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  1. After F2 Todt, try F3 for free camera.. then zoom.. S!
  2. You don't need dials in a ww1 sim unless you're testing something. Next !
  3. In 11 odd years of RoF and FC - I've yet to encounter the cloaking plane problem. I'm a famous day dreamer of course. S!
  4. Perhaps the wife has something that could be adapted for simming use, if one's joystick is playing up and supply / cost is an issue ?
  5. I heard that Von Klugermann's FFB Schtick Shop will be taking online orders in the New Year. S!
  6. I expect this is likely to be the case for all things.
  7. I copy / paste from mission to mission regularly, but never have to clear anything. Maybe because I tend to select icons from the map and not groups via the 'tree' ? I'll maybe try it out later.. S!
  8. Take a break dude, but keep an eye on what's going down (apart from your Camel). You'll be back - and there's always RoF 🤓 S!
  9. I nailed an SE in 80 rounds - think it was a pilot kill. A Camel took the other 920 - still flying. (To be fair all 920 didn't make contact). S!
  10. Typical of you to sit on the fence.
  11. I've got Wanderfalk on Zoo wings just now saying he can't shoot a Camel down. Looks like the DM's been 'fixed' I'll have a go in 20 minutes or so... S!
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