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  1. Put a 500Kg on with a contact fuse and drop from low alt. You will hear it then.
  2. Another note on the 110 FM. If you stall, and allow yourself to enter an advanced spin at or below 1K....bad things happen and you may or may not survive. You have been warned. Basically. Try not to spin the airplane. (This was hard to do before...its deadly now)
  3. Agreed. It was definitely missing the "pancake" factor before and was next to impossible to stall with the pitch axis using "turn and burn" tactics. You could literally pull the stick back rapidly and completely with no ill effects. Not so anymore. I feel this is a MUCH MORE believable FM than the previous one. It's going to take a bit of getting used to for "exclusive" 110 drivers like me (muscle memory), but I feel it's still going to be a very effective platform in a dogfight. As far as bombing, nothing has really changed in that regard, unless you over control in the dive pullout and stall. But even in the "E" model yesterday, I had no issues with over controlling or stalling in the pull out, it dive bombs almost exactly the same as before.
  4. My overall impression of this update is very good. I feel bad for the AMD folks who are having graphical issues, though I'm sure the Devs will get it sorted quickly. The two things I was most interested to see, were the canopy reflections, and the changes to the 110. Canopy reflections: They look pretty cool, and didn't give a real performance hit for me, I did turn them off however. It just didn't do much for my overall experience personally, but this is just my opinion. I'm sure there are other people that love them and will use them all the time, but for me, I just cant be bothered. Very cool feature to have available should I decide to use them in the future though! The Bf 110: I am pretty impressed with the FM update! Before, you could manhandle the 110 and pull as hard as you wanted with little ill effect. Now, you have to be more calculating. It feels like I reach critical AoA much faster than before, and if you pull too hard, too quickly, you pay the price by not only stalling a wing, but losing airspeed RAPIDLY. This seems much more realistic to me. In the "E" variant, you have to be extra careful, especially if the outside air temp is hot. Because the airplane loses airspeed so rapidly in high AoA maneuvers, it simply doesn't have the power to regain airspeed very quickly (which it never did before, but this is now exacerbated by the new AoA model). Energy management is now a lot more critical for the "E" model. She can still do all the same maneuvers as before, but you just can't "command" her to do it instantly, you have to ask her nicely and be smooth on the controls. The "G" model is much more forgiving as before, the extra power helps a lot, but aerodynamically its much of the same. If you manhandle her, she will punish you, but you can get your energy back much faster than the "E". Great update Team! Thank you all for your hard work!
  5. Unfortunately, I had to go to bed before the patched was released, now I'm stuck at work! Does anyone have any comments on the fixes to the 110's/Yak-7?
  6. @Jason_Williams Will you guys let us know if it's been postponed? I work nights and don't want to stay up too late waiting for it to drop. 😂
  7. This ^^^ I seriously cannot wait for this aircraft! This is my most anticipated release in the new plane set. My only complaint is that it's being released so late in the development cycle.
  8. I am in this camp, and not just because Trip and I are squad mates. Before the update, I remember returning to base after a sortie with many targets destroyed, after the update those numbers fell dramatically. While I do feel this is more realistic, the time and payload that is now needed to "destroy" a target area has grown, meaning I have to return to the target area on additional sorties with additional payload, which leads to additional risk. The number of targets destroyed/points gained does not bother me. If I'm getting lower numbers, everyone else is as well. I'm not saying I want super easy targets that get destroyed in one run, but (as in the WoL case) I would prefer to not have to return and loiter, locate, and destroy every last vodka case and toilet bowl hidden in the forest to achieve the desired result, especially if I drop a 500Kg within 25m of said toilet bowl and it still holds water. I'm sure this is due to missions being designed prior to the update that have the same amount of "health" for targets as before the update. This creates a conundrum for mission makers though. Do we ask them to adjust the mission dynamics (which I am certain is time consuming) without knowing whether a new update will bring change, or do we simply bite the bullet and "win or lose" maps with only one or two target areas destroyed? On the other hand, this new dynamic has also changed aerial engagements. As targets got destroyed, it forced both attackers and defenders to concentrate on the remaining targets, making the end of missions quite frantic, with aircraft filling the skies over the last target or two. i.e "Air Quake/Berloga". Now things remain much more spread out, even in the later minutes of the missions. Some would could call this a positive, others a negative, depending on personal viewpoint. Personally I think it's a negative. While destroying ground targets unmolested by defending aircraft is easy, for me, it's just not fun. Just my $0.02.
  9. Agreed to an extent, but what is "the happy medium"? The only real fix is a rework for the DM for every asset. Right now, its an "all or nothing" situation. That's unfortunate side effect we are dealing with now i think.
  10. The bomb nerfs are definitely a tough thing to address currently, and as a dedicated attacker it really makes my life difficult, but not insurmountably so. My squad and I are usually attacking together so it makes things marginally better. I would love to see the better splash on targets again, but I have to agree, there is no sense doing the same work twice or even three times if we have no idea if more adjustments are coming down the pipe in the near future. Perhaps if we were told it might be 4-6 months before the splash damage is revisited it would be more feasible. Thanks for all you guys do anyway @Alonzo, I really enjoy the server.
  11. @Alonzo If i was hit by flak and I'm almost returned to base and the server dumps myself and several other players (but not everyone), do I still lose my virtual life? *EDIT* When the map rolled over, it answered my question, much to my delight. And I'm glad, I would have hated to lose what I had by no fault of my own, or my internet connection (got disco'ed but discord and everything else remained connected). Perhaps a server hiccup?
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