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  1. Not so much a Single Player..and I don't multiplay...I'm one of those Game Editor Geeks* ; Rise of Flight, Battlefront Combat Mission, ARMA 3... Pretty much a crossword puzzle to me and enjoy how people get things to work in the game editor. Anyhoodles it has given me hours of enjoyment and challenges. Yeah... it's Game Editors for me. Thanks. *Game Editor Geek-One who spends more time in game editor then actually playing game
  2. Thanks. Gonna try that. SYN_Vander that did the trick !👍 Thanks. Been editing the missions so long forgot how to do it from scratch.
  3. Okay I have made single player missions in Rise of Flight and on the Stalingrad map in Il2 BoS. So the editor I am familiar with. But Kuban though is the biggest map I have edited. The Kuban map while gorgeous-seems to take forever to load objects when I put a new object on the map (like a windsock or vehicle) or a pre-made group. I know Kuban map is big (My mission folder is 5 Megs). Putting runways and objects initially took awhile; as I expected. But adding an item afterward the editor cycles all through the objects again. Am I missing a step to speed up adding an object/group... etc? I have an HP590/AMD Processor with 12 gigs of RAM and have no problem running Il2 or editing other maps. Flying over in my mission or commercial scripted mission I have no hiccups or stutters.
  4. As it been posted anywhere when the horizontal needle will be functional?
  5. Kinda Sorta FIXED. Got there in a round-about way. I limited my IL2 FPS to 30 using the EVGA Precision X utility. So the cursor moves a whole lot better. Still drags a bit but I can live with it. The weird part is the rotating view of the aircraft in the hanger still turns slow as before. Like the menu interface is a separate 'shell' from the hanger graphic. Didn't notice any difference in the small amount of gameplay in FPS. Time will tell. Now how did I get to this partial solution? Somebody wrote you can turn off the FPS limiter in IL2 CLOD and you would in increase you FPS. Well that's fine but I couldn't find an FPS LIMITER in the CLOD interface-nor in the CONFG file. But someone in a 1C forum (GOOGLE is your friend) mentioned using EVGA Precision X utility to configure FPS. So I tried it. Spent a limited amount of time in CLOD to see if leaving the FPS Limiter on or off on affects FPS. Didn't notice anything-yet Only thing for certain EVGA Precision X utility did help in my IL2 Menu. Weird.
  6. I feel like I'm pushing my menu arrow through mud. This has been a complaint for some time on this forum - With people with high end and low end machines. I have a low end machine but am able to play il2 with low settings. I have bought collectors planes and 2 of the modules and the Me-109 campaign and enjoy them. I'm even able to play CLOD with the latest TEAM Fusion BETA MOD Patch and Mius Front with my machine. Though both interface are essentially 2-d images (hint -hint ) But the Menu interface to iL2sturmovik I hate with the intensity of a million suns. I have to go through Stations of the Cross to get to the sim. I tried all kinds of settings did all kinds of searches and it's always the same. I can play with low setting but it's like walking through a bog maneuvering the interface. The Rise of Flight menu I have no problems-granted RoF is years older. But still -it makes no sense-the menu interface is slower then the game! Can this be put on a to-do list for the next patch to fix? Please? FWIW I'm running Win7 Pro 64 bit NVIDIA Geoforce GT610 HP P6-2120T 4 GB of installed memory. Yeah it's old but it works for now-except with the menu. TIA
  7. TP_Jacko: Yes the AI follows the edited taxi paths. HAHAHAHA I agree about a waste of time- BUT what was the name of the template? I didn't see it any in my Template Folder. I see a Vluki_ALL_AF_TAXI_PATHS and a Lapino_ALL_AF_TAXI_PATHS but no other Taxi_Paths. What file did you use Gambit21 for Moscow terrain presets?
  8. And I did just that. Copy and pasted a taxiway from the Stalingrad Map on to one of those round, spacious aerodromes on the Moscow Map. Edited positions and deleted some taxi points and the AI landed and followed my new taxi path up to the dug out area rather then landing just in the middle of the aerodrome-stopping and shutting everything down. FWIW.
  9. I was just makeing a single player mission on the Moscow map. Got everything done. Airfields, Bridges, Moscow ...Wanted to finetune the landings at the airdromes and didn't see any taxiways templates. Are there any? Or do we make our own-by copying a Stalingrad Map taxi way? (If that is possible.)
  10. Any value I can edit. I find them too light. TIA.
  11. Didn't feel like reading 16 page string. FWIW this opened a few doors. Your mileage will vary depending on your joystick. A few of the posts I read are along the same vein. Apologies if it is already posted,
  12. Well if it is not on-please turn it on, Developers. Just flip the switch HAHAHAAH
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