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  1. Bombsaway, I’m traveling right now will post a couple of Spit skins when I return mid October. Glad you like it.
  2. This rework of Spit IX depicts fictitious pilot who earlier served in American Volunteer Group ( "Flying Tigers"). That units' s insignia is below cockpit. That FW overshot me . Close call!!
  3. Love those contrails.
  4. If I do that will updates go to correct new location?
  5. I have tons of space on my disc hard drive but nit much left on SSD. I'd like to free up SSD space for DCS. Could I just move files to the hard drive ? I'm concerned about performance hit and updates working correctly. If I don't just add another SSD, could I simply move BOX files from SSD (drive C) to hard drive (drive D) or do I have to run a reinstall process? Any advice?Thanks.
  6. I've noticed an improvement in enemy AI. Especially P-47s now use vertical more. Still..I agree with comment above. I would pay a premium for Uber AI.
  7. Thanks for all your input. HDR Off got rid of bloom. Looks like it eliminated most of a cloud flicker I was getting also.
  8. I'm seeing this glow on skins usually around cross as shown in picture. Also see it around fuselage band. Gamma Corrections setting at .9 or 1.0 . What graphics adjustment is need to eliminate the glowing halo effect?
  9. Thanks to Raptotracker for that Kikka skin!! Here's one I did using that skin for a base.. Stencils found on decal set image.
  10. Thanks for this skin!! It makes for a great baseline for more Kikkas. Here's one I did. Stencils found on decal set image.
  11. "What if" Finn 262s intercept in land of midnight sun. Thanks to Scharfi for night fighter skin that I edited for Finn 262.
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