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  1. Weiß jemand zufällig ob die Hurricane auch von Anfang an bei Steam zu kaufen ist oder wird sie zuerst nur hier vertrieben , so wie BoBP, BoN, FC ?
  2. Ich bin mal auf die Typhoon und die Arado 234 gespannt. Hoffe dass bald ein paar Flieger Spielbar sind. Vorher kommt aber noch die Hurricane oder ?
  3. Wohl,war Zacharias..... wer fliegt denn alles hier online und auf welchen Servern ?
  4. Ja klar. Ich finde das ja auch positiv mit dem Vorbestellen. Habe ich bei BoB ja auch gemacht. Wie habt ihr denn bei Eurem Profil die Banner FC BoB etc. Hinbekommen ? Ich habe fast alles über steam gekauft und sehe das hier leider nicht......
  5. Hallo. Gibt es denn da schon was zum spielen wenn man die preorder für 80 Dollar kauft oder ist das nur eine Art crowd funding ?
  6. Hi emely. Pls have a Look of the correct server name you mentioned.
  7. Well, thank you for this information. Perhaps I visited these servers on a time when they were not busy. I hope we will meet there soon.
  8. Thank Broccoli. I will have a look.
  9. Hi, i just discovered Flying with wwi planes. Does anyone know which servers do offer a dogfight mode ? and are there a sufficient number of Players to Play with ? i do not want to fly hours searching for someone.....
  10. ah ok jarg. I think the spitfire and the tempest have levers on the stick too, I will try that.
  11. Thank you for your help. That means I always have to change brake controls according to the plane it want to fly with. Did I get that right ? By the way . I own BoM BoS BoK BoB, but only BoB appears here on my profile ? Is this because I bought the rest on steam ?
  12. Hi, I have new tfrp pedals from thrustmaster. i assigned left and right brake to the pedals. but there are some British fighters that brake simultaneously. So I was not able to set the left and right brake at once. i had to leave it as a keyboard command. Or is there another possibility to assign left and right brake at once ?
  13. Hello, is there a Gun cam in every plane ? If yes. How can I start the video Recording and how can I watch it later ?
  14. Hello everybody. does this server mentioned in the headline have a internet adress where statistics are saved ? and does the 1cgs official Server by ded still exist ? It seems to be down atm. thanks for your help.
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