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  1. 49 minutes ago, Alonzo said:

    Reasonably cheap, user friendly, will work reasonably well on a marginally-specced PC, not very adjustable, not good if you have large or small IPD:  Oculus Rift S

    Amazing build quality, best in class tracking, amazing audio, very adjustable, expensive: Valve Index

    Retina-display VR, needs an appropriate PC to match: HP Reverb

    Super wide, needs expertise in tinkering with software, customer support more difficult, amazing visuals: Pimax

    Cheap and not at all bad: Odyssey+


    If someone said to me "which VR headset?" and "I'm not giving you more details" I would say Rift S every time, because it's a good all rounder. It's what I have currently. But there are better headsets.


    I have used most of the headsets listed here and agree with Alonzo 100% on his assessment.


    Just yesterday I convinced two people to get a rift S vs the other better headsets.  I simply feel like the cost isn't worth it because I have a feeling some better stuff will be coming late this year early next year.  

  2. Yes, using A controller or axis for the turret is a long standing desire and arguably a game changer for tank crew.  Can you imagine being able to sit in a swivel chair in VR with a Xbox controller in your hand spinning the turret.  It would be so cool

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  3. On 1/15/2020 at 10:16 AM, SCG_Fenris_Wolf said:

    I hated that I was still aware of my environment in the Index, and that the speakers will swing off, if you turn the head too rapidly - so you need to fumble them back over the ear. Not for me.


    I have used the index for countless hours since last summer and there has never been a single moment under any circumstance that the ear pieces have moved by head inertia.  Maybe if I dropped them on the ground or threw the headset against the wall it would move but I wouldn’t list it here as a “con” if it isn’t something actual index users complain about in any meaningful way. 

    If you already have a riftS I would wait until a newer headset comes out with a significant increase.  Changing from oculus to pimax ecosystem for the slight improvement might be irksome given that none of us know which headsets we will flock to this fall or next year.  

  4. Do a pre-order kickstarter type fundraiser from the 3rd party group that did the Russian bi-plane.  Then, if they get 80% of the cost back run our credit cards and let’s see where the cards fall.  I would pay quite a lot for a heavy bomber.  $50 seems fair

    let us crazy people over pay for it and get it into the game and later it can be sold at a discount.

    hell, star citizen charges hundreds of dollars for “concept ships” using fake flight models etc etc.  

  5. Well they did fix some of it.  It now works when "hooked" to the gunsight.  Sadly, when just sitting in the gunner or TC position...  it is still not working as we would expect.  


    I know they want to get there ( Jason literally told me some of the desires with TC ) but its all a matter of time and money.  Lets have faith but remember that nothing was promised in this regard.

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