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  1. I guess they dont get closed because the AF gets shot to pieces. Rather they evacuate planes and personal as long they are still able to.
  2. But the Pe2 is much faster and more resistent to damage to be fair. But I wouldnt mind if i could destroy a train with my Peshka with smaller bombs then the 500kg 🙄
  3. Did the gunner talk at all? Like answering on range commands? My gunners dont talk to my from time to time.
  4. What makes the Pe2 more dangerous than everything the germans have is the good gun with big field of fire on an frame that is very resilent and fast. So you have to make many passes and it's hard to come into a save position for your pass. ...and that comes from a guy who mudmoves on the red side most of the time
  5. Galland collected aces to form up one of the first 262 units...
  6. Can I make a request here? Some said yesterday since Im the only one enjoying the Cobra I should change my callsign to Cobra Commander. Could someone make me a Cobra Commander skin? Like the bad guy from GI Joe? That would be great! 😄
  7. That game... Today i needed 3 Cannon hits beside 0.50 cals to kill a 109 🤦‍♂️
  8. I like her quite much. But Im a mud mover and not very good dogfighter. I think the weapons are good, I got most of my few kills with the .50 cals. I hit a 109 dead six with the cannon one time, I thought it only damaged it's steering but after a second the whole tail broke of. A 110 took one hit witch killed one engine. With the next pass it got ripped apart. It handles like a charm and it dives very well so germans escape dive doesn't work very well. I feel very well protected in it. I didn't got killed in it besides when the pilot is wounded and I got in a flat spin and the pilot wouldnt jump. Sight and engine management ist ok. What makes it hard to fight with it is its poor energy retention and climb. But I think if you fight with a wingman energy retention is a bit easier because you can control a fight better. Over all if you fligh high with a buddy it's a very nice bird in it's timeframe. If you are a mudmover its quite enjoyable to pound AA with it and still be capable to fight back a bit against fighters. Just my 2cent
  9. I didn't want to state that the rocket was the prime or best anti U-boat weapon. But it wasn't that bad or uncommon.
  10. From Wikipedia about RP-3 rocket usage against U-boats: Anti-submarine Soon after some encouraging results from the initial deployment, trials of the weapon were conducted against targets representing U-boats. It was discovered that if the rockets were fired at a shallow angle, near misses resulted in the rockets curving upwards in seawater and piercing the targets below the waterline. Soon Coastal Command and the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm aircraft were using the rockets extensively. The first U-Boat destroyed with the assistance of a rocket attack was U-752 (Kapitän-Leutnant Schroeter), on 23 May 1943, by a Swordfish of 819 NAS. The rockets used on this occasion had solid, cast-iron heads and were known as Rocket Spears.[8] One of these punched right through the submarine's pressure hull and rendered it incapable of diving; the U–boat was scuttled by its crew. On 28 May 1943, a 608 Squadron Hudson destroyed a U-boat in the Mediterranean, the first destroyed solely by rocket.[3] These rockets were, among other factors, credited with making it too dangerous for the Germans to continue operating their Flak U-Boats, which were initially designed with heavy anti-aircraft weaponry to hold off air attacks. From then until the end of the Second World War in Europe, Coastal Command and the Fleet Air Arm used the rockets as one of their primary weapons (alongside torpedoes, which, to a certain extent they replaced) against shipping and surfaced U-Boats.
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