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  1. Yesterday I played at TAW again and I wanted to share my experience with you and give a possible reason why the player count is low in this server. I wanted to fly a few missions and recover the two planes I had lost the previous day, so I flew two resupply missions, no problem so far. Then I decided to fly a more exciting and dangerous bombing mission with a Peshka, for some reason I had problems with the startup process in the second engine and I had to restart the mission a few times; finally I get the engines going and start taxing but the left wing tip get stuck in the wall of one of those structures to protect the static planes and I have to restart again; in the end I fly the bombing mission and return to base safely. Later I see that I get a new plane but to my surprise the one stuck close to the taxi way had been marked as ditched, so after close to 2 hours of gameplay I end up with the same plane set I started with. I think that the need to fly 3 combat missions to recover a lost plane acts as a discouraging measure, at least for the not so skilled among us. If I want to recover a plane with little risk, I would have to fly 3 resupply missions, which means around 1 hour of not to exciting game play, including startups, taxings, take offs, etc. If I wanted to live the life of an airline pilot I would fly MS fligth simulator, but I want to life of risk and death of a fighter or bomber pilot. Maybe you should consider lowering the requirements to recover a lost plane. Don’t consider this a harsh critic, just wanted to help with my own experience. Cheers
  2. Yesterday a played a couple of sorties for the russians: in the first one I nearly shot down a german bomber using a Lagg-3, but due to my lack of skills I got killed by the bomber gunners. On the second one I took an IL-2 and went to attack the german tanks, which didn't get a scratch, and the AAA wasn't particularly effective against me, but they attracted the attention of at least 3 bf109 which dealt with me swiftly and effectively. Lessons I get out of this: -don’t play as a lone wolf, you are as good as dead -If the AAA doesn’t kill you it will still serve as a BIG wake up call, and a swarm of enemy planes will come and knock you down. Just my thoughts as a frustrated pilot, who enjoys the game.
  3. And by "altitude above target" it means above ground level? because in a multiplayer server I don't tell anyone what my target is, I keep it a secret until the very last moment :-)
  4. The manual here http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/17572-il2-user-manual/ in page 35 states "Bombsight Altitude: sets your aircraft’s altitude above the target (not altitude above sea level)" yet you say its altitude above sea level. I wonder who is right
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