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  1. I would say that might well have been the case. There are 2 pairs of se5/Camel vs 2 pairs of Alb/DVIIf. Me in an Alby. With the bots set to ace, I don't think I took a bullet in my 2 flights. There were times I had to be a bit nifty dodging bullet streams, but I'm surprised that in all that time nothing snuck up behind me and bopped me one - you know what the aces are like if you give them half a chance. So yes, it did seem a bit like they were flying past me to chase the enemy bots. I'll keep an eye out for that next time I'm on it. S!
  2. Quick update :- Just flown half an hour or so and shot down 16 bots. Didn't ever notice more than 4 friendlies, but after a few minutes there were regularly 5 enemies, occasionally 6 - presumably some effect of me shooting them down. i.e. not many German bots were 'getting it' since I was the extra Gerry. So it looks to me like it's to do with the 'on killed' command. Do I need to define better what 'killed' is in this context, or add some other events ? Doesn't look like there's 2 spawning when one's killed. But something seems to be triggering the spawners that I can't figure out. S! Thanks Sitting Duck, this came in just as I was typing my update. Seems to be one of those ME things then. I'll play around a bit more as you suggested. S!
  3. I'm working on an Arras quick dogfight scenario over Lille just now. 4 bot planes aside, the dogfighting is really good. I'm impressed with the FC bots, at Ace level at least. There's a train per side just now, planning to add some AAA to protect the air spawn points.. but that'll be the only AA fire until we get ww1 stuff at least ! Got a minor problem with bots spawning, but I can send you anytime if you want to try it - works great for good dogfights as it is just now. It's an MP mission, so you just have to copy the files to the right folder, then in MP click on 'Create Server'. S!
  4. When the new ww1 'sides' are used in the ME, i.e. Entente and Central Powers, the AF icons both appear white. I expect they should be red and blue respectively, as with Allies and Axis ? S! EDIT : Excuse my stupidity, it's the aircraft icons not the airfield ones.
  5. Salute ! I'm doing a 'deathmatch' MP type ww1 fast food mission on the Arras map. Air starts on opposite sides of Lille, 4 bot planes per side encountering each other in 2 pairs at 500m - around the fringes of the town. They're spawned in, sent to a single waypoint to fly around and fight, and set to re-spawn 'on killed'. All fairly simple. Except I'm getting extra planes spawning. i.e. there should be at most x8 bots at one time, when in fact there can be up to 10 or 11. The 'same' plane can appear twice, on occasion 3 times. The pairs of planes use the same 'mission begin', but each have seperate commands, up to sharing the same waypoint. So they : timer - spawn - bot - timer - waypoint calls them. No problems. There's a closed loop for the 'on killed' event : bot (on killed) - timer (36) - spawner - bot The timer (36) above also targets the timer (1 sec) which activates the waypoint again. I'm just wondering if, when a bot plane is killed, rather than just it re-spawning, both in the pair are. But I can't understand that looking at the ME. The only way the two planes in a fighting pair are linked are by the waypoint and 'mission begin'. The spawning and 'on killed' functions are all seperate. Is there are quirk by which each plane needs a seperate 'mission begin' I wonder. I'll away and try that, but if anyone can shed any light on this i'd be interested. Bloody ME. S!
  6. Did a couple of things that got the bugger moving.. 1. Can't remember. 2. Set waypoints to 'high' priority. S!
  7. Tremendously hilarious video, exactly the sort of thing I need like to see 1st thing in the morning. Thanks for doing it S!
  8. Me neither lol. (C'mon Hrafn get a grip) But I think I remember it !
  9. Mrs Von Oben : Are you still on that bloody flying game ? Todt : No dear, doing research !
  10. Zooropa_Fly

    [MOD] Icons

    A customisable icons system really should be incorporated into the game. I salute this mod ! While I'm here, is it possible to have icons disappear completely when object is say <500M away ?
  11. I did consider this briefly lol. S! (and S! Planky.. the emails coming ...)
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