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  1. In this action ( 4 Spitfire IXs v 4 Me-262s) I down two of them.
  2. Original
  3. Just having fun making Luftwaffe 202 as colorful as possible without going too crazy.
  4. Menacing Image! Rework of stock skin.
  5. Thanks for all your input!! So I'll continue to shoot them down.
  6. Occasionally I see damaged enemy aircraft nearby turn on landing lights and lower gear. Are they ready to land or are they surrendering?
  7. Used Luftwaffe palette RLM83 but slightly darker after flattening image and adjusting curves .
  8. G-14 in skin inspired by aircraft flown by Italian Ace Ugo Drago. Kill markings are not related to Drago's score.
  9. Yak1s69s posing as French Moraine fighters.
  10. Sheriff88

    ANR 190s

    If ANR ever flew Doras!!
  11. In Single Player is it possible to have flight fly in Finger Four formation and not just in trail or echelon? Also it seems that flight mates do not follow commands and split off on their own unless enemy is very far away. Any suggestions on that?
  12. No that's not me.!
  13. Except for firepower, the way it's modeled ,it's most underwhelming aircraft in the game. I shouldn't be able to down three of them ( on Ace setting) flying an Me-110 at any altitude!!
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