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  1. I appreciate that information, ICDP- and all of your amazing work. I will need to consider updating all my G6's to the new template. That will take a considerable amount of time- but would be well worth it, I'm sure. Thank you.
  2. Revising to updated template...
  3. Bf-109G-6 - EASTERN FRONT PACK 01 Revising to updated template...
  4. Thanks for the help, LW_Pilot777...I don't have anything specific in mind currently- but I will keep your generous offer in mind- much appreciated. I've got a few JG 51/52/54 G6 skins ready- or nearly- and I'll try to get those out in the next few days. One thing I may do is consolidate my various packs into a single new thread for simplicity. Life's gotten a bit busy recently- so my timelines have been pushed out a bit...appreciate you all- thanks...
  5. Thanks very much, sevenless! You'll see a couple of those in my next pack- much appreciated!!
  6. I have a couple JG 51/52 birds in process- but I don't have a lot of good target material- so if you have any specific schemes in mind- for ETO or the Eastern Front- I'd be more than happy to take a whack at 'em!
  7. Thanks for the kind words, gentlemen! I'm working on a couple Eastern Front G6's currently- hope you will enjoy them as well when I get a chance to finish them up.
  8. migmadmarine & Hanu- yes, the red exhaust issue jumps out right away upon opening JG4_Kruger's excellent template(s) in GIMP. I will be wearing out "google translate" as I navigate the layers in his work! I look forward to having some time to delve into the templates more deeply. I appreciate the tips on resolving those issues- thank you, Hanu!
  9. Rap- if you ever find yourself in Indianapolis- drinks are on me, my friend- and a great dinner to boot...instead of just 'dropping' the PSD template file into the open GIMP I used the 'open file' function and had success. I feel like an idiot (feel free to nod your heads in agreement)- but am going to stay positive and enjoy the fact that I can open the G14 template...word up to GIMPers- skip the drop, open the file manually. Sheesh...the air smells sweeter tonight...muchos gracias, amigo!
  10. Thanks for the link, Rap- I'll try a couple of those ideas later tonight. I can open some PSD templates but, I'm assuming because of size, some just won't open. Thank you!
  11. Good afternoon, Several of the templates available in 4K (PSD) I am unable to open in GIMP (I'm not home currently- but I'm running the most current version, as I recall). The particular templates I'm interested in acquiring would be the Bf-109F-4 and the Bf-109G-14. Would anyone have GIMP-able versions available that they would be willing to share with me? If so- please feel free to send me a note- I would be most grateful for any assistance. I am not particularly technically proficient- so if you think there is some knowledge I'm missing in order to open the PSD files in GIMP I would be thankful for that info as well! Thank you!
  12. FW-190A8 - ETO PACK 1943-44 Skins by SchwarzeHund 08.15.20 Credit to ICDP's excellent 4K Template Based on available profiles, pics, info- Creatively interpreted *NO CLAIM IS MADE TO HISTORICAL ACCURACY* Black 11 - 8/JG 2 Unknown Pilot Cherbourg, France - 1943 Black 12 - 2/JG 2 Unknown Pilot Greifswald, Germany - 1944 Blue 10 - 4/JG 26 Ofhr. Wolfgang Rose Wevelghem, Belgium - 1944 Brown 6 - 7/JG 26 Unknown Pilot Melsbroek, Belgium - 1944 <<-+- - JG 2 Kurt Buhlingen France - 1944 *I always found the standard top wing camo and a RLM 74/75/76 scheme to be more likely than other more varied color schemes- simply artistic license on my part* Yellow 5 - 3/JG 1 Kapitan Hans Ehlers Dortmund-Brakel, Germany - 1944 http://www.mediafire.com/file/qfn4btubt3dvbci/file
  13. Thank you, LW_Pilot777- it's a great template- that's where the credit is due:
  14. FW-190A5 - ETO PACK: JG1 JG2 (1943) Skins by SchwarzeHund 07.17.20 Credit to the Template by ICDP (2K) Based on available profiles, pics, info- Creatively interpreted *NO CLAIM IS MADE TO HISTORICAL ACCURACY* Chevron-Bar - Stab 1/JG1 (actually 190A-4) Lt. Eberhard Burath Deelen, Netherlands - 1943 Green 13 - JG2 (actually 190A-4) Oblt. Walter Oesau Beaumont-le-Roger, France - 1943 Chevron-Triangle - III/JG2 Hptm. Egon Mayer France - 1943 Red 10 - 5/JG1 (actually 190A-4) Fw. Kromer Woensdrecht, Netherlands - 1943 White 4 - 1/JG1 Bernhard Kunze Netherlands - 1943 White 10 - 1/JG1 (actually 190A-4) Ofw. Fritz Husser Deeland, Netherlands - 1943 http://www.mediafire.com/file/p8ut5dfslsm67ht/FW-190A5_-_ETO_PACK_JG1_JG2_-_1943.7z/file
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