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  1. I have used the index for countless hours since last summer and there has never been a single moment under any circumstance that the ear pieces have moved by head inertia. Maybe if I dropped them on the ground or threw the headset against the wall it would move but I wouldn’t list it here as a “con” if it isn’t something actual index users complain about in any meaningful way. If you already have a riftS I would wait until a newer headset comes out with a significant increase. Changing from oculus to pimax ecosystem for the slight improvement might be irksome given that none of us know which headsets we will flock to this fall or next year.
  2. B25 / B26 C47 with multiplayer co-pilot / bombardier functionality would be epic
  3. Do a pre-order kickstarter type fundraiser from the 3rd party group that did the Russian bi-plane. Then, if they get 80% of the cost back run our credit cards and let’s see where the cards fall. I would pay quite a lot for a heavy bomber. $50 seems fair let us crazy people over pay for it and get it into the game and later it can be sold at a discount. hell, star citizen charges hundreds of dollars for “concept ships” using fake flight models etc etc.
  4. When flying and you use the bombsight view it locks in place. Would this not also work for the gunsight view?
  5. Maybe they can get the AI plane formation count up so we can have larger formations, the dev team literally pulls off miracle after miracle. Then after BON we get BOF (Battle of France) and presto! We get all of it almost immediately with simply modifying the BOBP and BON maps to 1940 varieties.
  6. It’s not the Il2 community, this is Just how historical wargamers act.
  7. Excited about the update, yes, would have preferred BOB or Midway but its all good. The scary part is I was confident that they would have made the B-25 flyable as they did the Ju 52... now we will have three AI medium bombers - ☹️ P.S. Jason hasn't bought BON yet!!! Scandal!!!
  8. I literally couldn't read that opening statement. How do people write like that and not see it.
  9. I couldn’t find anything on their website. Is this a project that’s still far away?
  10. If you read anything I have said on the matter concerning this new series of headsets, I have advocated any price sensitive buyer to seriously consider it. I have heard from a great many people that it punches well above its weight class and the price is quite low.
  11. I feel like Jason explicitly answered that, so you either didn’t read the words he wrote or you are simply being snarky.
  12. Once in the gunner seat, take control of the gun or nestle to the gunsight "T" and "Shift T". Don't expect using the gunsight to be easy in VR, but it can be done.
  13. Well they did fix some of it. It now works when "hooked" to the gunsight. Sadly, when just sitting in the gunner or TC position... it is still not working as we would expect. I know they want to get there ( Jason literally told me some of the desires with TC ) but its all a matter of time and money. Lets have faith but remember that nothing was promised in this regard.
  14. My friend and I tried to play our Coop mission but while I could connect, he could not join the mission. This was our first one, so I am not sure if this was user error or part of the bug you mentioned.
  15. Amazing, I read through the many months of patch notes and applaud your progress. S!
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