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  1. I find that the newer planes have more accurate limits. Some of the older 109’s you can barely lean forward and you bump an invisible wall.
  2. So if I buy a buttkicker to I need to get an amplifier as well? Seems like they go hand in hand.
  3. Well it finally came! Plugged it in, added the stuff to the startup file and worked like a charm. I need to do some additional tweaks to the settings but so far its pretty cool.
  4. My SIM SHAKER hit US customs.... finally almost here.
  5. 3 months? I wish it was three months. I am at 5 months since it was shipped and I don’t think it has left Russia yet.
  6. This is quite the "scandal" indeed. I am shocked that the goofy guy on the internet making movies in his closet would sabotage those Cosmos sales and slight the Pimax community. If anything your jeremiad doesn't go far enough in addressing this situation. If you find a statue of Salvino D'Armate it should be torn down. 😘
  7. Personally my confidence in PIMAX (and it is first hand) pales in comparison to HP. Though I imagine you will see the same four individuals come in here and tell you how great PIMAX can be if you do this and/or that. So I guess all I can say is caveat emptor. P.S. If you plan on flying in MSFS 2020 your choice is simplified.
  8. I second that, his work has been an amazing upgrade to this sim. (patiently awaiting the 52, 110, and 88)
  9. So we have played the last two nights on Combat Box and in practice I suggest it isn't quite perfect yet. Everyone seemed to simply default to channel 1 as their isn't a ton of people using it. I might suggest modifying it to limit the spread and increase function. Channel 1. Briefing/ Tower Channel 2. North Strike/Cap Channel 3 South Strike/ Cap Channel 4 Open use Channel 5 Open use For what it is worth the addition of SRS and support by the server has greatly increased the fun. Good work all involved.
  10. Agreed, Might be more useful to have: 1. Airfields/Tower 2. North Sector (however to define) 3. South Sector 4. Bomber/Escort 5. Spare
  11. I bought two HP G2 in May, I figure someone in our squadron will want one pretty badly. I am very happy I did that. Though I wouldn't expect anything on September 15th; that date was simply a placeholder for "fall"
  12. No he didn’t say much negative. Obviously the FOV isn’t as large as the index but he said it isn’t even a consideration given all of the other improvements.
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