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  1. I don't think it would save much time anyway. You'd have to re-load the mission after any changes, and still run the map through to what you wanted to check out. An in-editor animation of any selected sequence is what I'd be dreaming about.
  2. I'd probably not invest anymore if there's no regular MP action by that time. I have little confidence in the devs regarding ww1 these days, believing a few bad decisions down the years have helped bring ww1 simming to this low point in the MP arena. If I ever decide to go serious with SP, I'd quite possibly go for WoFF as things stand.
  3. You finally bought WoFF then ?
  4. Don't mention Pl**k - you'll get the thread closed !
  5. I went back to RoF, reluctantly, just after christmas. I had intended to use I.G. on my server there but it is just too easy to shoot bots down these days with it, so it's off again. It does help one remember to wait until close.. closer.. Although the sight of the dispersion when you fire from distance could be called one of them immersion killer thingy's. As long as 'mods on' is a game-start feature, it's a non-starter for me. Would have loved to run a server with mods, but with only around 20 / day visiting RoF MP since Christmas, would be a waste of time. Not that my mods-off server isn't practically for my own amusement as it is ! At this stage, and considering there appears to be more noobs giving RoF a go rather than FC, it would be nice if the devs could spare someone for a couple of days to incorporate some of the excellent mods into the game. (and give us the old Tripe back). Not likely of course. Back to the OP question - how could it not be. It's Free ! P.S. I take the RoF mg sounds any day S!
  6. I'll test this out, only noticed it after a bullet strike. S! Nobody's trashing anything. Let people express their legitimate observations in peace for once. Haven't seen you in FC1 yet ?
  7. Strangely fragile engine that starts to conk out at the sight of a single projectile, wasn't aware of any management related causes. Is the Pup's engine fragility realistic btw ?
  8. I've done 5 maps on the RoF editor recently. Total of x2 crashes, so maybe it is a 64bit / 4k type thing.
  9. You will likely have the problem, in a column, that all vehicles will turn as soon as the first hits a waypoint. This makes navigating them a bit tricky.
  10. It sounds like in these cases, that the original file you're after isn't there anymore. The game devs can't do anything about a file someone has removed from an external site.
  11. This is / was the plan. Will depend on sales ultimately. Some of us expect an FC2 announcement soon, some of us don't. S!
  12. It should work fine for vehicles and ships, but trains and their carriages are another matter...
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