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  1. Sheriff88

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Close Enough?!
  2. One of my first video capture events . https://youtu.be/-zPXZEEIt-Q
  3. Sheriff88

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    I see some sections of Kuban map make good stand-ins for Channel Front engagements.
  4. Sheriff88

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Target Rich Environment
  5. Sheriff88

    Boost for G-4 /G-6?

    Okay Thanks😕
  6. Sheriff88

    Boost for G-4 /G-6?

    Ctrl-E ...Uh-Uh Isn't the GM -1 injection system installed in both? That's not a supercharger but perhaps it's regarded as such in key settings?
  7. I thought the 109G-4 and G-6in BOS/BOK have power boost system. I use the 'W" key to activate, with Complex Engine Management turned off, but nothing happens. What am I missing.?
  8. Sheriff88

    On Line Log In problem

    Not sure what changed but working now. I had turned off Controlled Folder Access protection and was then able to log in on line for the last four days. Then I turned it back on and can still log-in online. I also allow IL2 and DServer to pass through firewall. (First time I did that there was no change)
  9. Sheriff88

    On Line Log In problem

    I just deleted some apps that crept in during past 2 weeks. Such as Cyberlink and Prime Updater. Worked fine then restarted later and problem is back!!!
  10. Sheriff88

    On Line Log In problem

    Yankee-One Allowing which files through? I ok'd IL-2,DServer, and launcher but still does not work. Thanks DD_Arthur Folllowed those suggestions. Still nothing. Thanks
  11. Sheriff88

    On Line Log In problem

    Still did not work with firewall turned off, and after reentering password. Could be their last update did not load correctly? If so could I run updater app that's somewhere buried in the apps folders?
  12. Sheriff88

    On-line Log In Problem

    I got this response from support team: Authorization requires ports 80 and 443 How do you access those in Widows 10?
  13. I received this response from IL2 support when I could not log in on line Before authorizing: - check the settings of the Security (antivirus, firewall, UAC ...) Make sure that they are not blocking the exchange of data with the server - make sure that the update is successfully completed - make sure you have Administrator privileges for your Windows account - make all the game ports in the exceptions your router and security tools Authorization requires ports 80 and 443. Multiplayer mode uses TCP – 28000, UDP – 28000, Downloader Port (TCP) – 28100. - try to use direct cable connection to PC - perhaps it makes sense to update the router firmware Are they serious!!!???
  14. Sheriff88

    Server Connection issues

    I'm having same problem. Off-Line log in works but not online log in.
  15. For the past 3 days I get this message when trying to log-in online. AMy internet connection is good. Any solution to this? Thanks.