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  1. A big thank you to all of you fellas. A big thank you to all who play and support this game and a big thank you to the creators. This is a jewel!
  2. Hello everybody. P-39 had the engine behind the cockpit? I wonder how much different the flight would be. Can't wait for BoK to be released!!!
  3. Hello there. I have come up with an issue that when you choose a plane that is locked (why choose a locked plane in the first place you may ask) pops up a window saying that you must proceed with the campaign in order to unlock this plane. In that case you cannot turn back, there is a continue button that does nothing and you have to close the game from the task manager and re open it again to play.
  4. Hello all!! I would like to ask you at which point should a noob player like me give a try to multiplayer and come over to teamspeak? I never had an experience with flight sims before. Purchased Bos last week, took me 12 times to take off, never had a succesfull landing so far and managed to hit a couple of planes in campaign missions. Would you suggest to complete the whole campaign before getting into multiplayer? Is there a server for practise for noobs? (I don't want to mess the game of other pilots). Thank you very much for your time.
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