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  1. The Dora is a glorious beautiful beast- thanks for all the efforts, Dev's!
  2. SchwarzeHund

    W.I.P. 45th IAP P-39

    Still plugging away...learning more and more with each session...
  3. SchwarzeHund

    W.I.P. 45th IAP P-39

    making progress...
  4. SchwarzeHund

    W.I.P. 45th IAP P-39

    Excellent color references- thanks, Rap!
  5. SchwarzeHund

    W.I.P. 45th IAP P-39

    I've been working with ICDP's outstanding template on this 45th IAP skin- originally a P-39D-2 from the spring of '43. Slowly dialing it in- this is my first skinning effort and there has been a HUGE learning curve (using GIMP). Really struggled getting the skin to save in dds format with ICDP's Alpha channel engaged. Finally got it to work this morning after a lot of reading through various threads and experimenting. Still a bit too much shine for my taste, I think the VVS overpaint of the USAAF discs should be blue instead of the green, maybe the tail stencil should be enlarged a bit- and I've gone too green on the OD- but will keep working at it...
  6. SchwarzeHund

    WIP Babak's 45th IAP P-39

  7. SchwarzeHund

    Pack Fw 190 A-3 / A-4 32 Skins

    Beautiful skins- really outstanding work- thank you!
  8. SchwarzeHund

    WIP Babak's 45th IAP P-39

    I'm working on my first skin- using ICDP's amazing 4K P-39 template. I created a set of the USAAF yellow stencil numbers for the tail- and the unusual "4" for the number '40'. There is a steep learning curve- just maneuvering in GIMP- and then adhering to all the requirements to maximize the skin in game. I'll have some screenies when I get to a reasonable point...
  9. Outstanding work once again, ICDP- thank you! Your efforts are greatly appreciated...
  10. I, too, have enjoyed your work for both the old and new IL-2 for many years- thank you for all of your contributions, Zargos!
  11. SchwarzeHund

    Skin Catalog Dream

    My original thoughts were much simpler in scope: leave the existing areas for WIP discussion, etc- but then have a new section here at this site consisting of a brief description, the d/l link and a pic or two- without the pages and pages of material that naturally collect during the process. That way folks can see all the skins available in a much more clear and organized way. Skinners and template makers can do what they do currently- and have their d/l's hosted anywhere they want. All they would need to do is eventually create that short, simple thread in the finished skins section when they are ready for it to be accessed by the community.
  12. SchwarzeHund

    Skin Catalog Dream

    I appreciate the feedback, gentlemen- and thanks for all the great work you’ve shared with us! It would be great to hear some ideas from skinners, template wizards, admin, and Joe 6-pack’s like myself to potentially find a new direction forward- to the benefit of the community as a whole. The upcoming releases of a/c in the pipeline for Bodenplatte could be an opportunity to at least try out a new organizational framework for community-based material at the initial release.
  13. SchwarzeHund

    Skin Catalog Dream

    It seems that this is an attempt to ‘close the door long after the horse left the barn’- and I’m sure it’s been suggested and discussed previously ad nauseum- but it sure would be nice to have the available skins (“final” versions) searchable in a single location for each a/c type. After combing pages and pages of threads and following links and seeing 2nd and 3rd revisions- it is really like feeling around with your hands trying to find your keys in a dark room sometimes. Occasionally I stumble across skins I would probably never have found unless I systematically searched every thread! There are stray short skin threads, 2K, 4K skins categories, 25 page skin artist threads, etc. It makes you wonder how much great stuff you’ll never see! I’m guessing there is no easy way to get something like that organized at this point- but it sure would be a great thing to see. Each a/c with a section- then maybe each skinner could have their own section within that area- the d/l link and a pic or 2 for each final skin or pack- unencumbered with pages and pages of WIP info and discussion. There should, obviously, be a place for all that as well- but in a different area. I’m thinking of a straight up ‘catalog’ type environment- easily searchable. Hey- a guy can dream, can’t he? I really appreciate all of the time and effort these amazing artists put in to their craft. They make the game so much more immersive and entertaining for the rest of us- it’s a real joy to be able to see their creations ‘in game’ and see the history we all love in ‘action’. Thanks to you all!
  14. SchwarzeHund

    Normalmaps Query

    I appreciate the information, mates- thank you!
  15. SchwarzeHund

    Normalmaps Query

    Forgive my ignorance- I've not seen an explanation of this in my searches. I note that various skinners/skins 'require' a 'normalmap' to be added to the game for their particular skins for an aircraft to be seen optimally in game. - Will the game then represent all skins for that aircraft through this new normalmap? - Will that negatively affect skins from other artists? I am in a bit of a fog regarding the use of these various normalmaps- so any information would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks!