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  1. It appears that Berloga inserts bots when player population is low. I noticed that when there are a handful of players in Western Zone especially a constant steam of clueless T-Bolts wander in only to be shot down. It's pretty obvious when you blow up the bandit and no "So and So has been killed." note appears.
  2. On dogfight server I cut power as I barrel roll and he passes over wing and down .
  3. The links take you to download for dds files.
  4. GIMP files were damaged so here are the dds files: "Screemin Mimi" "The Judge" I'm sure with your talent you can improve on these. Thanks for your interest.
  5. I'll clean it up and post GIMP files later today.
  6. Just testing Alt f2 "gun camera" view. Already hit him once and coming back to finish. Flamer ending.
  7. Before the La5FNs2 came along , if I flew a Russian plane at all it was the MiG-3. Really like this powerful fighter.
  8. Is it just me or did last patch wipe out saved Mission Tracks.... Again?
  9. I took existing skins and converted dds files to bmp files. Then using GIMP added nose art, Mission/Kills symbols.Saved new GIMP .xcf files as new dds files. Edited Alpha files with DXT app.
  10. I'm trying out Lavochkin 5N2 on EU server. I had just downed Me-109 G-14 and get chased by a K-4 . I can't tell if he lost consciousness or succumbed to some previous damage when he crashes. I like how the 5FN2 retains energy in turns.
  11. I just added nose art, names ,crew placards, mission markings to existing skins.
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