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  1. It's not clear to me how to enter duel on Berloga. After Requesting a duel and getting a positive response, enter a duel zone .Identify where you are.....Then what?
  2. Snap the pics. Quick firing pass and home.
  3. Colors seem too bright. Actually the Blue and Cyan looks too bright. Red looks orange.
  4. Good Start! Reds and Blue/Cyan look a bit oversaturated.
  5. In the course of one hour I lost connection seven times. I also noticed several people exiting and coming back frequently. Is there a problem maintaining connection with server or is it problem at my end?
  6. I’ll try that Thanks. I’ll try that. That helped a bit. Thanks again.
  7. Considering getting Tobruk . One issue in COD concerns me.Does the 109 E still shake and yaw excessively when firing guns?
  8. Same observation here. P-40 and Hurricane are bullet sponges. In case of the Hurricane it may be because of rounds passing through fabric skin but with the P-40 ?
  9. Does the 109 E still shake and yaw excessively when firing guns?
  10. Screenshot in clouds yielded this art profile rendition of the Mustang.
  11. May have seen this before ,but I see that 109F skins in Great Battles can be used in COD as Emil skin with some editing. Made this from GB F-2Early generic skin. Converted dds file to jpg file and edited in Gimp. Takes some editing to get it right. Especially around nose and wing tips. Still don't know what part of skin relates to those bumps on top of cowling.
  12. Sokol, That's correct. You keep pushing assigned key until it's open to desire angle. Thanks, All.
  13. Getting back to COD. Tinkering with 109 skins.
  14. I’ll do that and see what happens. I was flying 109.
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