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  1. If he ever gets VR, he'll miss not having a zoom function.
  2. Progress doesn't always move forward in time. You need to start with BoB in an ME262, then progress back one module at a time to the earliest planes in BoS. Once you're king of the skies on the MP stats in a LaGG3, then, and only then, might you be ready to get a Sopwith Camel off the ground. Flying Circus Baby. S!
  3. I think using RoF as a benchmark is causing some of the issues here. Despite the FM's theoretically being the same bar the Camel, none of the planes fly like the RoF counterparts. The winners I'd say are the Camel and DVIIf, the rest are slightly worse performance-wise in some regard. DVa's and Bristols don't roll quite as well as they did, Dr1 doesn't twitch quite as 'loosely', Spad doesn't dive quite as well, SE5 doesn't seem to hold energy as well. I suppose the DVII and Pfalz are about as crappy. I can only think the game engine itself is causing the difference, it feels like the 'atmosphere' is a bit thicker in the newer game engine. And since it's newer, I'm prepared to accept that it's probably rendering a more realistic rendition of how these crates flew. But obviously there's still a bit of tweaking to be done. S!
  4. Too much panty-wetting going on here. It's getting like some of us want our own personal dev team to keep us updated after every meeting. They've jigged the DM with each of the last updates, and I expect they're not finished yet - as well as being fully aware of the current chatter. They really can't be accused of not being interactive with us. I've never known anything like it, then again I'm not a gamer..aside from this of course. Maybe we've actually been spoiled in that department down the years, and with that our expectations have become a bit unrealistically high ? S!
  5. I thought the 'ST' was actually just a boil, on the butt of the Boyle. I'm not sure I want to visualise Gary or Crashy in a frock and an up-draught. I have the pics, but I can't look at 'em !! ๐Ÿ™ˆ
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