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  1. Hi Pierre, old fellow! For your information, the IV./JG1, then I./JG1 "Teufel in den Wolken" emblem was already depicted with "yellowish" background instead of blue in serie "Jagdfliegerverbände der deutschen Luftwaffe" (Vol.7 + Vol.10/II) already from 2008 on. But, that said... the devil always hides in details! It is an old emblem inherited from 2./JGr.101, where it was sported on both sides of Emils during the Sitzkrieg (crest background is also depicted as yellow in Vol.2). For IV./JG1, on both sides for Emils, and on left side only for FW's (Vol.7). For I./JG1, on both sides fo
  2. Hi BlackSix, Introducing the concept of StoLuft units for communicating with air units from the ground is a very good idea, not to mention that it is also historical. The same was done between Kriegsmarine and air units during the war at sea, but that's for the Malta/Mediterranean theater to come (hopefully !). Just a comment anyway, regarding the kind of missions that can be done : Recon (Aufkl???
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