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  1. WIS-Redcoat

    Tank controls are ridiculous

    I really hope they figure out a way to make the gunner and commander views in VR hooked to the turret turning. Right now it is absolutely jarring.
  2. Does anyone know if il2 has a way to adjust the ingame IDP like DCS does? This made it easy to fix my Vive pro 90% issue.
  3. Crosswinds are perfect
  4. WIS-Redcoat

    Tank Controls "redefined"

    Is it easier to code for using a windows Xbox controller? I assume it isn’t but just asking. That would at least allow someone to sit in VR and operate the tank without struggling with the keyboard
  5. WIS-Redcoat

    Tank Gunner in VR - Anchor Point

    Agreed, it’s so close to a great VR experience but several major flaws (as you suggest)
  6. WIS-Redcoat

    Tank controls are ridiculous

    It’s even worse in VR. I continue to submit that the use of a PC Xbox controller would be best. That way someone in VR could sit in a chair and operate the tank fairly fluidly. The keyboard is simply impossible and a joystick isn’t very realistic for most tank controls.
  7. WIS-Redcoat

    Developer Diary 214 - Discussion

    He’s right of course, we need to ditch the silver braid on the cap for enlisted crew.
  8. I have a vive Pro with lens mod.. for me it took my device to a much higher level. I think mileage can vary depending on the kit you get and your vision. Mine is gorgeous. It was easy to install and I do not see any distortion. I am awaiting my pimax 5k
  9. WIS-Redcoat

    How is the VR experiance ?

    VR in the tanks is unrefined yet lots of potential. The devs haven't said much about VR for tank crew (if anything), so I hope they plan to over deliver. Once they get the controls worked out (I have advocated for controller support as it solves a bunch of VR issues) we might just have a decent VR game.
  10. WIS-Redcoat

    Tank Controls Request

    I keep advocating that they also add controller support (Xbox) for VR tank use. Keyboard is simply impossible and flight sticks don’t represent all the different functions of tank operations well
  11. WIS-Redcoat

    Samsung Odyssey +

    The VivePro scale it off.. no question about that. It'll work, and its hard to notice, but once you see it you cannot unsee it. It isn't the IPD either, it's simply off around 10%.
  12. WIS-Redcoat

    UploadVR article about TankVR

    UploadVR just posted a feature article about a tankVR game. Seems like someone from il2 needs to contact them and get some VR press😏
  13. WIS-Redcoat

    Samsung Odyssey +

    Moosya, Couple of questions, Most of my friends still have Rift's. Would you recommend the Odyssey+ over that? $299 is very tempting. Also, I have a VivePro with gearVR mod. My biggest complaint is the 10% scale of the cockpit being off. Does the Odyssey+ render true 1:1 or does it also suffer from the resolution differential (slightly undersized)?
  14. WIS-Redcoat

    PIMAX 5K+ Pre-Orders being accepted

    I bought one, now let’s see if the hype is real.
  15. WIS-Redcoat

    PIMAX 5K+ Pre-Orders being accepted

    Do we have any idea on if this will even work in IL2?