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  1. The world is right handed bias so us lefties have to adapted I'm left handed but right arm dominant, So i fly right handed while drinking beer with my left hand. I am a bit ambidextrous as i can write with both hands at the same time but find it easier to write backwards with my right hand
  2. Dear Santa Please send me some situational awareness
  3. Right Click on game name in the games library and INSTALL is at the top To uninstall right click game name then manage and uninstall is in there
  4. Saitek joysticks do suffer with wiring problems mainly due to bad routing. I did repair my old stick a few times befoe it finaly packed up for good
  5. Those that ride motorbikes will know about wide noise and how it can affect your hearing There's a graph that shows the relation speed and noise in this link, 85 Decibels i think is where you must wear some sort of ear protection in UK factorys https://www.isvr.co.uk/workplace/motorcycle-noise.htm maybe they should model somesort of ear protection in game
  6. Once you get to grips with the HS129 its a fun aircraft same as the P40 Make a small mistake and HS129 will kill you though in a blink of an eye All aspects of flight are a challenge thats why i like it
  7. Have you seen Requiem's channel he does combat maneuvers and dog fight debriefs very interesting and helpful It will give you ideas of how to deal with situations Air Combat Tutorial Library
  8. Sun light shining on sensor can have an effect like this also
  9. If paypal is linked to this card it may have flagged up at the bank that something odd happened and now as the banks have increased there on-line security they block your card to be safe
  10. A flash back to my youth. Don't for get his mosquito also
  11. start trackir first then the game
  12. Thanks Raptorattacker this has given me the push to go to cosford I've not been for years and I only live half an hour away
  13. Nice work what scale is the kit? Check out this guy on you-tube TOMs Modelling in Motion I love his work
  14. Record your bombing runs. You then can have a look in the replay it'll give you an idea what's happening then you can adjust your aiming point
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