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  1. Out of intrest dose this happen when the cockpit is open or only when you are viewing it through the canopy?
  2. Personally I would use the pixel density settings in steamVR and leave the OTT set as standard. Ive not seen any benefits to setting both. I can only imagine it would cause issues possibly with FPS anyway.
  3. Yea i've been flying around in the P39 and i've noticed that there is a difference to each of the planes in the terms of scale. I guess I just need experience with il2 and some patience, the only other title I use is DCS so i probably shouldn't just be using that as a yardstick to compare to much. I'm very impressed with VR its very smooth and it is the best experience i've had so far with flight simming! thanks for replying
  4. Thanks Crash, id not even given the target software a thought so ill have a play around with that and see if i can make better use of the throttle.
  5. Hi All, Im New to il2 series so im still finding my way around the settings and the key bindings, i was wondering if there is a way to be able to control the scale of the world as i find that the cockpits (especially the Russian planes) quite large compared to DCS. This is probably a bad example but if some of you play raceroom you can bind a key that allows you to adjust the world scale, this setting allows you to make the world smaller or larger to suit your perception. Its similar to the in game IPD setting for DCS as this allows you to stick in a figure and it shrinks the world around you to best fit your comfort level. In raceroom its the same deal but you can adjust it as you drive. This issues i have is everything feels to me like im more of kid sat in the cockpit rather than an adult, the seats feels massive when i look down and the lower cockpit towards the pedals looks equally big. I can see over the nose and i can comfortably aim down the sights but it could all do with being a little smaller. Back to DCS the spitfire feels more snug and to scale in the lower cockpit, in il2 the lower cockpit seems alot bigger in comparison, it almost fishbowls the lower area of your view. I must say though that VR in il2 is very well implemented and it feels so immersive im not sure what it is that makes it feel different but the depth perception seems so much better than other titles and the overall experience is very engaging. Sorry for the long winded explanation! hope someone can help.
  6. I'm quite new to the Il2 series so i've not gone as far as to find out how its done, the button box i use doesn't use momentary switches they are all rotary encoder or toggle switches. it would be handy to know as my WH throttle could be utilised a bit better if i also knew. FYI this is the button box im using (The P2). http://derekspearedesigns.com/p1p2.html
  7. Hi all, Just posted in the forums for the first time today, being a rather frustrated DCS player i was looking to get my VR fix from another title and i must say that its implementation in il2 is top notch, i was very impressed! I do have a question though and its centers around vr and IPD settings, i was wondering if the scale can be adjusted at all as the cockpits seem a little large to me, is there any way that this can be adjusted?
  8. Another option (one i use personally) is to check this guy out. http://derekspearedesigns.com/dsd-flight---flt1flt2.html His product is well known in the sim racing community and is very good quality. There are many diffrent versions and configurations to chose from and you can even get somthin completely custom if you wanted, proberbly at a more premium price. I use mine with all sorts of diffrent games as it works as a standard windows HID. Works great with il2.
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