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  1. If you fly CLOD or DCS ww2 planes, you can experience the inertial movement of the pilot's body, more noticeable during the roll maneuvers inside the cockpit. However, in IL-2 GBS, the pilot's head is always fixed with respect to the plane's axis, without any inertial movement. It would be good to include this immersive feature. Check this videos: CLOD (e.g 1:42 ) DCS (e.g 1:11)
  2. Thank you for the generosity! Please add me for: P-40 Ju-52 MC.202
  3. This occur all the time since the last patch, even with the graphics settings in low. Before the patch I used the graphics in Ultra.
  4. Same to me, i experienced these stutters all time in WoL server after the patch 2.004. Impossible to take off with the mig-3 with this stutters!!! cheers!
  5. Hi guys, After the last patch I have serious stutters and freezing. Yesterday in WoL server all in the base moved with pulsed movement, I don't know what's the problem but this never happened to me before. Please help! ECV56_Palex
  6. I can't believe it...109F4, G2 Fw190 all untouchables if you use it well, and now the 109E7 turning better than a spitfire. And you claiming for the Yak flaps???? I've never seen a good fighter pilot writing in this kind of threads (like me). Cheers!
  7. Please please please Devs modified the FW-190 and other german aircraft's FM to became me in a betther fighter pilot, because I stink dogfighting!! Ahhhh and check the Yak FM.....its toooo uber this plane!! PLeaaaaaseeeeee!!!!
  8. Come on Ruski pilots!!!!! We need to cry more...after 100 o more crying posts created by Celestiale and company the Fw190 is now a manufacture of newbie Aces!!! Its time to change our premium plane!! S~
  9. When you map a command, clic right mouse and select QUANTIZE TIME...is a little delay between SHFT,CRTL, etc and the next key. Problem solved!!
  10. For me is a 6/10. Without FMB and COOP option my squad is out of this sim for the moment! regards!
  11. Like I said .... that's the reason why you dont understand!!
  12. Only Squad pilots can understand the benefits of coops style.This is a squad kill decision, or you cant understand yet that the biggest reason that the Clod died is the lack of style coop interface. Also thank you!,The ECV56 and their more than 100 pilots appreciate your transparency, help us to take decision to not buy the BoS yet. See you in HL
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