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  1. It was a "kill" on EU Server. I rarely fly the MC202 because of armament and flight characteristics especially accelerated stall . But Now I'm getting to like it - takes a lighter touch than the 109s that I am used to.
  2. Thanks. I guess they had to make sure light and reflector sets matched up.
  3. How is the gunsight section indicated used? Air to Ground? Boresight?
  4. The FC aircraft speeds make for interesting dance in the winter sky.
  5. Cap Yes. That was it. I painted wrong part. Thanks👍
  6. For some reason, a skin still appears when different modified skin is chosen. First image is skin that was modified to have an all yellow nose and prop with white band behind prop. Second image is how it shows in game, The original skin was deleted. So why does it still show up?
  7. Thanks all. Will try that combination.
  8. What weapon key fires guns mounted over wing?
  9. Thank You. I was really surprised to see how it was captured .
  10. Since the update yesterday ,when I load up the Flight Records section of the game, after the loading splash screen, I see a black screen, with a progress bar, and an error window has popped up behind the game . I press ok, and another similar message pops up, and another, and another. Then the game crashes /freezes and I have to open task manager to exit game. Only flights recorded yesterday after this latest update can be recovered. I see there were several questions about this in March but did not see any responses. I experienced this once before after an update but after a couple of smaller updates I did not see that problem .So I thought perhaps the developers figured out a way to introduce updates that don't erase the records. Guess I was wrong. Will this be fixed? If I knew this would happen I could have saved selected records as video files.
  11. I was in SP off-line just taking look at new skin . AI set to ACE. My point was that I did notice I was out of trim having to correct dip to left but did not realize loss of left aileron until I landed. I would have expected more of n impact on handling.
  12. … stinking demidge model." Seriously. I should not be able to down two P-51s when I have this!!?? In case you did not get the “demidge” reference.
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