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  1. My peripheral vision keeps telling my brain this thread is called 'Se5a Hoes'.
  2. Damn he's cute. Flying with a kitten in the room is impossible !
  3. You might have to barter them off against bowls of rice soon. And before long Trup will have more than you !
  4. I hope the VP of your 2nd kill had a spare pair of jocks close by. Very impressive. Some nice turns too - were you using flaps at all ? S!
  5. If you do fly in VR you really don't know your house has been broken into.
  6. And he hasn't let them go back to Russia yet. S!
  7. Fear not DD, no conspiracy here. Just some get excited when 2 planes worth 3.5B or whatever fly into the country. S!
  8. Who the hell would want to find I Fly Central lol.
  9. If it is of interest to anyone, my mate was surfing off the NE Coast of England last Monday, and saw 2x B2 Stealths heading South just off-coast. I've seen the pics on his phone, and they're B2 Stealths without question. There were 2 or 3 based at Fairford for a short time a couple of years ago, but I can't find any mention of this visit. I'm sure it's all good news 🤨. S!
  10. Really sorry to hear that Roter_Bart. I have 8 of the swines, and would you believe one is called Cato also. Here he is with little 'Starsky' in the foreground. S!
  11. Unfortunately Jaws, very few have the faintest idea how the World runs, or in fact has done since before the World wars. Even the most intelligent still think that the people who run us are really nice people who are just doing their best to help us. You can't fix programmed.
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