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  1. Thanks for reply guys. Could be that there are simply general issues at some internet connections at the moment, today we had severe interenet issues in my area. Maybe those problems are gone with my next trys, let's see
  2. Hi, since this weekend it seems I have troubles with joining Jasta 5 Flugpark: I first experienced that on Saturday, where I needed several tries to login for BA, but on that evening I even had issues with logging into the game in general, so I blamed my own connection or the IL2 Masterserver for this. But yesteday when I wanted to fly Sunday Furball joing the Flugpark did not work at all anymore as downloading the mission did not even start and my game froze. But I had no issues with joining other servers and I tried 2 times a repair of the game via Steam and I deleted all Multiplayer Missions out of the folder, but the problem did not change.... => Any Ideas what could help? Thx Etzel
  3. Ok, that means it makes sense to do at least a cross-check... when the Icon is still there and the chat-info tells me it is 95% destroyed and I see most buildings are destroyed => It is plausible and I know it makes sense to search very detailed for remaining objects.... But when chat-info tells me 0% damage and the scenery looks as described, I can assume there is an issue with the logged by the server... πŸ˜‰ Thanks a lot!
  4. hmm... thanks for the feedback both! It could be that at the depot between the destroyed buildings there were also some verhicles left I didn't see => but do they need to be destoyed to mark full objective as complete? For me the answer of Temuri sounds more logic of what I observed: This Depot was destroyed long time ago; I anyhow wondered why such a pretty target in "comfortable distance" (not even 15 minutes flying time from home field) and not too close at enemy fields would still be active when mission is already running for hours... And the buildings I destroyed then were simply not part of the target any more. Thanks for the Tip of the checking the status via "<s", but would I get different Info this way versus just checking icons on the map? Meaning: If there is an issue that the campaign app didn't receive the info that an object is destroyed, it will not be shown in correct state neither on the Map nor in the detiled chat-status-info... or did I understand something wrong?
  5. Hi Guys, first of all let me say a big THANK YOU for providing this server to the comunity, did plenty of missions over the last weeks with friends and we really enjoy it a lot (even if our success-rates are far from good => but we are learning πŸ˜‰) Nevertheless there are some Points a little bid irritating for us, esp. on the target icons on the map: In yesterdays evening mission I did one flight in a A20 to attack the Rear Depot #2, as the icon was shown active on the map. We flew there and found some buildings and oil tanks there were already destroyed, but there were also some warehouses a little bid closer to the city that still looked as valuable targets. I destroyed at least 5 of them but neither in-game stats nor in the mission stats on the web page there is any line of any hit target... => so basically I don't understand how I can identify an active ground target (on land) that should be attacked vs. allready completed objectives? (I had in earlier missions similar problems when atting artillery posisions that turned out as beeing empty when we arrived there) And 2nd point, that maybe is already known: In another sortie in yesterday's mission pretty towards the end I attacked 2 human player tanks that were attacking our tank posision. I caused on both tanks a damage with a percentage of 0.something before I was out of ammo. As I saw then on the stats page when the mission rotated both tanks obviously were still active but were counted as destroyed at the missions end stats granted me 2 tank kills that were definitly not well deserved... πŸ˜‰ Don't know sure if this is simply a game bug or maybe can be worked out in the mission setting...? Thanks for your works & Salute Etzel
  6. You can place your view on this topic also in the following poll: πŸ˜‰
  7. Fully agreed! It's a combat flight sim and not a beauty contest, so the priorities are clear I guess. ... even if probability that custom skins are the root cause of this problem is very low, the price for this analysis is too cheap for not giving it a try... With having constantly 70 Pilots flying probably 1 Sunday should be enough to run into invisible plane situations falsify the thesis or (if no issues reported) to take further steps look this direction!
  8. Wellcome & enjoy your flights! And spread the words around to make more pilots join the world of FC thus enough customers will lead us into a glorious future with much more content!!! And btw.: If you finally wanna make the next step come and join the world of online flying... πŸ˜‰
  9. As far as I know: No! Thats the good thing now: If you manage to land on a friendly field you are rewarded now by simply do the rearm and refuel (repair if needed) and are allowed to instantly take off again, as you did not finish the mission.... (well, only thing to consider: You cannot change the configuration... so that feature doesn't bring an advantage if you come back from a Reconflight and want to take off for a bombing run then as you cannot change your loadout). To be on the save side: @JG1_Butzzell, can you confirm this please?
  10. Thanks a lot again for this amazing entertainment you are giving to us J5 & Sizzlor ... It was great!!! πŸ™‚ Confirmed! As far as I recogniced I saw 1 player warping one time, what was probably on his side, beside that everything absolutely smooth and stable, even when catched in furballs of 10 planes (at minimum, probably peaks were even higher)
  11. Hey Zoo, ...yes, it might be the case that you simply see the reality as it is. The only point you need to understand from the other side: Does it help anyhow to be realistic? Finally we all do not know the facts behind nor the overall situation and plans from Jason and his team, but one thing is clear: 98% of the people flying FC and esp. of the ones discussing here in this forum simply love both games, RoF and FC. Yes, there are shortcomings with respect to the scope of FC Vol 1 and there bugs (like in every single piece of software that was produced for more than the last half century) and there are discussions and complaints on nearly every single minor parameter of the flight models, but nevertheless finally it comes to the conclusion: We all simply hope and pray and (at least want to) believe that FC development will continue!!! So after all the question to ask in that situation is: Would it help in any way to convice any one of the opinion, that FC development is in fact dead?? All it could be in the end is a self fullfilling prophecy => The less people believe in the future of FC, the worse the overal attitude will gett, the less people will buy, etc. While on the other side: As long as there is a realistic hope there is there is also enthusiasm and some potential! People create missions for servers and campaigns for single player, there are events (FiF, BA & BS) attracting new players.... And every new owner of FC Vol. 1 is with a pretty high chance a paying customer for a potential Vol. 2. Please don't get wrong: It's a free forum and all your thoughts and opinions are fully valid ... I just want to give you my thoughts on why the reactions on your comments are not (let's say) the happiest ones... πŸ˜‰ And one important point on this: Finally there will probably never (at least not in the mid term future) be an official statement by Jason or anyone else of 1GCS... "OK guys, FC is dead", simply because as soon as this statement is out it would mean that also sellings of FC will break down to 0,- instantly... As long as this statement is not done, FC will generate income (no matter how much).... So only in some years from now it will be judgeable if you were right or not.... But until then most of us will deny your thoughts, no matter how realistic they might be. And to make it clear: Also your contribution in Form of your Server was definitly appreciated, even if population did not show this directly... In my case it did not fully meet my preferences, but nevertheless I would have joined from time to time. And I really think that over the time player numbers will increase (maybe only slowly) and then also your server concept would attract a relevant number of players continiously.... Salute Etzel
  12. Because of the discussions here I did the 1st time a look on the reviews for RoF on Steam and esp. based on the negative reviews I have to say: The only doubtless pure wrong decision that 1GCS/777 took in a past, was to implement the option of mouse control.... 80% of the negative reviews I saw was written by people who played with mouse, and, I'm sorry, but 3- or even 4-axis Joysticks start at ~30 or maybe 40$.... anyone does not even own such a basic input device is obviously is not interested in flying real flight simulations, consequently is not a part of the market segment that should be in my focus.... All other strategies of what to offer for free or at a specific discount at what point of the product lifecycle whatever are (at least in my perception) hardly calculable; you will never know for absolutely sure (esp. not in advance, probably not even afterwards) what money you will loose (or have lost) because of you give something for free or cheaper versus what money you earned later additionally on because you found new customers.... So all arguments (no matter if pro or con) brought up in this thread are finally nothing more than a guess if anyones personal approach is reflecting the behaviour of a majority or only a minority of potential customers... πŸ˜‰
  13. It's not only that black & white.... so: If I want to fly anyhow, I'll start the game and look in the server list there and if no server seems attractive I'll go and fly any SP mission or Campaign (or maybe simply decide to be the 1st one on a server).... But there are also such undecided situations, whre I am somehow in the mood to fly online for 30 minutes or maybe a little bid more if there is online fun available... => In that cases the info on barans site can definitely make the difference, if I mount all my devices, activate headsets & Track IR and start the game ... or if I call it a day...
  14. In my opinion it's absolutely Ok to dream about any new planes that were not even on any roadmap in RoF, but according to the actual more than unclear future for FC I think there is no chance that even a Gotha or HP will be find it's way to FC within the next months... so I I'd rather prefer to wish for something that sounds more realstic to me: Please let's start with 2 packages 1st one with another 2-seater for each side and 2nd one with another Figher for both: So please give us: Re.8 + DVW and Neuiport 17 + Alb.II (or maybe Alb.III) I think that set of planes should be on the save side as I would expect porting them from RoF to FC should be doable with reasonable efforts. And they would bring a diversification to planeset that already allows for plenty of new scenario settings and plane combinations in the missions, as timewise they cover a relatively broad area of the War and still are combinable with planes of the existing plane set...
  15. All the arguments like using the Airstart-Options on J5 for quicker action or Turning Icons off at HFF are just half of the truth for me: - Flying on a server with Icons turned available and turn them off just for me is not the same as if a Server has Icons generally disabled - - Using the airstart-option directly at the mud at J5-server is fine (allthough I simply like the taking off), but if there are no other players around or like to do any specific long range mission (as this is what the mission design is made for, imho) and next AI is flying anywhere else alongside the mud, then you are simply allone... So finally I still see the space for another WWI server as described by me above and I really believe that in the long term such an option would not pull players away from other servers, but would broaden the population of WWI online pilots in general....
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