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  1. 777 knew that the streamers were never attached there and they also knew that that type of hardware was used never used to do it with. They only did it that way because apparently they were unable to attach it to any strut.
  2. A spin and a spiral dive are two very different things. A Spiral dive can put very high stresses on a plane due to the rapid speed increase etc where a spin is a condition of one wing being stalled. Did they actually refer them both as a Vrille back then?
  3. It might go further if this were posted in Developer Assistance/Suggestions: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/12-suggestions/
  4. I saw you and the SE but I didn't know a third one joined you. Made it a little more difficult for you than last week HAHAHA...... Talbot: "I murdered him" LOL
  5. @US103_Baer its amazing how very little damage will make the aircraft shake. Shitty bounce on my part having to side slip so aggressively. Didn't want to stick around and get killed again by @US93_Talbot or one of the other guys. Oh well can't do much flying ALONE! HINT HINT JASTA 5.
  6. I' still enjoying WW1 flight after all these years of RoF and before with Richthofen's Skies and Dawn Patrol/Fly Boys and now FC. The enjoyment far outreaches any downside that might exist.
  7. That’s very hard to do. Nice job! I think I was #101 or #102
  8. Duuuuuuuh..... I thought this was addressed duuuuuh
  9. Sent a message to Greentails on Discord. If it is turned on it most likely by accident and went unnoticed until now.
  10. Please stay on topic. Cars as projectiles in this thread. A Joke @Tycoon.... I was a joke.
  11. All quiet on the Western Front.... except for cars being shot out of artillery guns.
  12. Random Number Generator
  13. yup. More flying, less typing
  14. So the Fokkers should be even tougher? Lol
  15. I don’t know. I moved into a new place in 2013 and they gave me a new modem that included wifi. I moved out a few years later and they gave me a new and improved model. So whatever they were supplying in 2013, that’s what it was. It was crap. i found out through players in RoF that I was zipping across the sky. Then I discovered this weird super spike that I’d get while flying going from 60 up to 400. They didn’t want to admit their gear was faulty so I was stuck with it the whole time
  16. I used to have a shitty modem from Shaw. I told them for 3 years that it was disconnecting and had spiking issues which caused problems in gaming. When I moved they admitted they were wrong and finally gave me a different one. No problems since. so in a sense @J5_Klugermann is right lol
  17. Basically yes. Those triangles. However, (PLEASE SEE TOP VIEW OF THE GREEN AND BRASS DVII PHOTO ABOVE) my skins will require a re-think and a repaint because the radiator and the cowling are two different colours and the TOP of the radiator/cowling is now changed somehow. ..... where there was paint before now has none. PRobably need to make a new SKIN TEMPLATE for the DVII and DVIIF Great Idea !! I will look into that. And yes I made those cooling holes in the J18 DVIIs. They are all different.
  18. ya like Jorri did with floatplanes
  19. I realize that about the visual elevator deflection. What he's incorrect about is how he says, all aircraft are designed to fly a certain way. All I've heard about the Dr1 is that you always have to be flying that aircraft or it flies you! Take your hands off the control column of many WW1 birds and they'll loop on you. I don't understand all of the silly complaints in here. Just fly FFS
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