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  1. I can't check the editor just now, but I think it's under 'Draw' menu - make sure draw items in group is selected. On some maps, city's / bridges etc. are grouped in sub folders, so it's a case of making active the right group.. and dealing these groups one at a time. It would be helpful if you could fully zoom out the maps, not to mention if you could crop out the map area you wanted from the full map. Incidentally, selecting / dragging map 'objects' is when I get most of my appcrashes. But good luck anyway S!
  2. Them were the days, 3 Gallons for a buck. ... and I'll raise you :
  3. Whilst on my new mountain top map, I've just noticed that the on-screen altitude reading gives actual alt. to the ground below. (So when flying over a mountain top the reading soars / plunges in time with the cliff). My Alby's altimeter reads alt. to sea-level. I've been having trouble controlling the bots over this mountainous terrain, and it seems to be that they are reading alt. to the ground below. Thus throwing them into chaos as they try and match the waypoint altitudes, as they fly over steep cliffs etc. I'll test this further myself next time I take the server down, but has anyone any experience or knowlege of how this works / doesn't work ? Be a bummer if there's no way around this, the scenery's great for a dogfight. Cheers, S!
  4. Bottom of the list Emely for ZW. It's been mostly down last couple of days because I've been working on a new map. I've some testing to do, but will try and keep it up over the weekend in case you want a look. S!
  5. I recommend going manual, there's really not much to do. At lower altitude's, optimal mixture is 80-85% depending on the plane. (Most are 85, the French ones seem to be closer to 80). Radiator control can be important depending on the map temperature. It's easy enough to keep an eye on the guage. I just sometimes forget to open it again if it's shut for over-cooling Doh ! There's a fair bit of difference in how hot the planes run, but you'll get used to how much radiator control you need for each crate once you start going manual. S!
  6. Why there's a 'top level' option for co-op MP missions is questionable as there's usually between 0-2 listings. Maybe co-op could be integrated into the other list as an option and ww1 take the place of the 'co-op' selection box. And it would be nice, rather than 'hide password servers', if the option was 'show password servers'. If you're looking for ww1 quick fun Emely, there's Misfits and Zoo Wings. S!
  7. I think J28 means where is the large following. Q : If the current active multiplayer community were the only ones to buy an FC2, how much of it do you think they'd actually fund ? A pair of RE8 wings perhaps ?
  8. Don't know whether or not the location integrity check is anything to worry about, but the FMB Appcrashes are a thing for many of us it seems. If they're just 'occasional', thank your lucky stars.. and press cntrl-S every 30 seconds. S!
  9. He works for the CIA, that's him on the blower
  10. Something I just noticed flying with a low sun.. the moving shadows of the Dr1's gun barrels on it's fuel guage, very pleasing
  11. Slightly mis-leading title btw Curves - not a worry for me with a light action stick, but I understand the issue. A stabiliser available for pre-set to all planes in the hanger would be enough to pacify most about that I think, if some could bear it not being overly historical. Personally, I've bought all but a couple of collector planes and the tank game, all in anticipation of FC when it was announced. It has felt from the start as if they were almost expecting it to 'fail'. I'm not saying people sat down and discussed it in such terms of course.. There's one or two things I think have helped destroy the ww1 simming numbers, perhaps in fact it was all a planned way back, to get us into ww2 instead. But sticking to FC I think there's been two big mistakes : 1. Not doing 2 planes that weren't in RoF. (That's the 2nd biggest gripe on here) 2. I find it bemusing that when by admission, something like 80% play SP only, they release it without any real SP content ? (Pat Wilson is a great guy who does great things, full respect. But many have clearly been disappointed that there was nothing from the big boys upon release). Then there's the long EA - works for ww2, but I don't think it did for ww1 - being stand alone as it is. About half of the pilots who initially appeared in MP in the early part of EA are nowhere to be seen now. And as stated above there are a few things needing fixed that haven't been during the EA period, granted a few have been. Everyone seems to say "graphics" and "vr" in relation to FC. The better graphics are fine, but not essential to me, RoF is good enough for that. VR I'll never be getting, not that it won't be as amazing as described. (Although I don't understand how with all that extra vision SA can be worse. You have to turn your heads ? You poor dears). But these are far from the only reasons FC is much better than RoF, as I keep trying to tell the remaining RoF'ers. Pilot phys, parachutes.. above all the bot fights. Still they won't come. Some have, and have gone back. I'm still hopefull 😄 , but realistically I don't expect to see more, where's the uptake coming from at this point ? Even if all the remaining RoF'ers all moved over today, it wouldn't make much difference. Obviously I don't know sales, but one can be presumptious from looking at the MP numbers. I don't think we'll hear for a while at any rate, announcing the end of FC would pretty much kill off any future sales. S!
  12. Announcing the 5th map... "The Flaming Forest". Available now ! I'll leave it repeating for a day or so, give everyone a fair chance to get a slot 😄. Any performance issues please let me know. Icons remain off for now... S!
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