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  1. Some people say criticizing build quality is “bullshit”. I’m glad to see that you are no longer among them.
  2. I find my "VR Fatigue" at an all time low with the G2. It's simply easier on my eyes.
  3. This is not what we are referring to. I haven’t checked since the last patch but what we are encountering is a shaky screen when using VR and locked into a 2-d interface. In this case the main gunsight view and binocular view. Oddly, the bombsight on planes doesn’t suffer the same. I thought I read something in the patch notes that might have addressed this but sadly I am away for Christmas and haven’t been able to check.
  4. Sounds like you don't have it hooked up to a secondary sound card... but don't take my word for it, I am not good at these sorts of things. Shame you are struggling though, after I got it all running the experience is amazing.
  5. I have been wondering this as well. It seems like there is some conflicting information on what is a best practice.
  6. That is not where the "two weeks" joke comes from. Heck, it is one of the main jokes in the movie "Money Pit"
  7. Are you suggesting that ASW is making the 2-d shake? I don't think so that's the case. When I fly in a bomber and use the bombsight (in VR) it is rock steady. When I get into a tank and use the gunsight view it is a shake fest. It really needs to be steady in order to be used correctly.
  8. The developers need to revisit the VR head limits in these cockpits. Some of these planes have really small tolerances that severely disrupt the immersion.
  9. Make no mistake, I’m a supporter here. Just seems too good to be true.
  10. How are you possibly going to produce and launch 27 different grips at the same time? Virpil , VKB, and thrustmaster release so little in a years time and they have been doing this for years.
  11. Can someone confirm that “low” is merely dimmed rather than simplified?
  12. Without hesitation, I am selling my index tomorrow. The reverb G2 is absolutely superior for sims.
  13. I am not using a beta. I just plugged it in and played. I am not noticing any FOV difference (I know its there but don’t notice it). What I do notice is the lightweight and tight fit, which probably makes up for the FOV. Clarity and color is noticeably better than the index. Messing with WMR sucks, but it hasn’t been a problem yet. I do have some audio cut-out on the left speaker so I will try to reseat it today and see if it’s that simple. Friends on teamspeak said the mic sucked.
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