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  1. Hi there. I have a problem when skinning with Gimp 2.10. When I export my skins all skins look like very glossy an reflect very much. the colors are all glossy. What do I wrong when exporting the file to dds ? Is there a problem with the alpha channel ? Can anyone help me please ? Thank You !
  2. Ah ok. I think it is a bug......Thank you.
  3. Hello, i am playing dogfight on 1cgs Server. here you can use the map function pressing M. enemy fighters appear red. Sometimes there are some smaller red aircraft on the map that do not move. by flying over their position nothing is there. What are these smaller red aircraft? thanks for your help.
  4. Hallo, i have one question. do player statistics reset (kills, Sorties, etc.) after some months or will they continue if i am registered on the internet Site 72ag-ded.su ? thanks for answering....
  5. Hallo zusammen, welche Realismuseinstellungen verwendet der Sever ? Normal oder Expertenmodus ? Sehe dann online auf der TAW Seite meine gesammelten Abschüsse?
  6. Ah Thank you . And how about the scoreboard ? Will it Return ?
  7. Hello everybody. I would like to collect here some suggestions for ads for the great battles series. what about - a four engine bomber like the B17 or the Focke Wulf 200 ? - the possibilty in multiplayer modes to refuel and rearmour on Home Bases when ammo has run out? - a more immersive career mode like in Wing Commander 1+2 (this was a famous space simulator in the early 1990s) with a immersive background story so the player could identify with his team mates - a score board on your profile where your online air kills are counted , this has been on earlier versions of this forum but was unfortunately stopped so feel free to add some more ideas here. Let us discuss this here and perhaps someday we find it in an update.
  8. Hallo Rap, Thank you . I Tested brightness of the Alpha file a Bit, Reduction of brightness brings convenient Results. Thank you. by the way: how do i get the bos bom and bok plates you have on your Profile ? I bought them on Steam But they dont appear here.
  9. Hello, when I download skins, there is a psd called alpha channel included. I am using gimp for creating skins. When exporting it to dds i apply the alpha channel. But there are sometimes very strong reflections and transparency. This looks unnaturally for an aircraft. the reflections are very strong. when exporting without alpha channel the skins look used, dirty but very dark. what am i doing wrong ? can anyone help me please ? Thank you. Best regards hausnm
  10. Hello Rjel, thank you for this link, but it does not work unfortunately. It says that I have been logged in too long. can you repost it pls. ?
  11. Hallo, i am trying to create own skins for me262. Where can i get the Files for photshop or gimp (Template) to create my own stuff? thank you for helping me.
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