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  1. Also a long time dream of mine. It would have the added benefit of allowing the gunner to use the gunsight in TankCrew.
  2. Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday. It is also definitely growing.
  3. Really great posts guys, I was just thinking the Arras map could use a slight treatment similar to the "Rheinland Map" tweaks. Its a great great map and it wouldn't take a ton to make it much better.
  4. Yes I meant Gunfighter, fixed. -Thanks I read your review and it was very helpful. I don't know yet that I will use more than the single 50, but coming from the stiff Thrustmaster it does feel quite loose. I might just need to get use to it. I did see others mention double springs but I wasn't sure if they needed to be oriented a certain way to keep from rubbing etc, and I also never saw any official advice on what tension is appropriate for the hardware. My first sim was Red Baron and Aces of Pacific on a Compaq 486... such good times.
  5. I recently switched back to VKB and bought the new MkIII stick with the extension. I do love how it feels but was wondering about putting double springs into it? You are given a bunch of "50" springs which are indicated for use with the extension, but I have seen people say that the cams are made to handle double springs and even that the stick is designed for a "50" and a "30"; but no more. I could not find any official advice on this matter nor a recommended way of using double springs. Does anyone here have experience with this before I simply drop some more into this VKB base?
  6. Having just played our first time on flugpark last night, our group had a lot of fun. I certainly hope they bring more from ROF into FC.
  7. It has been awhile since I have seen anything new on this and there have been a lot of steam VR updates. Anybody want to share the best method to remove this currently?
  8. I have used most of the headsets listed here and agree with Alonzo 100% on his assessment. Just yesterday I convinced two people to get a rift S vs the other better headsets. I simply feel like the cost isn't worth it because I have a feeling some better stuff will be coming late this year early next year.
  9. I would pay decent money to get the bf-110C and Ju-88 redone. PM me your paypal account and I will send my bribe.
  10. I do agree that the whole “everything being linked to Battle of Stalingrad” is very bad for steam shoppers. FC and tank crew should have been stand alone
  11. Yes, using A controller or axis for the turret is a long standing desire and arguably a game changer for tank crew. Can you imagine being able to sit in a swivel chair in VR with a Xbox controller in your hand spinning the turret. It would be so cool
  12. Does anyone know what the little black plastic "L" shaped pieces are for? The instructions are atrocious.
  13. I have used the index for countless hours since last summer and there has never been a single moment under any circumstance that the ear pieces have moved by head inertia. Maybe if I dropped them on the ground or threw the headset against the wall it would move but I wouldn’t list it here as a “con” if it isn’t something actual index users complain about in any meaningful way. If you already have a riftS I would wait until a newer headset comes out with a significant increase. Changing from oculus to pimax ecosystem for the slight improvement might be irksome given that none of us know which headsets we will flock to this fall or next year.
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