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  1. Thank you, LW_Pilot777- it's a great template- that's where the credit is due:
  2. FW-190A5 - ETO PACK: JG1 JG2 (1943) Skins by SchwarzeHund 07.17.20 Credit to the Template by ICDP (2K) Based on available profiles, pics, info- Creatively interpreted *NO CLAIM IS MADE TO HISTORICAL ACCURACY* Chevron-Bar - Stab 1/JG1 (actually 190A-4) Lt. Eberhard Burath Deelen, Netherlands - 1943 Green 13 - JG2 (actually 190A-4) Oblt. Walter Oesau Beaumont-le-Roger, France - 1943 Chevron-Triangle - III/JG2 Hptm. Egon Mayer France - 1943 Red 10 - 5/JG1 (actually 190A-4) Fw. Kromer Woensdrecht, Netherlands - 1943 White 4 - 1/JG1 Bernhard Kunze Netherlands - 1943 White 10 - 1/JG1 (actually 190A-4) Ofw. Fritz Husser Deeland, Netherlands - 1943 http://www.mediafire.com/file/p8ut5dfslsm67ht/FW-190A5_-_ETO_PACK_JG1_JG2_-_1943.7z/file
  3. JG 27 badge on the port side of White 8 (Pack 2) corrected to face proper direction- link to V2 at the end of the original post and here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7ng9yw2f52levyb/SH_BF109G6_WHT8_I.JG27_1944_V2.dds/file Thank you to Grancesc for assisting me with the issue!
  4. Thank you, Grancesc- for your kind words- and enlightening me regarding the JG 27 badge! I will correct it this week and put up a link to a corrected skin. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with me.
  5. As a fellow Hoosier (from the state of Indiana in the Midwestern US) I thought I'd share the inspiration for Klibbe's "Little Chief": https://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/25/sports/farewell-to-wigwam-and-heyday-of-high-school-basketball-in-indiana.html
  6. Thank you all for your kind comments- I really enjoyed putting these together & am happy to hear others will enjoy them! Once we get the G6-Late aircraft & template available down the road I hope to do some additional packs. Currently I am working on some ETO Fw-190A4/5's...
  7. *I tweaked the Alpha layer for Pack 01 which was released previously...Pack 02 is new* Bf-109G-6 - ETO PACK 01 1943-44 Skins by SchwarzeHund 06.19.20 Credit to the Template by Kruger- based on RaFiGer's Original 4K Based on available profiles- Creatively interpreted *NO CLAIM IS MADE TO HISTORICAL ACCURACY* Black 9 - 8/JG 3 Unknown Pilot Leipheim, Germany - 1944 Black 11 - 9/JG 53 Ofw. Heinz Girnth Bad Lippspringe, Germany - 1944 Blue 14 - 12/JG 2 Unknown Pilot Beaumont Le Roger, France - 1943 Blue 22 - 8/JG 1 Uffz. Friederich Zander Beauvais Tille, France - 1944 Red 11 - 12/JG 26 Lt. Erwin Leykauf Lille, France - 1943 Yellow 3 - 9/JG 11 Lt. Gerd Hollmann Oldenburg, Germany - 1943 http://www.mediafire.com/file/p2i527qy4yjd7rs/Bf-109G-6__ETO_PACK_01__1943-44_v2.zip/file Bf-109G-6 - ETO PACK 02 1943-44 Skins by SchwarzeHund 06.19.20 Credit to the Template by Kruger- based on RaFiGer's Original 4K Based on available profiles- Creatively interpreted *NO CLAIM IS MADE TO HISTORICAL ACCURACY* Chevron 1 - StabII/JG 53 Unknown Pilot Soucelles, France - 1943 Double Chevron - JG 1 Unknown Pilot Reinsehlen, Germany (?) - 1944 Red 7 - II/JG 11 Unknown Pilot Jever, Germany - 1943 White 4 - 7/JG 11 Unknown Pilot Odenburg, Germany - 1943 White 8 - I/JG 27 Unknown Pilot Austria - 1944 White 18 - 9/JG 26 Lt. Dietwin Pape Nordholz, Germany - 1943 http://www.mediafire.com/file/co2mdhhoz8jikx8/Bf-109G-6__ETO_PACK_02__1943-44.zip/file *Fixed error- port side JG 27 badge on White 8 (JULY 12, 2020): http://www.mediafire.com/file/7ng9yw2f52levyb/SH_BF109G6_WHT8_I.JG27_1944_V2.dds/file
  8. I'll add my hearty 'thank you' as well- the sim is absolutely gorgeous visually, an absolute blast to play- and keeps getting better!! Recently I've been having a go at skinning with GIMP and that's opened up an entirely new way to chew through hours of time in a most enjoyable way. Keep up the great work, Team- thanks for all you do!
  9. Thanks, Hanu- would it be possible- with RaFiGer's blessing- to make that GIMPable version available to those of us without PS? It looks amazing- and I would love to have an opportunity to put together some G6 skins- especially with BoN on the horizon.
  10. http://rafiger.de/Homepage/IL2-BOS-Museum/Info-Templates/Info-Templates.htm
  11. It seems that some folks using GIMP haven't had any problem opening RaFiGer's 109G6 4K template- but I have been unable to do so with either GIMP 2.8 or now the newer GIMP 2.10 version. I don't have issues with some others' psd templates (ICDP's for example). Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas to assist? Thank you!
  12. hmmm...almost a Rorschach test item there! Looks kind of like a floppy boot to me- but I didn't find anything close to it on a quick search around the web. Gorgeous Thunderbolt collection by the way!! Keep up the amazing work
  13. B-239, Beaufighter & Do-335 for me...Beaufighter if I had to pick one...
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