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  1. Awesome work! I hope to see some nice skins soon!
  2. =BAIT=CG_Justin

    Skin Begging

    I hope this pans out. PWCG is incredible in RoF when you have all the necessary skins. I dont play single player often, but last year when my web was down for like 3 weeks, I played some RoF with all the PWCG skins, and it's one of the best SP flight sim experiences I've ever had. Thanks for trying this Pat! I cant wait to see it come together.
  3. =BAIT=CG_Justin

    Game running so smooth now

    I have to echo these sentiments. Game is really running extremely well now. I'm a MP only guy, and this patch has made a pretty good leap forward in performance and bug fixes.
  4. =BAIT=CG_Justin

    Shot for comitting war crime!

    Simple, do not commit war crimes! 😂 Truthfully though, it sounds legit. Battlefield justice. Judge, jury, and executioner.
  5. So far, this last set of updates has been excellent! Though I did not like the super tiny objective icons, and the lack of a percentage value for fuel, these things have been quickly rectified. Amazing work team, thanks so much for listening to the player base and the unprecedented level of transparency. You guys rock!!
  6. This drops and I'm on my way out the door to physical therapy. It will have to wait....damn! I will try it when I get home. Thanks for the update team! Your hard work is appreciated!
  7. =BAIT=CG_Justin

    ME-110 taxiin

    No asymmetrical thrust needed from the engines. Rules I use 1. Brakes are terrible. 2. Half thrust to begin moving 3. Once moving, IMMEDIATELY retard thrust to around 18%-21% 4. Use hard right rudder and some right brake to remain straight 5. Remember, thrust helps you turn, but brakes are terrible (see rule 1) Remember...when applying thrust, apply brake and rudder as well. Because the braking is so poor, you really have to "dance" on the rudder and brake. The 110 taxiis just fine. It's just a combination of thrust, brake, and rudder in a balancing act. Just keep trying. And remember, SEPARATE brakes are very important.
  8. =BAIT=CG_Justin

    Crikey, it’s come a long way!

    Welcome back to the land of the living! This really is the best "intermediate study" WW2 combat sim on the market. It really fits perfectly in between the "I need to earn (_insert BS grind currency here_)what, to fly what?" and the "I died because I forgot which switch?" (_insert real world complexity here_) kinda sim. Its easy access, loads of fun, and constantly expanding. Basically....exactly what I'm looking for.
  9. =BAIT=CG_Justin

    I'm blown away.

    VR is definitely a game changer. I got my Vive just a week before I had shoulder surgery 3 weeks ago, so I had to shelve it just as I was scratching the surface. It's an "OMFG" game changer. But its MUCH more physical than TrackIR, so I have to put it on hold while I heal. I honestly cant wait to hook it back up though....its like Davinci's dream of flight...I long to return. Having grown up in the 80s and 90s, I was always dreaming of this technology....and once I got it my hands on it, I had to give it up. Lol Its really an OMG factor. My good friend =EXPEND=Tripwire helped me set it up via TS from Oz....and he can tell you how gobsmacked I was. I'm hammering my physical therapy hard just to get back "IN THE COCKPIT ". I dont have any experience with other VR games, but this, to me, is life changing. It's a boyhood dream realized. Thanks a million to the team for bringing this old dude the most joy I've had since the birth of my 4 boys. Enjoy my freind...its really something special.
  10. =BAIT=CG_Justin

    1CGS Attending Flight-Sim Expo 2019!

    My best friend lives in Lakeland...just a short drive. Being in the airline industry I fly for free. So I've got a place to stay, and got airfare. It's a safe bet I will be there. Look forward to seeing some of you there. Also, I have Vive gear I can volunteer for the booth if additional setups are needed. I have no problem bringing it along. I just want as many people as possible to really give this sim a go. Though I cant drag my whole PC, I'd be honored to bring my Vive stuff along if its needed or can be accommodated to promote the cause. Let me know Jason.
  11. =BAIT=CG_Justin

    Developer Diary 214 - Discussion

    After seeing this, I might actually take an interest in TC. This looks very good. And the 262.....WOW!
  12. =BAIT=CG_Justin

    Weapon Data

    I could be wrong, but I think the dev's keep this data proprietary.
  13. =BAIT=CG_Justin

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    The Discord invite does not work for me. 🙁
  14. =BAIT=CG_Justin

    When the P51 will be available?

    We have not seen any pictures aside from the D9 and 262 have we? If we have, I have genuinely forgotten.
  15. =BAIT=CG_Justin

    When the P51 will be available?

    I would love to see B and C models as mod variants, though I'm sure that's a long shot. I really cant wait to see some of the amazing paint jobs from the community, they have already been doing awesome stuff for the Thunderbolt. We have some extremely talented artists here, with an uncanny attention to detail. I don't really care so much for the P-51 personally, now the P-38....now THAT is the lady I'm waiting patiently for.