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  1. Hi there, is there an overview which payload can be attached to the types of different aircrafts ? Did someone ever made a list of the various possible attachments ?
  2. Hm, is it still so that I am dead when I reach the water ? Why do I die when I am bailing out over sea ? I remember that pilots did have rescue systems for bailing out over water......
  3. Where can I get the templates for the 2 free to play tanks ?
  4. Is there a skin template downloadable for these two tanks ?
  5. Hi Beazil, after testing a while turning off sharpen helps. It is much much better ! Thank you.
  6. Ah ok. Nice feature. I remember that I asked the developers some years ago to implement such features to improve game play !
  7. Yesterday I flew on a ww1 combat server. It got some hits and landed on my base. Suddenly some messages appear that my plane has been repaired an rearmed. Is this a new feature even for ww2 servers ? Or is it only on this server ? Thank you for your help.
  8. Ok I will try and tell you tomorrow.
  9. I have seen same effects when a bandit moves quickly through my sight. It doubles or triples. But i think it is a multiplayer issue. When the server has to calculate too much positions at once. Or do you have this on single player mode too ?
  10. Hi there, does open composite not run anymore since the latest il 2 update to version 4.009 ??? Has anybody managed to play this version in vr with open composite ? Problem solved: After installing new NVIDIA drivers and 3 times of restarting it works now with open composite vr
  11. Hi there, I am using an Oculus Rift S and the open composite VR drivers. On starting screen when I look at the hangar doors left of the plane there can be seen come white pixels blinking. I am sure it is no error or bug on my Rift because other games work fine and while playing there are no more white pixels blinking. It only appears at the hangar doors. Is it a graphic bug on the starting screen ? Has anyone the same strange pixels left of the plane on the starting screen where the menu appears ? Note: Some white blinking pixels can also be seen without VR in the starting screen. The Red Arrows on the picture shows where they only appear. Thank you for your support.
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