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  1. I hate bf109's. Fly one once a year or so just by chance. Took one out a few weeks ago to clear some AAA, in the absence of a '190. Fist attack flew straight into the ground. That's me until 2022. S!
  2. I often lean before I start my run, but aren't we technically supposed to be at 'full rich' for take off ? S!
  3. I would agree about the weight and am surprised it's not modelled-in. If or when that happens I would certainly like it to be added to the loadout options so one has a choice of taking it or not. Random failures - box of worms the devs might not want to open. Same could be applied to engine failures, structural failures etc. Can you imagine ! Maybe the 'chutes would have been better left out of ww1 ? S!
  4. I've spent a fair bit of time in 110's and usually fly Bristols in my rare forays into FC. I'll only have a fraction of your 110 skills, and dogfighting isn't something I look to do in it. Sneak in, pound some ground, and get back to base. If I get bounced all I can do is try and make it back to friendly territory. It can be lots fun and I've had some great escapes.. but as often as not I get wasted. My gunners are usually not much kop, and I rarely even get a glimpse of the enemy. The Bristol on the other hand, is currently The Entente's 2nd best dogfighter in my opinion. It
  5. I'm dialling in a replacement joystick, and for some reason I can't get the full screen map. All I can do is toggle the mini-map - can't find a full sized map toggle anywhere in the settings. It must be somewhere.. ? Cheers.
  6. I thought the bots were better when FC first came out. The faster planes used to do a bit of energy fighting, but after one of the updates - Spads, SE5's and Dolphins mostly seem to fly off into the distance. On my maps I swapped out some of the above for more Camels as fights were hard to come by - even with up to 12 bot fighters on a fairly small map.
  7. After F2 Todt, try F3 for free camera.. then zoom.. S!
  8. You don't need dials in a ww1 sim unless you're testing something. Next !
  9. In 11 odd years of RoF and FC - I've yet to encounter the cloaking plane problem. I'm a famous day dreamer of course. S!
  10. Perhaps the wife has something that could be adapted for simming use, if one's joystick is playing up and supply / cost is an issue ?
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