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  1. Sheriff88

    "What If" Italian Fw-190s vs P-47s

    Fictitious Italian Fw-190s engage P-47s. Part 1 Beginning of engagement. Nice shot of Fws peeing off from leader. Part 2 - End of of 4 v 4 engagement. Performance of Fw-190 carrying those heavy gun pods did not seem to be degraded that much. Part 1 Part2
  2. Sheriff88

    Spitfire Face Shot

    Always a risky maneuver. Had I been in the Spitfire I would have avoided this situation. https://youtu.be/jMuAEx_QUKc
  3. Sheriff88


    Just a Couple of new skins. [edited]
  4. Sheriff88

    ANR 109

    Original and edited.
  5. Sheriff88

    FW Damaged But Safe

    After a mission that frequently saw me going I v 2 or 1 v 3 with Spitfires, I made it back. I should post video of that one!!
  6. Sheriff88

    Close Enough to Touch

    Just some close passes.
  7. Sheriff88

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Close Enough?!
  8. One of my first video capture events . https://youtu.be/-zPXZEEIt-Q
  9. Sheriff88

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    I see some sections of Kuban map make good stand-ins for Channel Front engagements.
  10. Sheriff88

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Target Rich Environment
  11. Sheriff88

    Boost for G-4 /G-6?

    Okay Thanks😕
  12. Sheriff88

    Boost for G-4 /G-6?

    Ctrl-E ...Uh-Uh Isn't the GM -1 injection system installed in both? That's not a supercharger but perhaps it's regarded as such in key settings?
  13. I thought the 109G-4 and G-6in BOS/BOK have power boost system. I use the 'W" key to activate, with Complex Engine Management turned off, but nothing happens. What am I missing.?
  14. Sheriff88

    On Line Log In problem

    Not sure what changed but working now. I had turned off Controlled Folder Access protection and was then able to log in on line for the last four days. Then I turned it back on and can still log-in online. I also allow IL2 and DServer to pass through firewall. (First time I did that there was no change)