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  1. Hola Popeye, no es nada corrupto. En el margen derecho sobre el recuadro verde de ACEPTAR tienes una flecha gris, eso es el menú desplegable, se ve que te ha quedado replegada. Clickea allí y listo.
  2. This is no excuse. He had no internet problems when he was at my 6 and he started to have problems when i was at his 6?. Did you watch track i attached? This is a clear disco to prevent losing his streak, he was very far from his lines. Skv_Atochi claims this happened to him too, when he is at ITAF_Germankill 6, he disconects. After he disconected he rejoined the server. I warned him i was going to post this at forums and after that he faked 2 more disconections and left 1 minute after take off, but we didn't see any server message before he disconections so he is not very good at lying. He has already two complaints about disconecting when someone is at his six ready to shoot him down. @=LG=Kathon if you don't punish this actions people will never stop doing it. ITAF_Rani i don't see an user called Germankill in your squadron lineup at your website, and i don't see Germankill in any other server like Wings of Liberty. Is he a new member or he has another nickname? What is his real nickname?
  3. I want to report to administrators an intentional disconection by ITAF_Germankill. I find very bad a pilot uses this tricks to keep a streak and 0 deaths. He attacked me near Stalingrad Shkolniy aerodrome and when he lose his advantage i catch him and when he sees i'm about to shoot he disconects. Punish this actions please. This is the track: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4625eunkhg1ya48/ITAF_Germankill_Disco.rar/file Logfile: https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=89055&name=ITAF_Germankill I know ITAF is very respected people but i never heard of this Germankiller before. Shame on you.
  4. If you fly CLOD or DCS ww2 planes, you can experience the inertial movement of the pilot's body, more noticeable during the roll maneuvers inside the cockpit. However, in IL-2 GBS, the pilot's head is always fixed with respect to the plane's axis, without any inertial movement. It would be good to include this immersive feature. Check this videos: CLOD (e.g 1:42 ) DCS (e.g 1:11)
  5. Thank you for the generosity! Please add me for: P-40 Ju-52 MC.202
  6. This occur all the time since the last patch, even with the graphics settings in low. Before the patch I used the graphics in Ultra.
  7. Same to me, i experienced these stutters all time in WoL server after the patch 2.004. Impossible to take off with the mig-3 with this stutters!!! cheers!
  8. Please please please Devs modified the FW-190 and other german aircraft's FM to became me in a betther fighter pilot, because I stink dogfighting!! Ahhhh and check the Yak FM.....its toooo uber this plane!! PLeaaaaaseeeeee!!!!
  9. Come on Ruski pilots!!!!! We need to cry more...after 100 o more crying posts created by Celestiale and company the Fw190 is now a manufacture of newbie Aces!!! Its time to change our premium plane!! S~
  10. When you map a command, clic right mouse and select QUANTIZE TIME...is a little delay between SHFT,CRTL, etc and the next key. Problem solved!!
  11. For me is a 6/10. Without FMB and COOP option my squad is out of this sim for the moment! regards!
  12. Like I said .... that's the reason why you dont understand!!
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