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  1. Zooropa_Fly

    Will there ever be a manual engine startup?

    Whilst I'm quite happy with auto-starts, and acknowlege clickable pits probably won't be on the cards any time, my thoughts are... That anyone could play for some time and be a crack Ace of a virtual pilot. Stick them in a real version of the same plane - and they wouldn't be able to find any of the switches, know what any of them do, and hence not be able to even start the plane. This puts the word 'simulator' in the spotlight for me. Of course many will know their cockpits inside out, but to an exrtent it's optional.
  2. Zooropa_Fly

    Shooting %.

    Shooting % please. S!
  3. Zooropa_Fly

    Flying Circus

    +1 to that, although if you want it addressed I'd post it as a seperate topic in :- https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/12-suggestions/
  4. Zooropa_Fly


    I guess after 6 years or so flying WW1 a mirror would look a bit daft. If it was something that was just dabbled with near the end of the war, I don't think there's any compulsion to include it in the game. I'm sure many things were dabbled with but they can't all be replicated. But if we get them we get them. I don't tend to use them in WW2, but my experience there is limited so I maybe haven't learned to use them yet. In WW1 they'd just get in the way somehow, and if it's a strain checking 6 with VR, maybe that's just a consequence of using VR. Although I'm surprised you can't adjust movement speed..
  5. Zooropa_Fly


    Can speed of movement not be adjusted in VR, as in head tracking ?
  6. Zooropa_Fly


    Let's hope we don't get any mirrors, there's really no need.
  7. Zooropa_Fly


    Is this just rear view, or can we get wing mirrors too?
  8. Zooropa_Fly

    No doubt this'll be an idiot post...

    It probably would be quicker to 'port' one over than build a new one from scratch, but as a temporary measure that would ultimately be a waste of time and I don't think they'll have much time to waste with all the simultaneous projects going on. I wouldn't have released anything until a map was ready, but it's not my game. As is, I'm still in RoF 95-98% of the time. S!
  9. Zooropa_Fly

    No doubt this'll be an idiot post...

    I suspect since it's a different game engine it would require a lot of work, and hence not a simple trans-location. Salute id Uffz !
  10. Zooropa_Fly

    Incockpit "Superwide" view too close?

    I have 'save snap' set to different keys (cntrl space), so I don't have to disengauge tracking. I think that's what we're on about.. S!
  11. That's a private site GC, so listing is up to the individual server operators. Maybe JG1, 5, and Coconuts would consider this at some point ? S!
  12. Clash of the Coconuts, Come on In, Don't Be Shy !
  13. Zooropa_Fly

    Engine mixture granularity

    I've always found mixture settings to be not that sensitive - a tweak either way on most planes doesn't seem to make any difference. In RoF it's near impossible to see the in-cockpit control position anyway, although in FC we have on-screen read outs for such things giving the exact figure. Not exactly a 'big up' for realism though. I don't think losing 10% every 1km will give max revs.. but that comment maybe wasn't referring to max revs. I've no reason to think that this is an underutilised aspect of the game, as the OP put it. Maybe we need someone who flies a real plane (albeit likely not an original) of that era to comment on fuel mix performance and usage ? I think the Throttle is probably something more under used by virtual WW1 pilots, especially on rotaries where blipping is relied on too much. S!
  14. NFF servers have always been an issue for I estimate half of the participants, that's no secret. Myself inclded. That's with a consistent ping of around 60 which should be ok. Interesting to note I get 20 on Artys. It's not helped by the fact many of the missions are now packed out with active objects that hardly anyone is interested in. People just want to dogfight there. But it is what it is and still attracts the bulk of the short attention span traffic, myself included again!
  15. There is still day to day action on dogfight servers (well NFF to be specific) in RoF, some just refuse to accepct this form of gameplay exists.