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  1. I will think twice before I buy the next one. What goes around comes around.
  2. Hello. I plan to build a HOTAS mounting platform. I wonder if the joystick should be between my legs? Or traditionally , in my case from right side. What a difference in flying. Ps. Google translator
  3. I can drop it from 500m , but if splash 250kg bomb will be more than 30m
  4. This is my third campaign on this server. This time I will fly for reds. Good job Coconut
  5. I bought this card a month ago. I'm very happy. Ultra stettings stable 70-110 fps 1920-1200. If in the near future you do not predict playing 2k or 4k then this card is a very good solution. Recommend Kupiłem tę kartę miesiąc temu. Jestem bardzo zadowolony. Ultra stettings stable 70-110 fps 1920-1200.Jeżeli w najbliższej przyszłości nie przewidujesz grać w 2k lub 4k to ta karta jest bardzo dobrym rozwiązaniem. Polecam
  6. This is a very good change. Thank you for your work.
  7. Does that mean that if I see a every factory in every town or next to a city , then that will be the target ?
  8. I like your server. I spent a lot of time on it. Can the weather change during the battle? . Bad weather two or three times in a row can spoil good fun. Can set historical weather conditions from the calendar? See you in the air. Christopher
  9. It seems that yesterday server all day generated the same mission. Each started at 5 o'clock.
  10. Myślę , że BOS na początek jest bardziej uniwersalny. Da się latać na froncie BOM . Oczywiście bardzo okrojonymi samolotami . Popatrz na planset dostępnych maszyn na frontach.
  11. I bombed from the ceiling 5000m. Fuse contact. It was the same with the fuse 5s
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