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  1. I have a 4 colour you can use and tweek. It's based on what they used on the EV/DVIII at the Vintage Aviator Museum in New Zeland
  2. My mistake... 4 FC style blue and gold 4 colour lozenge and ONE correct 5 colour lozenge. Hey Rumey, The artwork doesn't look very 4K. The edges are quite blurred...not sharp at all. Might need to remake the art work at a higher resolution. Specifically the "B"on the Bohm plane and the band on the Schmitt plane
  3. When Mikael Carlson was asked about the throttle in his DIIIau Fokker DVII, he said, at the low altitudes he flies at, if he was to push full throttle (which he cannot due to a mechanical throttle stop that was installed) all that would happen is that the engine would stall out and die.
  4. And a lozenge that is actually correct!!
  5. Looking great. I may have to join you guys for a flight or two. What are you Larner, 93rd?
  6. Most people know me as J2_Adam. I'm no longer with J2. When I created the skins I was an active member. I don't mind "Created by J2_Adam (Adam)"
  7. Nice job! I see a "Please Help!" next to skins that I made for J2 when I was with Jasta 2 as J2_Adam I did these: FDr1_J2_Bolle - historical FDr1_J2_Drookasi_personal FDr1_J2_Trupobaw_personal
  8. Same here. Tried login at 3:45 Pacific. I also deleted dogfight folder. Can't login
  9. He shoulda used an FC Camel to race with... they are faster than D7s🤣
  10. Hey Wolfe, er.... I mean, Lancalot.... or wait.... LARNER! Ya that's it! Nice job on the skins! Just a question, those pics, are they taken with HR on or off? Your goofy, looney pal, Adam
  11. No, icons off. Names in chat box I mean
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