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  1. I just found a very good reference to describe 190 A3 Stick relationship to control surface deflection (and 190 A design and construction), btw. It's a Design Analysis article that was originally published in the October, 1944 issue, Volume 43, number 10 of "Aviation". You can d/l the pdf (has important illustrations) at the bottom of the page. Link: http://legendsintheirowntime.com/FW190/FW190_Av_4410_DA.html Some excerpts: ~"The German's extensive use of ball bearings is particularly evident in the Focke­Wulf 190 controls, for finely built ball bearing units are use
  2. Thanks. Everything you said plus I'd add/amplify: - Note how the 190's ailerons extend all the way to aft portion of the wingtips. They interact with the wingtip vortices and provide more leverage at the end of the wing (in the roll plane, the velocity of the wing is greatest at the tip. - The angle of the ailerons relative to the angle of the airflow over the wing is noticeably more perpendicular on the 190 ailerons. With respect to the wing tips - let me add these as a simple example (CW Spit has been brought up many times): Spitfire VIII wingtip versions - Clipped/Norma
  3. Check this out. To scale based upon new parameters Han posted. What do you see here that might influence the relative roll rate between these aircraft?
  4. I dislike the windscreen "scratch gouge fingerprint" textures entirely. Real eyes focus beyond these, monitors cannot. It's the main reason I don't play more. Such a beautiful landscape, environment, etc... The immersion benefit of the scratches was lost soon after my first take off.
  5. Just re-checked to see if I can change assignments. Work for me. I select with mouse the ID# I want to change from it's current assignment (left mouse click) - then I select the slot I want to move it to (Left hand column Cur ID), the left click on that. A dialog asked me to confirm the switch. Answer yes and it's switched. You shouldn't have to run it again. At least that's the way I run it on my system. Win 10. I have a lot of controllers with most of my USB slots full.
  6. http://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13009 This is a link to JoyIDs. It's a little program that's made to deal with this issue. Display's windows joystick assignment/id's AND allows for easy switching of those ID's. Older program but runs fine on my 64bit Win 10 system.
  7. FWIW - Oleg's Il-2 4.07 VNE limit for Mig-3 was 670 km/h with the following aircraft parameters: takeoff weight: 3382.36 kg best turn time: 21.01 best turn speed: 344 km/h best climb value: 15.97 m/s best climb speed: 248 km/h
  8. I put this together back in 2004... http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads&file=details&id=3663 Hope this helps
  9. One might think that the shrapnel damage alone should have stopped the engine. It's a light tank - very thin armor forward, almost non-existent in the rear. The weapon actuated Perhaps the current damage model works off blast effects and doesn't handle shrapnel. I don't know. Maybe the little tank was lucky It would be nice to see a direct side-on of the tank and bomb explosion to get a more detailed sense of the distance between the light tank and the explosion. Is it within 1 tank length? 1.5? 2 even?
  10. This worked wonders for me! Didn't need inspector. The "maximum pre-rendered frame" input is available in Nvidea control panel when you assign Il-2.exe to Program Settings tab. I also set FXAA 2x and "Enhance the application setting" with AA Transparency to Multisample. Changed startup.cfg to 58 value for fps_limit. I have 50-60 fps in max'd Quick mission at 2560 X 1440. Before this change I couldn't break 20fps no matter what I did. Thanks! No microstutters to report to Han yet.
  11. I7-3930K on an Asus Rampage IV Formula with 12 GB RAM GTX 780 driving Dell U2713HM @ 2560 X 1440 With all BoS settings max'd, I've never seen a frame rate below 60. Clocks slightly over stock, but not really enough to matter.
  12. Yes, and we were all aware of it after the VEF incident. Between 2005 and 2007, TUSA fought many competitions against international teams. One of the procedures we used to combat this cheat was to never turn on items (particularly in our bomber groups), that caused logging. If you didn't turn on Nav lights, smokes, etc... you were "dark" to that exploit. It's important to tell the whole story of this. I always thought of it similar to communications intercepts - required discipline on the part of your team to not give away positions. This is a good example of an exploit tha
  13. LegioX, as said earlier in this thread - get with a group, they'll help you when you need it. Learning curve becomes shallower this way. I've seen people who struggled (I was one once) for months, who joined a good group and within a few weeks and sometimes days, went from no kills, always shot down - to the opposite.
  14. Our virtual squadron (TX) is blessed with 4 real world pilots and an aeronautics engineer. One of our pilots works regularly at the Flying Heritage Museum. Apparently, it's been noticed that lately there's an uptick of folks who are requesting cockpit shots and detailed information concerning two aircraft, both Focke Wulf's. 190 D13 (Dortmann's - no cowl bumps - no MG 131- 3 X MG 151), and 190 A5. There's an email to curators concerning forward cockpit glass construction, although I really don't think this is an issue, due to the retention of original (thick) glass mounting and the fa
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