank and not the turret basket (so when the turret spins and you are the gunner your head remains forward) 3. the gunsight view is next to impossible to use in VR (you cant "nestle" to it like you can in the plane bombsight. The good news is that these seem like issues that can hopefully be solved. For instance, there seems to be no great reason why the gunsight isn't identical to the bombsight in VR. That said, buy TC
  17. I wasn’t thinking about the fact that you already have the lighthouse sensors, so you could get into an index at a fairly decent price. Sell your Vive for some small amount and you might be in pretty good shape.
  18. It’s certainly better than what you have , and visually comparable to the Vive pro with the lens mod. I think the question is more time and money. I don’t see anything to eclipse this current high end visual standard for at least a year. Do you want to wait a year? If the answer is no, then it’s down to the price of a index or hedge your bet and get a rift S ( I have no first hand experience with it but I have heard it’s decent) or something cheaper. I am a VR enthusiast so I will always buy and use the latest and greatest, I have no regrets in this but I would not advise anyone as to how much a dollar is worth to them. VR flying is one of my happy life pursuits, I am happy to spend on it.
  19. Well, it was worth a shot. Thanks for checking it out.
  20. I have found that 120HZ with motion smoothing disabled gives me the best experience. Many other actual index users report the same result (DCS and iL2). I had lowered it to 90Hz but it was simply worse. Though to be fair; I haven’t fiddled with it since the recent steamVR patch, so maybe motion smoothing is better.
  21. No, it’s been done like three times, and nothing recently. The last best BOB flight sim was “their finest hour” in 1989.
  22. Well that sucks. I wanted to like CLoD but lacking VR and using an entirely different game engine is putting off. But heck, if we do get the Hurricane II we already have the ROF channel map. Import that bad boy and let us pretend.
  23. Can someone give me some insight into why the CLOD mod team has cornered the market on Battle of Britain? I mean, it has been Years since CLOD was released and I don’t see why an active real publisher has surrendered use of that campaign? Did the MOD team buy the rights or something or are the devs best friends maybe? I honestly don’t know the context of that policy.
  24. Chiliwili, When using the Reverb for flight sims (actually in the cockpit flying), are the details noticeably clearer? Because in those images it appears substantially better. I almost bought a Reverb but the smaller FOV (and the teething issues) kept me away.
  25. Like ever? Wow, that is some severe resolve. I could never give up my favorite hobby over such a minor point but more power to you. I am sure another WWII flight sim with a better Tempest isn’t too far away, I am too old to wait though. Good luck mate, it always sucks to see people leave.
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