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  1. Rap you are a MACHINE! Love your work mate!
  2. I'm wondering about the "zoom" capabilities comparative to the 109 and 190. IIRC it did quite well in these types of engagements in "46" when both aircraft were at a similar energy state on the outset. Can someone elaborate/speculate?
  3. This aircraft is just on a whole other level of technology. I cant imagine being a bomber crewman and having these things swooping in and just smashing the formations with 4x 30mm each. To be on the opposing side of this airplane must have been terrifying. .....I have to say though, after shooting Pe-2's with it, I did giggle like a school boy.
  4. You wont be disappointed Cujo. Its quirky to fly....but OHHH THOSE GUNS! It will DISINTEGRATE Peshkas.
  5. I dont even know what this means, but I would like to. Lol Thx team!!!
  6. So glad you're going to skin again! Please help give 110s some 4k love...Rap did a couple beauties already. I cant wait to see your work on whatever you paint.
  7. I have to say, after a few sorties its disappointing. I don't fly red and don't want to. The life cap doesn't bother me, but the balance feature is annoying. When I'm told I cant take off due to balance, I just leave. I cant be bothered...
  8. There used to be incredible numbers American Chestnut's where I live. Many old "log pen" barns in my area were constructed with the logs in the 19th century and are still standing. We had one such barn on our farm, and I remember once trying to drive a nail into one of the 120+ year old logs...NOPE. Its a shame what diseases can do to trees. The blight has killed all but maybe a few hundred where there use to be millions, and I'm afraid the Ash trees are next with the introduction of "emerald ash borer" (non-indigenous beetle).
  9. Terrible news!! Blue skies my friend!
  10. Thanks a million for the 4K 110 skins, Rap! They are awesome!!!!
  11. Nothing for me HerrMurf, but good show mate! Good luck to the participants!
  12. Hey Rap, how about a 4K remake of the stock "Jabs" skin on the E2? It's my default "go to" skin. 😁
  13. As a humble plea to some of the talented folks here, I would love to see some 4K skins for both of the 110's we currently have in the sim. We have amazing 4K templates available, but only a handful of 4K skins. I fly the 110 a lot, and after seeing how awesome it is to look out the canopy at the amazing level of detail on other planes already in 4K, it would make me jump for joy to see our 110's get the love they deserve. Especially after ICDP took the time and effort to create his beautiful templates. (Thank you for you work ICDP!) So.....please, kind folks....can the 110's get some love?
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