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  1. There are some minor differences. For example, where the water intake to the top and front of the engine from the radiator is, is different. But other than small things, yes they are interchangeable.
  2. Place holder. Will post DL link soon. 95% done.
  3. Ya right between those two titties
  4. Ya a lot of "experts" in here.
  5. Check this out. Interesting for those who take interest in engine performance etc. Right around the 3:55 mark he talks about running the engine without castor oil! Good video. @AnPetrovich He says that adding 100 rpm improved engine performance 30% and increased climb rate from 400 to almost 800 FPM. I know this plane is very light but I wonder how the Albatros would compare keeping in mind that tests from the past were done with waterlogged planes and engines with the incorrect carb and fuel
  6. Probably British chaps. Too drunk to get anything together.
  7. You seem to be forgetting about Doc Ellis and the great LSD baseball game where he pitched a no hitter despite tripping balls on really good acid. This was back when illegal drugs were safe. 😄
  8. Yes, @US213_Talbot was a Sgt. One of his men was pissed off at him.
  9. Used the whitest white to make “chrome”. And tone the white down for less of a shine. Pure black will make things disappear.
  10. Some nice SPADs in here.
  11. I've been in contact with J2_Jakob. He is taking over in the skinning department at Jasta 2 and will redo the old skins to make them 4K. He also said he's naming them the same as they were in RoF so that the new 4K versions will install right over the old garbage.. He will start with the J2 "fantasy skins" then do the historicals last. In the meantime I don't mind what you've done here. I did do these skins (some of them aren't my design 🤪) so just keep this for now then when Jakob has finished, he can take credit for the 4K ones.
  12. Looks OK. However, with the exception of the Jasta 18 Raben skins and Mickael Carlson skin, I made the rest of those for RoF. I don't know who brought them into them to FC. Maybe Trupobaw. They need to be 4K'ed which mean complete redos.
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