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  1. Fantastic work as always, Pat- thanks very much!! Always look forward to seeing what comes out of your paintshop!
  2. A great many thanks to all the folks out there spending time to make all these fantastic skins we enjoy so much...it's a ball watching threads, following skinners and opening these 'presents' when they are made available to us. A big thanks as well to the dev's who created this amazing sim- and make it possible for the community to share the amazing work from these talented individuals here. It's probably safe to say most of us grew up fascinated by the history and paging through books with black and white photos of the combat aircraft we love- now we get to tool around the virtual skies in these babies- it's an awesome thing. Thank you- keep up the great work everyone!!
  3. I had issues after 3.201 as well...tried all the fixes mentioned previously- had to go with the full re-install last night and am back on track. It's a bit of a pain- but when all else fails...
  4. Not so much 'speculation' as desire: Me-410 late Typhoon Yak-3 or La-7 Hurricane Love all the good stuff going on with the sim- and very excited for the BoBP stuff in the pipeline!!!
  5. Beauties- the lot of 'em...thanks very much for these, Pat!! I appreciate you making the effort to provide the extra skins to fill out the patrol as well.
  6. New Guinea always made the most sense to me as a first step into the PTO as well...P-38, P-39, P-40, B-25 will be available in some form right off the bat...obviously not an easy task whatsoever- but with some maps, the Ki-43, A6M, Ki-61 and a twin bomber or 2 and you're cooking with gas without the technical delays in development of the carrier system. Love everything we have so far- and don't want to at all seem disparaging or ungrateful in the least bit- just thinking out loud...
  7. Wow! That is really going down the rabbit hole! Very interesting article and inspired research- thanks, Poochnboo.
  8. Really nice skin- I prefer yours to the stock skin provided...thank you!
  9. Love 'em, TW- thanks very much for adding these great VVS skins to your extensive catalog!
  10. Beautiful skins, PC- thanks very much! Your download link is a bit off- but the A&A site makes the pack easy to find. I hope you will consider doing more skins with this excellent template!
  11. Thanks for your interest in this project, senseispcc- but it has become unnecessary and I have abandoned it. The reason I started it (while trying to learn GIMP from scratch!) was to produce some skins for the VVS P-39's in the Kuban early 1943 era- especially the 45th IAP. FoxbatRU recently released a FANTASTIC skinpack of 45th IAP & 16th GIAP Airacobras from this era of fighting in the Kuban 1943 that cover these 2 particular aircraft- and several more. If I could have placed a special order for a skin pack- it would be the one he created! I really appreciate his efforts- and the results are much more aesthetically pleasing than the results I was getting!!! I am indebted to him- and highly encourage folks to get a hold of his collection of skins in this thread (and the Russian language forum as well): I would also like to highly recommend the book "Attack of the Airacobras: Soviet Aces, American P-39s, and the Air War Against Germany" by Dmitriy Loza (a Sherman tank commander for the USSR during WW2, and historian) Translated and edited by James F. Gebhardt. It has a lot of great anecdotes and excellent information on the P-39 units: the evolution of tactics, technical issues with the P-39 and how the VVS addressed them, airfield set-ups, mission types, interesting pilots, etc. It covers the way P-39 operations evolved from late 1942 and operations in the Spring of 1943 in the Kuban through the fall of Berlin in 1945. Thank you again to FoxbatRU for his tremendous skinpack!
  12. Excellent P-39 skin- thanks very much!! I would love to see more VVS Airacobras from you, if you are so inclined
  13. I've only been able to work at it here and there- but the results are slowly improving. The plan is now to do 2 skins from the 45th IAP during the spring of 1943 in the Kuban: Babak (white 40) and Glinka (white 21). It's been frustrating not being able to get the desired results- but the more I go at it- the more I learn and the better the results get..
  14. Outstanding catalog of Il-2 skins- many thanks!
  15. Loving these Dora's, Julian- thanks very much!!
  16. Amazing skins- the lot of 'em! Thanks very much, PC. I'm especially loving the Herbelin skin...hehe...
  17. Always loved that Northern Fleet P-40 White 8 scheme- beautiful work, Tom- thanks!
  18. Good morning Tom- first off thank you for the extensive catalog of fantastic skins you've made for the community- outstanding work! Just wanted to let you know that the download for the Bill Price/"Janie" skin actually contains the "Oh Johnnie" skin in the folder. Would love to get the Bill Price skin if you could switch it up...thanks again!
  19. The Dora is a glorious beautiful beast- thanks for all the efforts, Dev's!
  20. Still plugging away...learning more and more with each session...
  21. Excellent color references- thanks, Rap!
  22. I've been working with ICDP's outstanding template on this 45th IAP skin- originally a P-39D-2 from the spring of '43. Slowly dialing it in- this is my first skinning effort and there has been a HUGE learning curve (using GIMP). Really struggled getting the skin to save in dds format with ICDP's Alpha channel engaged. Finally got it to work this morning after a lot of reading through various threads and experimenting. Still a bit too much shine for my taste, I think the VVS overpaint of the USAAF discs should be blue instead of the green, maybe the tail stencil should be enlarged a bit- and I've gone too green on the OD- but will keep working at it...
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