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  1. B-239, Beaufighter & Do-335 for me...Beaufighter if I had to pick one...
  2. Thanks so much for White 16, Rap- she's a beauty! And thanks for sharing your talents and generous spirit- greatly appreciated, Sir
  3. You're quite welcome, Gallowglass- hope you find the items useful. Note: updated Vol.1 to 1.3- increased the size of the 'wavy markings' and 'bars'- to avoid any loss of clarity when copying/applying to skins. I'm working on the next volume- have the 'standard' numeral set found in most templates redone in my hand and with my colors- will also be looking for additional interesting numerals to include.
  4. If I might throw one up for consideration as a future project- this baby is listed as a K4 from JG 53...interesting paint job there! Thanks for all you do, Rap!
  5. added an example pic of numeral/marking types- and some additional details...
  6. Happy Holidays! I thought perhaps some new skinners might benefit from having a few different numeral sets available- other than what is provided by the generous and talented template makers. I created these 'from scratch' based on photos, profiles and decal sets- in 2048 x 2048 (GIMP). They look crisp on the 4K templates (to my eye, anyway). Colors used were worked up by me. I make no claims to historical accuracy- just thought there might be some folks who might be interested in using parts of this to personalize an aircraft or two. Please feel free to use and alter them anyway you like. Cheers! http://www.mediafire.com/file/ql6n7ljv7yayvnz/LUFTNUMSET.V1.3_011120.xcf/file Each numeral/marking type is done in black, white, red, green, blue, yellow and brown. Each numeral/marking type that has trim is done in both black and white versions.
  7. Awesome to have you bringing your talents here- very much looking forward to checking this thread- thanks!
  8. I'm stoked for the Normandy plan- love the map and aircraft set! Looking forward to the razorback, 51B/C, AI B26 and Typhoon for the West- and the A6 and 410 for both fronts, for sure. Pre-ordered BoN, the Hurri and Yak-9- excited to support this dev team in all it's amazing work! Having been around the IL2 community for many years- I'm always amazed and saddened by the amount of negativity and complaining that goes on. This is a business- a niche business at that. It seems that a lot of folks have no understanding of the business environment, financial constraints and technical obstacles involved. I get it- I'm over 50 years old and can be a bit of "get your frisbee off my lawn" guy- but the whining about not getting what you want for Christmas every time something new is presented is just so mind-numbing. I, too, look forward to the Pacific down the road if and when it's possible. My wish list for BoX includes lots of other stuff as well- just like everyone else. But on Thanksgiving Day here in the US I choose to say a hearty "Thank You!" to Jason and everyone on the team for working so hard to provide this awesome combat flight sim- it is amazing- and I will enjoy each part of it and support whatever path it takes going into the future. Keep up the great work!!!
  9. Fantastic work as always, Pat- thanks very much!! Always look forward to seeing what comes out of your paintshop!
  10. A great many thanks to all the folks out there spending time to make all these fantastic skins we enjoy so much...it's a ball watching threads, following skinners and opening these 'presents' when they are made available to us. A big thanks as well to the dev's who created this amazing sim- and make it possible for the community to share the amazing work from these talented individuals here. It's probably safe to say most of us grew up fascinated by the history and paging through books with black and white photos of the combat aircraft we love- now we get to tool around the virtual skies in these babies- it's an awesome thing. Thank you- keep up the great work everyone!!
  11. I had issues after 3.201 as well...tried all the fixes mentioned previously- had to go with the full re-install last night and am back on track. It's a bit of a pain- but when all else fails...
  12. Not so much 'speculation' as desire: Me-410 late Typhoon Yak-3 or La-7 Hurricane Love all the good stuff going on with the sim- and very excited for the BoBP stuff in the pipeline!!!
  13. Beauties- the lot of 'em...thanks very much for these, Pat!! I appreciate you making the effort to provide the extra skins to fill out the patrol as well.
  14. New Guinea always made the most sense to me as a first step into the PTO as well...P-38, P-39, P-40, B-25 will be available in some form right off the bat...obviously not an easy task whatsoever- but with some maps, the Ki-43, A6M, Ki-61 and a twin bomber or 2 and you're cooking with gas without the technical delays in development of the carrier system. Love everything we have so far- and don't want to at all seem disparaging or ungrateful in the least bit- just thinking out loud...
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