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  1. -IRRE-Alleluia

    Tactical Air War

    It seems that some of the members of the 1 GAFL have been banned from the server. Is it a bug or have they done something very silly and didn't tell us ?
  2. -IRRE-Alleluia

    Server authentication failed

    Had same thing tonight. At first, hard to connect, and then it worked.
  3. -IRRE-Alleluia

    Server authentication failed

    the master server had a new crash ?
  4. -IRRE-Alleluia

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    to put it simple. In an IL2 you know better the squirrels than the birds
  5. -IRRE-Alleluia

    Server authentication failed

    now i'm in ^^
  6. -IRRE-Alleluia

    72AG-DED- Random Expert +

    is there a way to prevent parachute killing ? i see that awfull behavior happenning more ogten
  7. -IRRE-Alleluia

    72AG-DED- Random Expert +

    wriggling ^^ I hope everthing goes as planned, i can't wait to fly again on random expert
  8. -IRRE-Alleluia


    all as been said. With the Pe2, up to 6 100 kg bombs are loaded in the bomb bay. Any bombs above these 6 are loaded under belly. For the 250 and 500 they are only loaded under belly.
  9. -IRRE-Alleluia

    72AG-DED- Random Expert +

    2 weeks ?
  10. -IRRE-Alleluia

    72AG-DED- Random Expert +

    I'm stuck at 0 Modification desoite having completed several succesful sorties. I think my account is Bugged
  11. -IRRE-Alleluia

    72AG-DED- Random Expert +

    Good Morning, i think i have a bug on my account. I have the grand total of 0 modification available. But i've flown two combat mission on ground attack, pounded a certain number of ground target, i,ve seen a bunker burning after my bomb run. But on the stats i have the grand total of 0 ground Kill and i still have no modification available. here is the log of my last mission with 5 ground kill and i've tryed to reconnect with a pe2 it still say that i have 0 modification available. http://72ag-ded.ru/en/sortie/log/197764/?tour=8
  12. -IRRE-Alleluia

    72AG-DED- Random Expert +

    A very good evening on this server tonight, it was a pleasure to fly.
  13. -IRRE-Alleluia

    72AG-DED- Random Expert +

    Your squad can have by supply 1000points * number of pilot. So if you are alone, 1000 2 pilots 2000 3 pilots 3000 ... 15 pilots 15000 and so on... A supply flight in a Ju52 reward you 2000 point, up to the limit of supply point of your squad. The only limits on supply point your squad has is the number of pilot in it. I am in a squad of 19 pilots, so we can have 19000 points max by supply. If we reach 0 points after an horrific day of flying, i can resupply to 19000 points by making 9.5 ju52 supply flight 19 bomber supply flight 38 fighter supply flight. After reaching 19000 by supply, the squad can only have more points by combat results.
  14. -IRRE-Alleluia

    72AG-DED- Random Expert +

    the maximum supply point that can be earned by supply is 1000 * number of pilot in squad. If you are a lonewolf then you are considered as a one man squad. Every pilot in the squad can fill the supply pool up to the limit of the squad, and is rewarded 500 points for a fighter, 1000 for attacker ( Bomber and so ) and 2000 for Ju52 Flight.