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  1. Looks great, but honestly if I load up the finished BOBP and find the P47 and P51 are still slower than the 109s and 190As and instantly lose speed in a turn like the P40 in this game, I will be greatly disappointed. I'm looking forward to a platform where allies and axis can have late-war dogfights on a historical level, like we almost had in 1946. Don't want to be stuck doing only singleplayer...
  2. Lol I bought my rig back when I had money, now I've got to pay for my Instrument Rating training and flight fees. Just the FAA examiner fee for the checkride is $450. Nope, no new sim stuff for me!
  3. It's 600 now, lol I won't be buying that anytime soon! I'll stick with my lowly 1080p until I can get a real job 😄
  4. Wow, that's pretty impressive. I haven't upgraded from 1080p yet, cause I'm afraid my machine won't be able to handle it while maintaining acceptable fps.
  5. BUT, It's a game, not real life. So they can basically fire infinitely in CloD! 😁 Also, I think Bofors are some of the best close-in AA weapons, because they have such a (comparatively) high fire rate. BTW, I like your PC setup. Do you see a significant performance drop (in normal missions) when you go up to the 3440x1440 resolution? Thanks
  6. If you're still getting 30fps, than that's not enough flak. The sky needs to be black, and the aircraft should be instantly vaporized. This is what peak flak performance looks like: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=27390
  7. Hi, Just got BOK to go with BOM, but I'm considering reinstalling and starting from scratch. I've been having trouble with frequent CTDs and monitor black outs on menu selections. My computer specs are not an issue, I run plenty of demanding programs on this machine that work perfectly fine, with none of these issues at all I might add. I may not be able to make all the problems go away, but at least I can be sure I've done the install correctly the second time. I'd rather start with that before troubleshooting in the tech section. What are the specific files (and their locations) I would need to back up in order to keep all my user data? (key bindings, settings, etc.) It takes an while to do set up, so I'd like to keep as much as possible. Thanks
  8. Ok, this is the last straw. I'm just gonna buy Kuban it seems.
  9. This was before Steam was the source for the mod downloads. Don't think I did anything wrong, and I would know because I went over everything with the guys at ATAG. In theory, it is simple to install as you said. The problem is that something always caused CLoD to crash. I've had serious trouble with CLoD on several computers, (As in, not even running at all until I found the magic trick, I literally spent weeks of trial and error, and then tech help on ATAG) and I had to spend several days with my brother who recently bought it to get it to work properly on his machine. Both of us have new, expensive high-end machines. We isolated the graphics problem to a sound driver in his case. There are a lot more ways CLoD can get messed up. Once we got it to work of course, we love CLoD! I'm loving BOM for the most part so far, so I can see myself buying Kuban and the Spitfire in the future. I'm still having very frequent crashes in BOM, but I'm trying to isolate where the problem is before posting in the tech support. It's just too random. Click a button and get a CTD. No specific button, as I said it's random. I get crashes in flight and in the QMB. I'm no stranger to troubleshooting, but it seems I'm always stuck with these kinds of problems. Lol I have bad luck with computers! Well, I've made it my mission to at least figure out how to place aircraft on the map for a larger scale battle. I'll figure it out eventually!
  10. Thank you for your replies! Sniperton, I'll start with that video, though I don't speak French!
  11. Hi, Being a '46 user, I'm looking to use the Full Mission Builder in BOM. Can someone tell me why it is so incredibly difficult to use? I understand that the yuge variety of tools may be useful to a developer or map builder, but is such complexity necessary for the average user? Is there a simplified way to use the mission editor for simple mission building a la 1946? All I want to do is place aircraft waypoints in certain places. Thanks!
  12. By UI I meant the menu interfaces. I don't need the in-game UI! I don't have that when I'm flying in real life lol! Quick question on skins. I've noticed there isn't really that many paintschemes for aircraft. I've looked in the skins section on this forum and on Mission4today.com. Is there any other place to get more skins? Can I request certain skins, or is it too complicated for people to bother?
  13. I think that the Hurricane would be a great addition to the BOM planeset. Seeing as it was used by many countries, it would open up even more opportunities for BOX. Winter war scenarios would be pretty cool. British pilots flew the Hurri in Russia as well.
  14. I'll try that. Thanks! If the problem persists, I'll post there. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! After a ton of crash/restart cycles, I was able to finish binding keys. I'm getting less crashes now, so we'll see how it goes. So far I love the simulation quality! It reminds me of 1946, but with incredible graphics, realistic flight models, and a MUCH better UI. I have to say that the menu/game interface in BOX is by far the most intuitive I've ever seen. Very simple and easy to learn. I like it!
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