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  1. I hope the Devs do not allow Tank Crew to depart from historical accuracy of the Battle of Kursk. That's why we have World of Tanks. Maybe in future modules, but keep this one historically correct. That's one reason I bought it.
  2. I wish people would stay on subject......Tank Crew is a recreation of The Battle of Kursk, and the fact is, HUNDREDS of T-34's where destroyed by a relative few number of German tanks before the German offensive was stopped. I totally agree with Lofte, in that to be historically correct, the T-34 gunnery should be downgraded. I'd rather see a Battle of Kursk simulator based on historical accuracy than some aberration of World of Tanks. Also, any variations of the playable tanks should reflect what was there during the battle. Maybe after Early Access, we might see the devs or Modders implement some of these characteristics in the game. Degraded Russian gunnery, Panther Engine unreliability, etc. would be awesome.
  3. I would say that yes, it is, especially when all tanks/content are finished. I'm having a ball fighting as a tank on multiplayer.
  4. Nice idea, just remember, as of this posting, this is a simulation of the battle of Kursk. The first 2 photos were of a Tiger and a Panther taken up to a year AFTER the battle. Most of the historical photos of armor used at Kursk are pretty plain, maybe just extra tracks mounted. Not much need for a rolling greenhouse on the Steppes of Russia. Might be neat for the Normandy campaign, though. But, regardless, Awesome skins!
  5. I think you might have to Mod/Change the in-game tanks, though. Remember, the Normandy campaign was a year after Kursk, and different models of the in-game tanks were used, other than the PZ IV. Great idea, though.
  6. I agree, to a point. German tanks were regularly issued an MG-34 for AA work that could be dismounted and carried in the turret. In practice, this was more effective for morale than against aircraft, as it was only 7.92mm and did little damage, if any. In game, it might be fun, but if realistic, would do little other than be a nice cosmetic. And, the only tanks in the game that MIGHT have one would be the Pz 3 or 4. Tigers, Panthers, and the Elephant/Ferdinand did not carry them at the time of Kursk. German self-propelled guns/ tank destroyers, other than the Hetzer, almost never had a externally mounted machine gun. Just look at any period photos. Russian SP/TD rarely carried them, other than the SU- 152, but it seems were at least carried more often than on German SP/TD's. Externally mounted spare tracks is a really nice idea, because it would adversely affect the armor penetration of incoming projectiles. Germans mounted them both as spares and as extra armor, and historically, it was pretty common. Not so much for the Russians, most of their armor did not have track link mounting brackets, and if they did, only a few extra links were carried. Personalizing tanks with numbers or slogans is a great idea, was historical, and can be done. There was a program in the original IL-2 game that allowed this, as a mod, but damn if I remember the program name.
  7. As usual, @E69_julian57 is one of the best skinners, and his work shows it! Absolutely wonderful work, julian! I think I wait excitedly for anything he produces!
  8. Yes, it would add to the immersion. But so do bombs. Or rockets. For the German side, it is an important type of ordnance, especially for this game.
  9. This shouldn't be too hard, since we already have them for the Ju-52, so the containers are already in game. This would be great for Stalingrad campaigns, or any later war scenarios where Germans were surrounded and cut off.
  10. Awesome idea. I'd spent money on it.
  11. All .50 rounds used in the war were smokeless. After watching tons of strafing videos, I think the answer is in the Armor Piercing Incendiary ammo that was used. Germans used something similar for 7.92 ammo. After firing all sorts of .50 ammo in the Army, I know that and tracer ammo are the only ones I ever saw leaving any sort of smoke trail. if anything, they should lighten to amount of smoke.
  12. Same here. Outstanding product. Keep producing more, and I'll keep buying.
  13. Excellent idea. This shouldn't be too hard to model. Just an additional nose section. Great idea.
  14. I'm extremely happy with Bodenplatte as it is now, I'm just asking if this is possible. The Devs have done wonders so far.
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