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  1. start trackir first then the game
  2. Thanks Raptorattacker this has given me the push to go to cosford I've not been for years and I only live half an hour away
  3. Nice work what scale is the kit? Check out this guy on you-tube TOMs Modelling in Motion I love his work
  4. Record your bombing runs. You then can have a look in the replay it'll give you an idea what's happening then you can adjust your aiming point
  5. I received an email check your spam folder The Sales runs March 5th – 31st in the official IL-2 Store and March 6th-20th on Steam.
  6. Great campaign gambit Love the start and taxi adds so much to the atmosphere The only thing i think that could be improved upon in my opinion is the flight leaders communication skills (mainly giving headings / attitude ) On mission 5 Dawn Patrol, You are with a large formation of aircraft when your flight changes course splitting the formation into two flights this is where a heading announcement would help Looking forward to your next campaign
  7. is it the engine torque? Helps aircraft turns easier that direction as many have already said is it right handedness? Its easier to push across the body than pull so if your flying right-handed yes is it certain wire in the human brain? Muscle memory maybe i was wonder if theres any left handed pilot who prefers to turn right? Now I'm left handed but right arm dominant due to working in engineering all my life where nearly all machines and measuring equipment are right handed even a steel rule. I do fly right handed and Yes i break left But i have noticed i like to attack from high left if i can Interesting subject matter
  8. I use a very basic version of this a post it note with a circle marked with every 45° stuck to the screen edge Just so i can visualise on the map the direction i need to find land marks Distance i use the clock in the cockpit, speed divided by 60 (minutes) multiplied by minutes travelled to give a rough distance travelled so i can start looking for my land mark or turn point Each square on map is 10 kilometres (6.2Miles ) i believe Still get lost on winter maps though
  9. I've found out a fully loaded P47 is quite a heavy girl 2500lb bombs + rockets i use 25% fuel gives about forty minutes flight time if my maths it right A significant number P47's were crashed in testing. But i'm now getting reliable take-offs
  10. Have a look at Chucks guide there is an interesting part on how to calculate required fuel https://www.mudspike.com/chucks-guides-il-2-bos-he-111h-6/
  11. Its a new security measure from the banks sends code to registered phone as a text
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