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    Goodbye all!

    +1 MiloMorai After a long search, I found a bigger " Morgue " " graveyard " or " Cemetery " vs BoS forum http://forum.star-conflict.com/ Stat conflict forum started at 2011 , but now have oculus rift implemented
  2. All have Silver or Gold Ribbons... Being founder is a little boring now I think anyone do not have Warning points. A tournament for warning points would be interesting to break the forum established hegemony
  3. AX2

    Star Citizen

    Seren77 thank you very much for your explanation. Really My English is very bad, my understanding reaches only 75% to 85% of the 100 % Your are saying.... a single capitol ship were sold for 250,000 usd ? Sounds like madness.. a game fully pay to win ? I'm very curious....
  4. Some forum moderator .. maybe can help me ? 1 ) I am a founder of BoS from the start day ! 2) I have a Golden Ribbon under my avatar ! 3) Some time ago I try to get some warning points under my avatar.. 4) But I get nothing Please ...How I can get warning points under my avatar ?, I'm very frustrated NOW !!! Maybe some forum moderator .. can helpme ? please Like a Golden Ribbon Fonder ! I demand At least 50 warning points under my avatar. Some one could have that kindness with me ? I will be very happy , To be the first BoS fouder with 50 warning points ! PD: Thank you very much for your cooperation. Sincerely Mustang .
  5. AX2

    Star Citizen

    WTF ?? a single Ship ? OMG ! You are kidding ... ? Seren77 help me please ..before I using my credit card If I want to play the alpha and beta, and fly some Combats at arena NOW . How much money I need to spend? About Rudder and FM and more Full source https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/13951-Flight-Model-And-Input-Controls For me sounds good .. but ... 150 USD for an single scout .. a maybe a single Battlecruiser for 1000 usd ?
  6. AX2

    Star Citizen

    The old warrior who won 48 million dollars for development , ensuring quality for buyers , fearless , shameless , a real life winner , and a project to study the history of the game development. ... a truly winner of the real life ! think about it , break the rules. ! starting with nothing Only with good lines http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhsgiliheP0 50 dollars and are god in the project http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iT5BD7AtaoA
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUO4Bsv8tYA
  8. These numbers are bad for the La 5 Your time is appreciated Tab, thanks for the tests. Gambit21 you are Right
  9. The La 5 is an evolution of the Lagg 3, same wings, fuselage, and same tail. ofcourse with new engine , and slats. But the slats do magic at the La 5 FM , vs Lagg 3 FM No comments here . " maybe work in progress " Again .... .
  10. At BF 109 always supercharger is full automatic. ( It's the easy way to explain ) Later you will have a button for WEP/boost, at BF 109 with MW 50 system. (Boost System ) Now for BF 109 oil or water cooling are automatic, maybe in the future we will have a option for manual settings 1) No 2) Spray fuel at supercharger ( I´m NoT totally sure about it for Russian planes like La 5 )
  11. Agree You made me laugh , Really !! + Agree Again .
  12. Yes At 1500 meters is not enough air pressure at the air intake of the engine for use of WEP. For La 5 fn I guess the max altitude for WEP is 2000 meters .
  13. Vulching and attack planes at landing was a common practice against the Luftwaffe at half of the 44 to 45. Flying at any side in multiplayer, I am sticking to the rules of the server If the server or/and online airwar do not have rules is more realistic
  14. Correct. Correct at BF 109 For some models of BF 109 with B4 fuel, the WEP system automatically enables MW 50 to avoid damage the engine ( to prevent knocking ) and get more power, and some cooling effect With C3 fuel at 109 the WEP system automatically enables MW 50 only to get more power, and some cooling effect Some 109 Can use B4 or C3 fuel only with a turn of screwdriver to selector at the engine. At FW 190 D9 you can use WEP With and Without MW50 is a pilot chose. Also you can enable MW50 without WEP and get cooling and more power for the engine at any state of the engine. The FW 190 D9 has water/methanol tank 115 liters for continuous use. For 25 to 40 minutes ??
  15. Brano you are very wrong . Something is wrong .. .
  16. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssss and YES I already got a collection of 20 photos, about the FW 190 gunsight height . I can draw red and green lines in each of the 20 photos until the end of time or until they the topic get closed But the matters is that ... I know who is right. .... The original Photos of WWII
  17. We will have Response Curves like RoF for Joystick ? To optimize and calibrate different types of Joysticks and controls.
  18. At BoS I only see white, and white , and more white snow , and more white Clouds , and more white map , had me fell very depressed , mournful, desolate, sad, distressed . I no longer desire to get in multiplayer at BoS, any more. But here at ILYA MUROMETS , we have least one Green map ! Green trees ! and Green Grass ! blue water ! a beautiful landscape. I liked the screen shots ! , That makes me happy... makes me want to fly again ! Congratulations Guys ! Good News !! Count me !!!
  19. I need the FW 190 NOW... I can not wait for a long .. .. .. To post that the FW 190 gunsight should go highest . Ofcourse with some red and green lines drawn by my on the picture,
  20. AX2

    Funny Ban

    I'm kidding sorry... it is clear It would not be fun .
  21. AX2

    Funny Ban

    Add these two phrases to your signature, here ! I will register new users every day at WT To see how many times they can ban me ?. IP Hider on way ! LOL
  22. Thank you very much for sharing FW 190 D9 Manual. I will love this Flight Sim
  23. Maybe the parts torn out and broken from the plane cause a PC slowdown, ( is not the server is your PC. ) I guess I reaches the same conclusion as you, I think about it long time , I think the slowdowns are not caused by the graphics, like smoke or fire. If you lose a part of the plane like a wing, aileron or tail rudder, You have parts of the plane falling from the sky, from 5000 or more meters to bequeath to zero meters, if there are many parts broken away, and falling from the sky, many physics subroutines are activated until they reach the ground. If 2 planes crash in middle of the air , all damage model system in game and all physics subroutines are activated in less than a second, my PC CPU can not handle it. I think the developers are working on that, because The game runs better now.
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