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  1. That was by the principle of 'might is right', hardly 'civilised.' Anyway..er.. sneaking up on people - Sudo does it all the time to me in RoF, the swine. We have a good laugh about it and I thank him for not wasting me.. it is just a computer game after all. S!
  2. I was referring to a fair, just.. and dare I say truly democratic society with proper representation... rather than a well organised conquering one S!
  3. With 2 guns as close together as they usually are in ww1 crates, coupled with the fact (as I think mentioned above somewhere) that one shouldn't really be pulling the trigger until close enough not to miss anyway... I find the convergance setting of little practical importance. In RoF's case, the wild bullet dispersion (particularly the Bristol or the SE5 if you watch zoomed in) makes for spray and pray shooting at distance anyway. S!
  4. Culturally and administrably, it's reckoned the RI's were the zenith of civilisation. I can believe it. S!
  5. To be fair, we don't want them to be as bad as Scottish Fitbae referees. Although Diggun has a point, I too think AAA is a bit on the accurate side relative to how successful they were irl. It can't be easy to hit a semi-jiggy 800kph '262 with anything from the ground I wouldn't have thought.
  6. From my limited time in FC thus far, I agree - the DVII feels more competent than the RoF one, and it feels more plausible that it and the 'f' are variants of the same plane.. unlike in RoF. About 15 mins in the Alby so far, and it seems a bit 'stiffer' than it's older brother.
  7. I do know, but many probably won't ! Not surprised you're in on this one Cynic, excessive wind being your speciality n'all S!
  8. I wonder if that's Bruce Dickinsons' Dr1 ?
  9. Seems there's enough people who would rather not have the chatter, that it might be worth the devs making this a tick-box option ? S!
  10. It can be a little strange seeing different values. Example, when you set '262 flaps to 20 degrees as per the wing reading.. the screen displays a value of '36' or there abouts.
  11. It's all a bit silly and pathetic, but it helps drive all the PC crap we have nowadays. If National symbols should be banned for past attrocities, then they should ALL be gone. Not a poke at the Devs, they have to obey the laws we're given. People have been conned by all this extreme right wing 'fascist' nonsense. Nazi's were Socialists, it's in their name.
  12. From the (latest) 'Game Updates' sticky in 'Announcements.. " Because of the huge amount of changes, the track and mission format was changed. If you're an author of a custom mission or campaign, you need to resave your creation (it can be done quickly using 'Convert missions to binary in folder' in the Mission editor). "
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