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  1. Only buttons and need decrement of speed for change it states. Sorry for my english
  2. Link? http://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/2998-server-air-domination-bos-72ag/ That server present in the server list in the BoS.
  3. Hi All! I copy that tred from Russian forum. Nice flight! ------------------------------------------------------------- English briefing does not display in game because of game editor bug. I post it below for english pilots. English targetnames and subtitles coming soon. Remind to linear bombers, that final targets (Factory in Stalingrad for Germany and Trainstation+Warehouse in Surovikino for USSR) need to kill by quantity of bombs, not caliber (use SC-50, SC-250, FAB-100 instead of SC-1000, SC-1800, FAB-500).
  4. In the top photo is no bulletproof glass. Only imitation.
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