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  1. Title says it all. There is a command for the editor for the runway that reveals paths on taxiway and runway that AI should use. Remember is was orange color lines and an unfilled dots you could move around. How do you reveal those paths at an airfield? ________________________________________________________ Never mind -found it. Click on the Airfield for Airfield Properties-then click on Edit Chart. Be sure your over the airfield when you do this.
  2. I want to investigate it now as a solo player😄. Not ready or even experienced to join a squadron. I live in Hawaii-so what is a good server to join? Makes a difference on connection?
  3. I have never read of the RAF or USAAF doing this as a transportation procedure. Transports or ‘Hacks’ to spare? More bomber assets to do this?
  4. 2nd person should be included in load out in Il2 and payload wizard in Anton module in DCS . Jus sayin. Excellent YouTube.
  5. Thanks Retnek I’ll play around with the mission.
  6. I must be doing something wrong then. Vertical needle points direction. But horizontal needle does nothing.
  7. Just to confirm-The LORENZ vertical needle works-but the horizontal needle doesn't. Correct?
  8. Not even asking for a new map. Just a slice from leftover pizza 😁
  9. You really can't miss with this sim. I guess multiplayer is solid-but I'm a single player/editor geek myself and BoS has given me hours of enjoyment just in those arenas. The Developers always fix any problems and updates are common. Everything looks gorgeous. I strongly suggest you buy it from their website rather then from STEAM-they get a bigger cut of the profits. FWIW-I own DCS sims and enjoys those to-but one HUGE area IL2 has over DCS is that is does not take forever to load. You can just jump into the cockpit and fly.
  10. I bought a Yak 9 at full price to show my appreciation. Thanks!
  11. I make small missions for myself and if you could just take a small slice out of the Kuban or Bodenplatte map it would be appreciated. I'd even pay for a map pack of small maps. Waiting for the BIG maps to load-even with few objects is a PITA. Something like the Lapino map. Load-Boom- Done.
  12. Well I found a few cutaways-no pictures that could help...BUT..very interesting discussion here on jettisoning FW 190 canopy with a diagram. 20mm blank cartridge! Makes sense. Something easily in stock. FWIW. Evidently placed between part labeled #11 and #16. https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/bf109-why-no-bubble-canopy.38193/page-3
  13. Interesting points..curious now..gonna look for a walk around to see what this charge looks like and it's size/type of explosive.
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