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  1. Tacview is a great tool for training, learning etc... And I use it all the time in other jet sims, study BFM, ACM etc One drawback to IL2 is in order to start it vs automatically recording the acmi file, you have to enter keys. According to Tacview it has to do with IL2. Please enable a setting to allow auto starting of Tacview - would be a great feature to an already great game Thanks for your time and hope you consider
  2. I had to remove everything from the updates folder, then it worked ...
  3. I've been unable to play the game because it fails to update. I got to 2gb of the 2.12gb and then it stopped, and not it just fails to update
  4. AKA_Recon

    [MOD] Icons

    Can this be setup on a server or just single player ?
  5. Question: Is there a way to modify the default icon/label settings on a multiplayer server setup ? (Also, same for single player) In IL2 you could , curious if you can in BoS Thanks
  6. IL-2 Operation Bodenplatte Premium Edition And congrats - your videos are amazing!
  7. I believe I took this coop and opened it in the mission editor and saved it as per the 3.005 instructions. I will try again, it works for me as the host, I can started it, I can pick a plane and fly. No one else can join . (the people trying to join just freeze, the spinner stops and they can't connect)
  8. So... like everyone or just the host ? Router, modem, ISP, local firewall ???
  9. I opened ports and still no one could join. Squadmate did the same, game froze for both us trying to connect. I don't recall telling an entire community base in IL2 46 that they had to punch holes in a firewall to do coops ? PITA
  10. I was able to start the coop, and my squadmates see the misson in the list of coops, but no one is able to join. Are there instructions anywhere on what is required to host a coop ? Thanks!
  11. I have read that shaking happens with the inlet cowls open, so I have those closed. The stick doesn't shake, and the bombsite is fine in 'bomb mode' But when I switch the bombsite to look ahead, it violently shakes. Is there something I need to do - or is this a bug ? Thanks in advance!
  12. thank you so much for these missions. I'm new to coops. I have 2 questions: 1. How do I start these on my local machine to try them out - individually or with a friend ? 2. How do I run these on our dedicated server ? Are there any special instructions for running on latest 3.00x version ? Thank you!
  13. Thanks @DD_Arthur, I don't think I realized this when I made my post - the A20 is nice and the B25 will be fun as well.
  14. We are ? It's like an eastern front game with nothing but flyable fighters. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Bodenplatte B17's and B24's - would love to fly a B17. Unfortunately makers of the game are more interested in just dogfighters. I wish for a game where we can have dedicated bomber pilots like back in IL2 1946
  15. Thanks ShamrockOneFive Imagine selling IL2 game without an Il2 or Pe2, seems odd... I'd be happy with a A20/B25.
  16. While the fighters for this looks great, I was deeply disappointed to find out no US bombers would be a part of this package. Any chance we can get a bomber package at some point ?
  17. This is definitely a pet peave of mine. Gamer will game the game - we all know that - and it's crazy that those running a 'higher res' are put at a disadvantage - at the price of missing out on the awesome graphics the game has it is clearly more beneficial to play in 'blurry fuzzy mode'. The high the res, the more difficult it is to distinguish.. That said, time to lower my res and have blurry eye syndrome after an hour
  18. Bingo... When in an aircraft, I find things obviously to be much clearer when looking down at the ground, not as 'blurry' (at least until I take my glasses off - lol). There is a 'crispness' in real life that you just don't get in the sim - until perhaps video cards can get us to that level. I think there are 2 visibility topics: 1. the 'when a dot appears', the range of that dot. This is rather easy to tweak as the 'size' 'distance' and 'darkness' are the main variables 2. the range in which the dot becomes the aircraft itself. Often times I have no issues finding the dot itself, and for the most part even tracking that dot. It's when the dot becomes the aircraft is when it gets tough - due to the ratio size of the aircraft to monitor size. Also, the contrast isn't very good. Even with camo, when your that close, and your eyes are on it - it shouldn't be lost so easily - it's different when your focused and you see it vs. just happened to spot an aircraft against the trees. Personally, and it would be difficult for sure, I'd like to see 'zoom' be removed - just default view period.
  19. why ? - make the sim better, not make it more 'fair' A larger screen should provide more visual range FOV, not just a 'bigger' lack of FOV.
  20. thanks for the update, COOP will bring back good memories of original IL2. Simple question: Will there be an option for pilots to be able to join while a coop mission is in progress ? Can't tell you how many times we start a coop and a pilot joins and misses out - always wished they could hop in and join the mission.
  21. great news, except this B-25 (AI) So basically you are creating a fighter plane only package, leaving all us bomber pilots completely out of the picture. We need flyable B-25 and B-17 if you are making this a serious western front package.
  22. Speaking of... I assume the Kuban official release will include an offline campaign for a20's ?
  23. Great news - fantastic update - can't wait!!! Now we just need a good online war that let's us flying p40's and a20's
  24. Yes, same group also decided to shoot up chutes on us last night as well. TAW itself is stained by the actions of this squadron. Easy way to deal with it is just to ignore deaths by chute - then the drama ends. Some squadrons in TAW still live on milk and can't eat solid foods...
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