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  1. With that logic 109 stabs should only work with axis which it doesnt. I change turbo gears with an axis too...shouldnt work too, and so on. Maybe you should think about it a bit more.
  2. No, thats a slaughterhouse for attackers. It turns to Beloga on some targets anyway. While its hard to get cover as attacker, nobody cares to cover even there.
  3. Didnt see an IL2 for a long time, but shooting the wing tips while turning did a good job. Always slicing attacks, dont expose to a gunner longer than it has to be. Never head-on against a tank with big guns.
  4. Discord and SRS. Information about discord you will find in the server information. You can find informations abaut SRS here: good luck finding your mates
  5. Im a mud mover, didnt fly a long time and was very disappointed about bomb damage when coming back. Flying attackers is hard enough but now without the reward of doing appropriate damage I fear every server will become Beloga over time.
  6. Pointing that out too. Welcome back Havoc
  7. That would be great. Then it would be possible to use my throttle quadrants differently between one and two engine aircraft.
  8. Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS Logitech G Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals Should bei around 300$
  9. If I feel sneaky I refuse the offer. Most of time I prefere CAP at the target, escort to the target isnt needed 90% of the time.
  10. If he is interested in ground attacking then do that. Its much more rewarding to find a big target on the ground and blow that up then getting ripped apart in dogfights. Especially without head tracking. I would recomment the Il2 too. Its a tank, easy to fly, lots of loadouts and you cover yourself decently with the big guns. Have fun.
  11. I had for a long time the issue that the gunners wouldnt talk to me. If the attack would come out of their arch of fire I would get hit without warning. But luckily the issue seems to been solved for me with some patch.
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