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  1. Hi Lefuneste! Thank you so much for all your Time spending for truly meaningful things Developers wont make be...Will post my experiences here, as i made it in the NV Problems Forum here, and will say that your last Update works also perfect in 3D Vision like before!!! Hi Guys! After weeks and weeks with the DXBufferman:vb/dxgi Error only with 3D vision on in NCP on all older an newer Drivers (tested all from 416-430... with 3D Vision extra installed 😉 with a GTX980/GTX1080/1080ti , and a Win 10 reinstall(1809)) I found a fucking simple Solution: Install the newest Reshade, and the Bufferman/dxgi Error is gone for me.... Has installed IL2 4/5 times in the last 2 weeks, never used Reshade for this Game , cant explain this ...Have tried all, from 10 new installs and Registry Edits in the NV Folder in therms of TdrLevel and TdrDelay, forget that all!!
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