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  1. Does someone know what the main causes of fatal damage of the P-47 was? There was a study one time to improve the survivability of planes. They analysed the damage of combat planes after combat missions and improved the durability of the most hit areas of the plane. Later that proved wrong because the planes already could bear the damage in that area and tha planes that didnt get home where damaged in other ways. I saidly cant remeber where that occoured. Maybe in the US during WW2? I think you shouldnt give to much about the pictures of planes that made it home or the stories of their pilots. ...that guys that didnt made it home would have the critical informations. You can find pictures with the same amount of damage for example Bf 110s, a aircraft without sturdy reputation.
  2. This Hitting with rockets is easy with the Jug. You have this \o/ mark on your sights. Bring your target between the bars. When it fills the room between the bars fire your rockets. Thats everytime a hit on a standard size target like arty emplacements.
  3. I like how nimble the P-47 is at high speed. I think the P-47 will bring a new high altidude layer to the game with P-47s trying to get on top of 109s stalking their prey at 4k+.
  4. Shared Kills would bei great. I think of would also reduce the amount of gang bang shoulder shooting.
  5. My grandmothers brother was Luftwaffe Pilot and died over the mediterranen sea.
  6. Hi, Im new to all that skin stuff and have problems with some templates. The three VVS templates I worked with worked just fine. -The FW 190A3 is almost grey, the green parts just get lost under it. -The Bf 110E finish looks wrong with the exeption of the aileron. -The Bf 109E-7 finish looks wrong with the exeption of the top of the hull from the cockpit to the tail. The FW 190A3 has big parts merged in the template, maybe thats a problem? In the templates of the two Bf´s you can see in the template which parts will cause trouble and which not. But I cant isolate where the differents come from. Can anybody help me with that? thx in advance
  7. Maybe you could start one if you need one...its free you know?
  8. It was an interview with Franz Stigler, the guy that let the B-17 go. http://109lair.hobbyvista.com/articles/pilots/stigler/stigler.htm But yes, interviews with old pilots arent the greatest source.
  9. I read that the detonation problem was also solved when they changed the ignation point for 2°. But it seemed that the detonation wear was the smaller problem. @WEP timing I heard a interview where a LW Pilot referred to the G-6 WEP. They where allowed to use it for 5 minutes because you head to revise the engine if you would use it any longer. In actual combat he never used it longer then 1 minute. ..but he didnt explained why.
  10. The main problem that prevented WEP in the earlier 109s was temperatur related bubbles in the oil film.
  11. In that Mr.X discussions nobody claimed he is not destructable or anything like that. The claim is always that he finds you.
  12. Thanks again. Its a great tool! Do the AI controlled ground attacker have external weapons for their task?
  13. Thank you. One thing I noticed is that the map is missing in the english Version.
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