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  1. Ok, maybe that's that point: I cannot say that Buzz or me had dropped the 1 big bomb close enough on a pillar... nevertheless I would find it strange, that the small bombs do not cause any damage at alle (not even 0,1%) Well, anyhow: As the durability is lowered now the issue might be solved anyhow, let's see ๐Ÿ˜ Thanks for your answeres Gamecock and Trupo....๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. Bridge 2 seems to be undestroyable at all... 3 Halb-flights put all the bombload on it (meaning at least 3x 50 kgs) and it remained undamaged.... I flew another sortie for bridge 1 and it was destroyed in the first pass where I dropped 1 big and 2 small bombs, probably 1 bomb would have been enough..... This is the sortie-log of the attack on Bridge 2: ...no % damage to see, but definitly I saw some explosions by my bombs and also Butzz had plenty of good hits And here the sortie log of the other flight to Bridge 1: Never the less not to forget: Had fun in the test runs, thanks for your work, salute!! ๐Ÿ˜
  3. Hi Guys, first of all: Thanks a lot for this great Server! I have just a short question for clarification: In the first posting there is still the rule outlined: * You may fly only on one side during the whole campaign! Now to avoid any rule breach and to be clear: This rule is not valid any more as to the update of 10.02.2017 and to the actual server rules that say: Registration is obligatory. You may have one account for Allied side and/or one account for Axis side ...thus when axis side is full it is absolutely allowed to change account name and join allied side instead (...well, after waiting the 10 minutes coalition change penalty ...) => Is this interpretation correct? Salute Etzel
  4. Thanks a lot for this advice, I tried now the Login to coconut Server and simply go afk (to be sure not to touch or move anything), and when I came back some minutes later I finally was logged in; after dozens of unsuccessfull attemps before since release of 3.001. So good to know that online flying is finally still working for me, but anyhow slightly annoying bug that hopefully will be fixed with next update
  5. Seems the stats server pages are down (both normal and expert)
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