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  1. I want to reset my password on all devices. When I try to log in from iPhone the password I use is no longer recognized. I can log in to forum and game because it is saved but not visible. I have not heard back from customer support.
  2. I used Skegawski's D-9 skin as base. using GIMP I cloned over the German markings then added French insignia and squadron insignia.
  3. Similar experience for me in California . I'm retired and can fly any time. I get my best scores in the evening. For example racking up 10 kills in 40 minutes flying P-38 !!!. Flying against East Coast or Europeans.... that's a whole different situation. Too bad Berloga map is so bleak.
  4. Sheriff88

    Italian FW

    Just ran standard screenshot I ran though some GIMP filters.
  5. Yes you can use external views and padlock. This makes server more approachable for players without VR or Head Tracker. Somewhat true what you say about scores even though you can report such behavior to moderators. Let them have their fantasy. Just get better and nail them with high side deflection shot. A player who is 'killed" can't select "End Mission " .
  6. Dogfight on Berloga What are steps to accept invitation to duel on the server? I accepted request for 1v1, went to designated zone and other player said I was not entering correctly.
  7. Check out the Berloga server.As challenging as it is Berloga server has air starts only. Certain times of the day action can be quite hairy. Avoid action until you gain altitude and don’t get caught up in swirling fur ball . The EU Official 1CGS Planes and Tanks Normal and Shooting Stars Normal with AI let you fly without complex engine management. Their maps are more interesting than Berloga. I would buy into some of the long mission times on Combat Box if they allowed external views. If you don’t use head tracker or VR it gets old fast. I Only have 10 fingers.
  8. Still have question regarding landing fields. Are they usable? Several times I’ve expended ammunition or run low on fuel and have to land on what looks like flat terrain or just ditch. If I select “End Mission “ it appears that I incur some point reduction.
  9. I wasn't trying to shoot pilot bailing out. From my perspective it looked like piece of wing coming off.
  10. SARFlytitus Here is skin you requested. It says" G-6" because it was originally for Gustav but I edited tail and nose for G-14
  11. Great work!! I really appreciate your effort. You are probably familiar with references by Ferdinando D'Amico and Gabriele Valentini, as well as the Osprey series on Italian Aces . Here's an Ugo Drago G-14 I did some time ago. A bit scruffier than yours. Plus a fictitious 1 Stormo G-4. Grazie mille!👍
  12. On Berloga Dogfight Server Last night about 7:20 (PST) . My first time flying the A-8 on-line. P-51 Comes back to engage me after I blew off one of his flaps. We blast along on Emergency power settings until his engine finally gives out . I would have been long gone if he had a cannon. I survived thanks to radial engine and best jinking I've ever done. Whew!! A tip of my hat to pilot flying " Lollipoop". Video Here
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