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  1. interesting, I thought I had tried both, but I'll do this too now for any future games just to be safe... I remember Patrick saying it shouldn't have an effect, but who knows what variables we may be missing. @TheSNAFU Yeah I think I have been getting impatient, so I have become less rigorous in the testing, and it's all very subjective. Yes it definitely has an effect, but for me it's either drop ground objects to lower density or turn off random battles, I'm not sure if they are equal, but I'm going to try a new campaign now with med/med and random battles off etc on so I'll see how it goes. It may be the better compromise for ground attack immersion. @PatrickAWlson Did you manage to update the squadron accuracy to match that of the developers? I noticed you updated a few things and my pilot has just crashed behind enemy lines so... time to try a new one! Also FYI I did a ground attack mission, as outlined below and I noticed 2 issues. One was that none of my AI comrades attacked anything on the ground, they just circled the location, and 2 was that I destroyed the 2 bridges at the location myself, and my flight seemed to recognise the mission was over so they went home. I flew back and landed safely, "mission accomplished" but I had no bridges in my score, and nothing outlined in the debrief. Is that normal for these types of missions? I feel like I could have taken off and landed and it been the same kind of experience Also could anyone possibly link me to an ABC, 123 idiots guide on how to get some reasonably accurate squadron skins into the campaign, for say... a Russian fighter based campaign starting on Moscow map? I'm quite a newbie here
  2. Yes it is, I have tried with it off for a bunch of missions and noticed some general improvement. I can only say vagely that it was better, I think it was med/med type settings, but because immersion is such a big deal for me, it's important for me to keep it on. I really like it when there is a random train or convoy chugging along the ground as you fly overhead. I know it's the sort of thing you only notice every now and then but it's worth it. If I had continued having problems as I tried to get things above the basic low/med then I would have turned it off as having a more populated mission (planes mostly) is also a measure of immersion. For me the real killer seems to be the ground units, so it's probable I could get sustainable medium ground settings with random units off. I also turn the pilots AI higher, so that may take some processing power. also maybe I haven't mentioned that I have Hyper Threading off. I don't know if that's important, but it was important to improve stutters, even if I lost a few frames.
  3. To be honest low air med ground seemed to work OK, but still had noticeable slow down on the busy ground attack missions. The mission take off/approach were all very nice, but the real action started to head towards unplayable. So my approach has been if I have to take low something I'd rather do that for ground units as I'm keen to have a real challenge and a bit of madness in the air. Also it's clear Medium Medium + is definitely too much for those busier missions. Don't get me wrong though, there are a majority of times where everything is silky smooth, but due to the random nature of what might be coming, it's better to accomodate the most taxing scenarios in the config. I have flown multiple missions on med med, or even a bit higher, and thought that everything was working. But when implementing lots of planes taking off with my squadron or when heading near the front for ground attack / escort or ending up down low near ground units in a dogfight, I'm always getting the slow down to the point where it's unplayable (and with the OC tests I was getting a lot of crashes as my system was already unstable). I have massively tweaked my system now and got it nice and stable, and honestly can't imagine any more solutions Low Ground, Med/High air (basically medium bumped up a bit) and some other tweaks to train carriages, smoke, and delete planes distance seems to still get choppy sometimes, but I can bear it now. I had a mission that seemed like the extreme test case the other day with at least 4 different big flights in the air, masses of smoke and tracers around, and enough ground units to keep me busy. It was hectic enough it may just be that I've been pushing my CPU too hard for a while now, but my OCs have never been totally crazy, but it has hit some horrible temps a few times on tests...
  4. Here is a list of things I've done/tried to improve performance, stutters and the slow motion effect in campaigns and PWCG. There are other useful tips in the thread, and an ongoing discussion. It's not just about "slow motion". Part of it is just general computer maintenance, but it was inspired by trying to improve my il2 experience. So yeah, some of it is elementary but hopefully people will benefit from trying some of the ideas. There is more in the thread posted by Lemon, he inspired me to go all in for a few days on tweaking. I'm not a super technical guy, so a lot of this is just copy pasting others ideas I've found... I also don't have data to share, just subjective experiences, but the whole process gained me massive amounts of smoothness, improved response times, and large fps increases/more stable fps close to my ceiling (of course with the OCs that would make sense, but besides that). Best wishes
  5. Just wanted to report back - so after much optimisation and some testing, I have found even maxing out my system that medium ground density is just too much for me to handle on a busy ground mission, even with low air there is pretty big slow down for the busy times. So I opt for much more air as it is a flight sim after all. I'm not deprived of computing power, although I guess lacking some general bandwidth and the faster RAM that is available now I won't know. I have a 4790k @4.8Ghz, 16gb @2133 10 9 10 24 and a Samsung EVO850. I get very smooth gameplay on quick missions and normal campaign and I'm staying at 105fps (my monitors limit) most of the time, with occasional frame drops, but just can't seem to find a setting on PWCG to get medium ground to run smooth for those busy missions. I'm not sure if having 4 cores is a factor here. I am surprised that even with low (and med/high for air), it can get extremely "war like" busy at times. I suppose you pushed the ground objects to the max intentionally Patrick? I'm not used to having to select medium or low in settings! For clarity I'm talking about ground missions only at this point that cause the slow down, or when I need to get near enough to the ground for the objects to spawn in (I'm guessing) Thanks for the mod though either way
  6. Just looking at your sig... your setup is probably about as close to the best one can get for a home computer gaming system correct?
  7. @Lemon Haha, yeah my computer was due some maintenance anyway so... il2 was just the motivation to get it done! I also vacuum cleaned the whole system inside and out and changed my cooling paste, not that this would have affected stutters about this, all I know is I turned the 3 C states on apart from Speedstep and I got worse latencymon scores. I now have a 2nd configuration running at 4.7Ghz with hyper threading on and all C states on, I'll make the shortcut to Windows power management as you suggest, good idea. I might try some il2 out with this but to be honest I'm happy that one BIOS profile is for il2 and one or 2 other games and 4.7Ghz with HT and C states is for everything else. Then I have a 3rd default profile for my work install... is this fix for people who use trackir only? I use edtracker... Also about hpet settings, I used these 2 only. I might play with your list but my latency scores are so good now I doubt it will change much: bcdedit /deletevalue useplatformclock bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes For now I'm done with tweaking, as I have made good progress. I'll spend a little time over the next weeks refining my BIOS overclock settings and I'll probably revisit this thread. I think it would be good for one of us to post our lists of fixes on the forum as a separate topic so the info is at the top of the topic in case anyone finds this useful. Shall I or you do it, or we can both do it? I can make a thread and then @ you... thanks again
  8. I have checked with C states on now for the turbo single thread overclock, it's really not worth it. I get about 50% increase in latency scores in latencymon with the C states for only an extra 2% in the OC, so I'll be keeping them off and keeping seperate profiles in my BIOS for gaming, and the most hardcore profile for il2...
  9. OK so first of all for anyone using Patrick Wilson's Campaign Generator, despite all my tweaks I have finally come to realise I need to run PWCG ground density on "low" to have a *smooth enough* experience in very busy missions (like 1-2 out of every 10 missions). The ground attack missions are the most busy, and I still get significant frame drops when in a big battle. I now have air density on medium/high - I set it to high and tweaked the values down a bit. I tweaked a few other settings, to minimal change, so nothing worth noting specifically (delete planes distance, lower carriage count on trains, smoke). Turning off "create random ground units" has a small effect, but also a big negative effect on immersion. I'm very surprised at how busy it still is on "low" for ground, and I honestly don't understand why Patrick made such crazy settings, my computer is not exactly slow... it's kind of the last generations fastest gaming system, but I can't run medium medium for these busy missions, even with heavy overclocks and optimisation. This is a topic for PWCG threads I know, but suffice to say it has been covered since ROF as it's an issue that's been around for a while, probably due to so many random objects being generated for some missions. It is the same issue as slow motion for vanilla campaign mode, but probably higher stress levels are coming from the PWCG generated scenarios. I'll play some vanilla campaign in depth at some point and we'll see what happens. That said, I think anyone can benefit from what Lemon has shared, and I'll add my process to the mix, as I have had significant performance boosts and lowered stuttering to almost nothing. As it's a long list I'll put the key points in bold: LIST OF THINGS I DID TO FIX THE SLOW MOTION AND STUTTERS - I had much more success with stutters, and some progress with slow motion but still hit a wall on PWCG: I used the data from this thread to refine my Nvidia Tweaks: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php?topic=57904.0 Also from another thread I realised that 2x AA is less intensive if I turn it on in NCP and not in game, and after having AA off for some time I realised I could put it on with all these tweaks. I turned 4k textures on, I turned Windows power supply to maximum, inspired by this thread. However I don't agree with turning every graphics setting off, especially on my system, it's not really a fix just swapping one handicap for another...: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/34764-jasons-quick-guide-to-3001-graphics-smoothness/ I discovered my BIOS overclocks were all reset, so I turned 4.0Ghz with 4.4 turbo into a 4.8Ghz. As mentioned I also OC'd my RAM upto 2133 (it had been on default 1333). Also importantly I turned off hyper threading and then all C states (I have yet to experiment turning some back on and leaving Speedstep). The above 3 bullets, in particular the power management/C states + HT, were the source of my greatest improvements in smoothness and responsiveness (lower latency). Turning off HPET didn't really bring me much noticeable change, but I can't turn it off in BIOS, so we can't be sure it's really off. But it's disabled in device manager and through the cmd prompt. @Lemon I did find this utility that forces a timer change, and it gave me a nice little boost in LatencyMon results: https://cms.lucashale.com/timer-resolution/ The HPET off process and general timing tweaks are described more here, with the link to the utility/app: http://www.mikemartin.co/system_guides/hardware/motherboard/disable_high_precision_event_timer_hpet I then went through these for minimising latency issues, beware, he gets very deep (I didn't do everything as it gets a bit obsessive!). 2nd post down https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/input-lag-decreasing-dpc-latency-decreasing.406260/ Also he posts in a discussion here https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/are-nvidia-drivers-causing-my-dpc-latency-spikes-gtx-1070.408433/#post-5298570 I found using CC cleaner and generally following the guide was very helpful for freeing up space and I did notice some improvements in my general computer use, I can't say about in the game or for latency specifically as I was already at single digits in latencymon results average. NVIDIA drivers may be a large part of the problem, something we can't fix but important to bear in mind and important to make sure you have a clean and lean install of the latest drivers: https://www.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/6oubum/nvidia_confirms_stuttering_fps_drops_lag_problems/ PhysX here: https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/82ejp6/reminder_for_nvidia_card_users_who_are/ Also turning off scaling may help, I actually had a problem with the game in windowed mode as I use custom scaling in Windows 10 and the game was stretched. Not sure of effect on performance but it's worth thinking about. other latency /discussion fixes here, including a mention for nvidia https://www.sweetwater.com/sweetcare/articles/solving-dpc-latency-issues/ For the IRQ MSI fixes that Lemon has discussed, here is a nice little tool that makes it very easy to change your devices to MSI mode. Scroll down for MSI utility V2: https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/windows-line-based-vs-message-signaled-based-interrupts.378044/ @Lemon I have optimised Windows 10 as much as possible. I followed this guide here, he also has older guides where he goes into a little more detail on turning off background services etc so I recommend you skim through them too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xrsxy-eIN7Y I optimised my SSD, not sure of direct impact on il2, but why not? I heard defragment is not ideal for SSDs so bear that in mind. I have made sure I have over 20% free space too: https://www.back2gaming.com/focus-story/ssd-optimization-for-windows-10-windows-8-and-8-1/ I also followed the links about display you posted Lemon for improved frame times/Vsync and so on. I have "fast" enabled for NCP vsync which eliminated tearing before I started tweaking, but the 0.01 frame time fix subjectively seems to be nice and I already had CRU and an overclocked Catleap monitor so it's helpful to know how to tweak this more. Overall with EVERYTHING, I notice a much much smoother and more beautiful game. The response times of my edtracker, mouse, joystick and the smoothness of being able to see frames at 105 nearly all of the time alongside the improved input response times is brilliant. I can turn indicators and HUD on and off with (almost) zero slow down now on a quick mission or on a campaign with lower settings (activating map is a little different). Quick mission has close to zero frame drops, with 16 planes. Settings are all close to Ultra/Maximum on 1440p, I don't want to write every setting down now! HDR is off, Shadows High, Sharpening on, SSAO on. If I had lower than 90 frames most of the time I would consider turning SSAO off. When things get busy on the ground, and there is a lot going on in PWCG in particular, the game has a higher threshold now before slowdown, but it's still pretty bad. I don't know how to fix this, and I think it may be unresolvable from a hardware end for me. I don't expect turning graphics down will change this, but maybe playing with audio bitrate? Although I have Realtek onboard sound chip which should mean my sound is not CPU dependent I think. I don't know how much better the next gen gaming systems will deal with this, I suppose bandwidth is better across the board, and there will be more cores available... Lastly, Lemon about the single core. I don't believe it runs on one core alone, but it uses single core a bit more sometimes or often. I have noticed on the hardware monitor, but I haven't done extensive monitoring. Also it has been said on these forums and also elsewhere, il2 is heavy on single core use, and games in general are still single core dependent as a whole. I could be wrong about this but I still want to try to get the turbo working! I'll try over the next few days and see what results I get.
  10. @Lemon I haven't forgotten, just not found the time yet, plus my overclock isn't quite complete I can't quite get 4.9Ghz stable with decent temps, so now I'm aiming for single core turbo at 5.0 but haven't figured out how to make it work yet. Can anyone recommend me methods how to hit turbo single core? I have made a query here; http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-3701059/single-core-boost-query-4790k.html Also how does single core usage work anyway? Especially in this game. I assume there is always something going on in Windows or within the game, but does it switch to single core usage rapidly on and off, or will there be longer periods a single core is in use?
  11. Thank you... I always get called McGee by brits and americans... I'm guessing you know how to pronounce it? Hehe... also thank you for your tips - you sent me on a deep deep rabbit hole, I've spent about 2 days on this stuff now and made good progress but also wasted a lot of time! Especially on HPET... I have a lot to post, I have some very good results, but also still some stutters (occasional frame drops, occasional "pops", and still the horrible slow motion when I have high density on ground and med in air for ground attack missions in PWCG). That said EVERYTHING is better, ground attack missions too, I just wish it was perfect...I have only managed a couple of quick tests but I think the persistent micro stutter is gone. I'll post more later when I have time but here's a sample:
  12. Yeah I test on less "busy" maps in quick mission like you say and I'm much smoother than before, but I still get some micro stutters and the occasional large one. It's definitely playable on those scenarios - but to me they are not realistic... I would like to see 20 planes in the air and units on the ground, at least. It's a good way to get the graphics setup but I also like your logic about finding the source of the bottleneck. I don't have a lot of experience in normal career mode, just Stalingrad for maybe 10-20 missions, so it may be I haven't had a really busy mission yet and maybe I would get slomo with career and not just PWCG. I do have density set to high and hard mode on Career. The slow down I get with PWCG has been on Moscow map (I haven't tried on any other more than once, I think I tried on Stalingrad and got no slow down with high density, maybe I should retest). I set both densities to high and also added some more planes on Moscow map and that was the main problem, now I have to change planes to medium and it depends on the mission if I get slow motion. I have still had it unplayable with med and high air and ground. On a good mission I can't fast forward above 2 and when the mission progresses I can't fast forward at all. HUD on drops frame by nearly 20% sometimes and causes a lot of stutter in these scenarios, worse than any other game mode. I can understand it's a bottleneck somewhere and probably the CPU, but I have 4790k OC to 4.8Ghz and I'm getting only 50% of load in Realtemp. Temps not spiking above 65ish, which is fine for me. I only worry if I see sustained 75 degrees plus under heavy load. Today I'm going to push the OC to 4.9 as I have some room to go with the voltage. I will also look at all of your tweaks and see if that helps. I turned off hyperthreading as I read that this can affect stutters, and that is almost certainly one of the things that helped. I don't know if it has dropped my fps or decreased overall performance in PWCG, do you have any opinion on hyperthreading Lemon? I think with it off it's giving me a bit of room for the overclock so that can be a good thing for single thread performance. Also, I have Samsung Evo 850 and Crucial Ballistix 16GB oc @ 2133 (10 9 10 24) so RAM shouldn't be the bottleneck either? I have considered getting some new DDR3 RAM but I don't see much better available for the money I would spend on it. Lastly 980Ti overclocked about 10%, I'm fairly sure this isn't the bottleneck as I'm normally getting 100fps stable at 1440p quite close to everything on with Ultra but it would be nice to have the 1080Ti Basically all 3 CPU, GPU and RAM are showing only about 50% usage during a mission on PWCG, even when there is massive slow down. Temps are all good too! Will report back when I have pushed up the OC and tried your tweaks.
  13. Awesome! thanks so much for this man - I will start working through this tmrw... I just discovered my overclocks were all reset for some reason, so I have managed to get a boost from that myself, but still getting (smaller than before) issues so I'm really hoping with this info you have provided I can make some real progress. Will report back. Also here is a link of tweak inspiration I found helpful. It may be outdated but I got something out of it. https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php?topic=57904.0 After working through some ideas I took from this, turning on 4k, sharpen, and re-doing my overclocks on RAM and CPU and increasing my GPU OC by about 5% I have a lot more smoothness, better looking game all round (as I finally managed to turn up nvidia to "quality" along with the 4k textures, and include some 2x AA in nvidia [lower overhead than in game] and MFAA), and I gained about 25% fps on top. I still have some big issues, the main one is playing PWCG I get massive variation in stutters and the slomo effect in particular when attacking ground units. I don't believe it should be just about turning down settings as my GPU and CPU are not overworked when the slomo is happening. Then there is the micro stutters, and the occasional slide shows that you mention. Fingers crossed
  14. OK I tried quite a few things total and my stutters are smooth enough to not break the immersion. I still notice some things, including shadow popping (on main title screen). Sadly the main last bits of difference did indeed come from overclocking my CPU, RAM and GPU. I just realised my BIOS overclocks had reset for some reason... so getting an additional 0.7ghz, a big RAM bump (I think the OC provided 10-20% speed increase IIRC) and tweaking up my GPU another 10%. The last few bits I changed made the most difference too. Including the 4K textures. I still however have micro stutters, just hard to notice. There is the occasional larger stutter which I assume is loading something new (the same sort that comes when you turn HUD or indicators on and off). I assume if I start turning things off like clouds etc I might get proper smooth gameplay but IMO that defeats the purpose of owning a computer with a graphics card in the first place.
  15. Awesome, I'm looking forward to trying it out even more now To be honest there is something about playing "old" games (or buggy games in an old genre with no flashy UI) that is kind of nostalgic too, haha
  16. ohhh, I didn't know that, I thought it was like a rework of some sort..
  17. Er... good question. I guess you would be asking for many reasons. But I suppose the fact I don't have it can be deduced from my childhood nostalgia experience I mentioned when watching videos. A few other language and tone clues are there. But the key point here is, are people assessing Clod based on the new version or the old version? Are they up to date with what it offers/may offer very soon when using that as a judgement whether or not an il2 BoB would be worth it. The secondary point may be that I don't know the game so I can't pass any judgement so none of my opinion on whether it ticks the right boxes is valid, but to be honest I'm more interested in what others have to say who do know the game... the Blitz version, and that being part of the discussion. Ultimately my opinion is that due to CloD Blitz being in existence, any ideas of a great battles version of BoB are not worth thinking about purely because it's not going to be made due good business economics. I love that time period, I was obsessed with it during my youth, I would love an awesome battle of britain game, with all the trimmings and vast air battles, but my opinion is that none of this is going to happen any time soon. So, I'm cautiously optimistic for when I will fire up CloD Blitz for the first time after a few more updates ... I have been quite forgiving of il2 BoX so far, so I expect to do more of the same so I can engage with the good parts that remain...
  18. Wow that's a beast of a rig... sad times you have some stutters. SLI is generally known to cause some stutters in some games, have you tried running a single card? I have a decent rig and have been slowly tweaking my way to smoothness, but not sure what's left to do. I refuse to turn off all the nice effects if I can help it, so it may be that I have to accept some stutters for some effects. It would be nice if that wasn't the case. the thing is "stutters" are very subjective. When I first launched the game again recently I was so happy to get my edtracker working. Then I noticed the screen tearing. Got that fixed, then I noticed the stutters and frame drops, got those smoothed out and have learned to accept the big frame drops when switching on indicators and HUD. Now I notice very mild stutters (micro stutters), almost imperceptible, better than before, but they exist for me and can even see them in the main menu screen. A lot of people won't notice stutters or will notice different things and call them stutters - e.g. frame drops and big dips in performance could = stutters for some. Micro stutters are much harder to resolve in my experience, you get them in SLI fairly often. Any tips for micro stutters, please let me know!
  19. I think there is some lack of clarity here in what CloD is. Some people might be talking about the old version, some might be talking about the Blitz version, and even those might not be talking about the possible evolution that's happened or coming in future (just their experience of it last December, for example). Personally this is a big nostalgia trip getting back into flight sims, and I'm very happy to be on different fronts to what I know... As stated above the BoB scenario is very stereotypical (and would be my staple). BUT, when looking at CloD Blitz videos the other day I got feelings that BoX could never give me... lots of childhood emotions, and not to mention the sight of a spitfire flying over my home in London on a historical map (where everything looks different!). To me, it looks like CloD Blitz will tick that box well enough, graphics look fine, campaigns in the works, VR a possiblity and so on. I think a Great Battles BoB ideas are a waste of time personally, and yes I agree with one poster, I think it's a shame we can't render hundreds of planes to make it the real deal. Better to wait 10+ years for these 2 games to run their course and then see what happens for the next gen of flight sims plus VR. I would however be interested in the China air war!
  20. I found this today and it certainly has helped with optimisation - albeit probably from just turning shadows down a notch... it could possibly be or get outdated, and I do wonder what exactly there is going on with shadows (or shaders) that I'm losing. It was always the setting I was most precious about not touching. But I gained upto around 25% fps after changing a bunch of things after reading this, and I had already been tweaking extensively for a while! https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php?topic=57904.0
  21. 4 plus or minus 2 seems to be what I've been getting in Career mode, 6 in a mission seems like a party. I figured I could role play some big squadron outings to smash the hun invaders, so I put all 12 of us on the mission, and it was like trying to fly through butter... I also have densities maxed out too so that is probably a factor. Do any of you routinely fly with more than the standard 6 or below? (I'm new here so this number could vary) What are your settings? What's your system specs? I'm 4790k (at 4.7ghz), 16gb oc'd ram, 980TI oc'd, EVO SSD I can normally stay above 80fps at 1440p with most settings maxed, shadows high, SSAO on, AA off and lots of little tweaks up and down to get me there... but the flying through butter/slomo thing is much more about the CPU load I think (related to so many AI) so fps isn't apparently impacted, but real fps is like half due to the severe bottleneck in CPU
  22. @PatrickAWlson oh nice! thanks about the squadrons, that means I can get ready for a campaign starting soon... I was worried that with you updating those and 1C talking about career improvements in June I would have to sit on my hands waiting for the next best optimal experience About density, yeah I think I can handle high density on both just about - my tweaks above that are a bit intense, I forget my computer isn't top of the line anymore. Sad though as ideally I would have hoped to get 500 planes in the air at once from time to time I just tried to take off with my full squadron, 12 planes, it was like trying to fly through butter. I guess the numbers for flights are generally below that for a reason. . Are AI comrades even more resource intensive than other AI? what with the radio commands, take off/landing routines and such? Could you explain "create random ground units" value a little and it's potential impact on performance? Thanks
  23. I don't get the slomo in career mode (fighter BOS, high density, hard AI), but I did start up a PWCG in BOM and cranked everything at least 20% above high density and have discovered this wonderful effect Also no way to speed up time when your system is overloaded like this, so you can't even get a mission done! I'm posting queries about and tweaking the PWCG settings, if anyone has any input on how to dial down these settings while keeping the front line as busy as possible that would be appreciated. I'll try to update if I can get the slomo gone and keep high density. I can run career mode stable at limited 80fps close to ultra maxed out at 1440p with hud and indicators (and AA) off with this system: 4790k (at 4.7ghz), 16gb oc'd ram, 980TI oc'd, SSD Career seems very under populated in BOS though, even on high density.
  24. @PatrickAWlson TLDR - what settings have the largest performance impact in game? hoping to find a couple of options I can lower while keeping a lot of the density higher than high. Thanks for the mod, seems great so far, I had been playing normal career mode fighter squadron in BOS but wanted to get more immersed so I fired up a BOM PWCG campaign with an il2 and set air and ground density to high. I also tweaked up the numbers even more for most objects such as the additional planes, max flights, lowered the distance between MGs, increased smoke and so on. I figured I would be OK as I can run career mode stable at limited 80fps close to ultra maxed out at 1440p with hud and indicators (and AA) off with this system: 4790k (at 4.7ghz), 16gb oc'd ram, 980TI oc'd, SSD Of course, sadly I now get the slow motion mentioned here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/34668-slow-motion-career-mode/ So I have started to dial back the settings gradually but still there is consistent slow motion. The thing is when I fired up a first test run of PWCG on BOS with high density there was no slomo, so I'm sure I can find a sweet spot of busy front/air war with performance. Then again maybe BOM is a larger map than BOS? it certainly feel grander to me already, and more war like (with these settings). Could you recommend what are the settings likely to have the largest performance impact? Is it the other flights? or is it the ground objects or the smoke? I have been looking at the "create random ground units" in mission limits, if I turn this off will there still be a busy front line, but just less "flavour" of randomness populating the ground world? I'm assuming it may have a decent performance impact? Then again I do love the odd train chugging along... Also with the settings of default high density for the air that you have in the CG so far, what is the reasoning for that level? is high density about as high as it can get without having a super computer at this time? Or is it more about some compromised level of realism plus performance considerations? Maybe I should just go back to that and respect the time you have already put into this also wondering - do you have a rough ETA on when you might have updated the squadron accuracy? I may hold off getting too into a campaign. and one for the community - does anyone have any custom config settings they would like to share? I have been searching for ideas but there is not much exchange taking place from what I can see? but then I assume from what I have been discovering it's all fairly resource dependent so would vary from individual to individual
  25. HI, repost from another thread. I really need help with Softth PLP! Feel free to skip the the bold and the quotes for the real issues I think I have skimmed this thread a couple times and maybe decided it wasn't what i was looking for, but on 2nd thoughts maybe I'm wrong - so I assure you I will read it carefully later today in case it's the solution I'm looking for - but I want to make this "please help" post first Sorry for posting in an old thread, I can't seem to find much discussion about this. My question and issues are: Has anyone got bezel correction fully working with Il2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad in SoftTH?? I've been going round in circles for days trying to get it working. Every time I launch, despite the config looking great and having all the correct values, Il2 just ignores it somehow. Softth is giving me the PLP triple screen setup though and in the correct res. All other values seem to register in the config. I can't seem to get it working in fullscreen either, only windowed. This may be related, but unsure. In another thread by Kissklass I saw this line: Quote It seems that he might be saying set fullscreen to 1, but when I do that I get a D3D error. I can only run in windowed mode at the moment. My D3D error when I try fullscreen is: "cannot create device d3derr_invalidcall" I haven't tried any other games yet, so not sure if it's an issue purely for il2 Lastly Grendel or anyone - about the "fisheye effect" you mentioned. I have noticed a strange FOV when in PLP, and in order to counteract it I have to zoom out to a strangely wide FOV which does seem to be a bit fisheye. Is this the issue you mentioned? Is this due to the lack of ultrawide support or is this normal for games in this sort of setup? e.g if I tried DCS in PLP would I get a similar sort of FOV effect? I'm almost at the point of giving up due to these reasons. But I did just spend several days searching for some great old 17 inch panels and getting it all set up, so better try to see it through to really decide once it's actually fully working. Thanks to anyone reading, best wishes
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