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  1. @US93_Larner, thanks for the Jasta Raben mention. I’ve discovered another J18 Raben DV skin and will be posting that along with fixes and corrections to the other ones that everyone has already DLed lol. I’ve started on the DVII skins and have books in the way from Amazon as well as trying to contact Greg Vanwyngarden. To really try and get everything as close as I can with my limited skills. I will repost in the original skinning thread.
  2. I know who Erik Braunn is from Iron Butterfly but he was one of the guitarists who recorded InAGaddaDaVida. Ron Bushy was their drummer. i don’t know a drummer named Erik Brann. Please enlighten me
  3. Great video! And that drummer ain’t no slouch either. That’s not Tool. Who is that?
  4. Thanks @Rumey for the alpha layer and Albatros Wood etc! I didn't find a lot of info on these planes so there was SOME research and a few things that I did differently than most modelers. I just bought, from Amazon, Jasta 18 The Red Noses by Greg Wyngarden so I hope to correct any errors in the next little while. Pack contains: Raben's Dr1 from early 1918 (I know TheDude already made a late and an early one. Use it or not) Monnington's Alb 4 Unknown Albs with 3 alternate wing versions of one of them! Müller's Pfalz D3a Standby for Raben Fokker DVIIs. They are coming very soon! Download the pack here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/edcb5hiwu0mcmje/Raben_Skin_Pack_April_1918.rar/file
  5. Coleman White Camping Gas and olive oil. Joking of course. Pretty sure 100LL and castor oil is correct.
  6. Let this be a lesson to us all. Fly straight and level!!!😂
  7. Very hard to believe and I didn't when I first heard the news today. He died of brain cancer this past Tuesday.Tragic life he lead despite all the huge success. He was a my biggest mentor in high school right from '77 -' 82 and beyond. Very, very sad day today for drummers, musicians and fans all over the world. Leaves behind a second wife and second very young daughter.
  8. Oh they are still here but got a bad name so they changed identities. Not telling 😂
  9. Didn't your Dad beat up Carl Sagan when he was a kid? Too hilarious. 🤣🤣
  10. Excellent! Thanks for doing that!
  11. For starters a fairly complete plane set like Flanders has.
  12. There's company called TVAL out of New Zealand. That's what was being talked about by Gene and Kermit. They make an Oberusal URII 120hp (110) as well as others.
  13. "due to what you said: the planes look to be teleporting, since they shrink and balloon up depending on the zoom" Well only one plane did. It actually disappeared and reappeared while in a certain zoom range. Outside of that range I could see it.
  14. I've noticed too that in BoS etc, zoomed all the way out, aircraft are quite visible as dots. Zoom in and they start to disappear unless zoomed ALL the way in. This may be the way the devs designed the sim. However, last night on Berloga, I zoomed in on a furball but one of the aircraft actually disappeared and reappeared while I zoomed in and out at a certain range of zoom. I don't know what type of aircraft it was, what field of view range or distance it was away. I'm merely saying that I think this is a problem (however different but related) that possibly reaches further than DVIIs in FC.
  15. Hmm maybe no one has had time to update the missions yet?
  16. I thought with the last update that the flak was fixed? Are we still using WW2 flak FFS?
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