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  1. I have been told that i would be perfect for this after tormenting Dersheriff for a few hours last night 28, Lancashire, England. Served in the Infantry for almost a decade, specialising in radio communications. working with a snowball
  2. As am I. There were just too many scenes that ground my gears.
  3. Personally i want my 2 hours back. It's a good survival film, but i kept getting ripped out of the movie by stupid things that made me constantly think "why?"
  4. Damn good fight that was. if this started at the 4 he111s at 6k
  5. 3.7 HE seems to be a little weird. 3.7HE against Pe2 was having little effect (a gunner usually takes out the pod anyway ). Il2 would take a hit or two to the tail section and loose an elevator, followed by the engine exploding pretty much had a Ju52 take 8HE to the centre section just in front of the tail and keep on trucking. the 4x 151/20 is hell on earth for anything that is in your gun-sight though
  6. So. My father has a book called Aircraft of the fighting powers. I decided to have a look at it properly while checking something for a friend (information on the BF109F, which it doesn't have sadly. Vol II does though!) It was a first edition printed in Dec of 1942 (according to the book at least) I took some photos of some inserts which are pertaining to the game. The book contains a breif description of aircraft (1 page) followed by a one or two page schematic of the plane. I have a small collection of the book here. Sadly i cant post too many images on the forums! Hopefully you enjoy these
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