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  1. If I were you I would wait for release which they sad is soon. After release you will see in dev diaries what are they doing if the game has future, also there will be sales (maybe even christmas sale) and the game might just cost like 50÷60 €.
  2. Theres not much to do yet except driving around. Quick missions are very simple pretty much duels or just a shooting range. Multiplayer, well there is not a multiplayer mode for tank crew only ariplane modes changed to be playbale with tanks, which is not very good (spawn camping, weird flag capping). Offical campaigns and missions are fine but the AI makes them bad. There is quite a few comunity made missions and campaigns which can be good and bad (getting killed by AT canon spawning out of nowhere), the main problem is again the AI. Balisitc system is quite good. But the zoom ma
  3. Will SU 152 have DShka modification?
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