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  1. Looks like I started quite a conversation! I have not flown in older legacy IL-2 Sturmovik series for a while but as I recall in the latest patches or in SAS Mod you could select skins for up to 4 flights of aircraft. if that was possible in BOX you could create your own skins for selected squadron then assign individual skins to aircraft.
  2. "Ivanhoe" Rides Again I t's A Doozy!
  3. Out for a Sunday Drive in Brussels. Added updated "Doozy" skin. Still working on "Doozy" name image. Video Here
  4. One of my favorite old movies:
  5. Sheriff88


    At the receiving end:
  6. Many Thanks to Pie Spy and other skinners who provide such great inspiration for people like me.
  7. True “do like me “ works but they’re YOUR flight so why do they wander off at all!!! Regardless of starting on ground or in the air they should fly with you until directed otherwise or if you get bounced. You would think that the developers who are so serious about immersion would fix that.
  8. When tracking another aircraft in a turn or climb the mirror obscures view of the aircraft I’m chasing. I’d rather clear my 6 by turning than using limited rear view mirror.
  9. For some reason GIMP is very unstable when I open the 4k PSD template for P-51 . If I try to anything such as move layer or even just save as a Gimp xcf file Gimp crashes . I don't have that problem with other 4k templates.Is there an existing Gimp template or 2k template still available?
  10. Right!!! Although Mustang is cool, I still prefer G-14 and K-4.
  11. Trying out gyroscopic sight in Mustang. Watch how hits follow path of pipper crossing from right to left. Pipper shows up better in original clip.
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