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  1. And German 40 mm FlaK 28 (Bofors) AA guns too...
  2. I am a bit sceptic about these light AA-guns (20/25mm) usefulness due the reason of the short range and effectiveness to critically harm a plane at the distance is so low. I would like to see instead like calibres 40mm Flak28 and same medium AA-gun counterparts. Hopefully you will consider to develop also player operated heavy AAA, like 88 mm Flak36 and russian 75 mm. This would be interesting to have to make any meanigful impact and have enjoyable game play for there units.
  3. Battle of the Bulge in trousers
  4. Develop completely new highly optimised server netcode for Massively Multiplayer Online simulation of air and ground warfare for 24/7 battlefields (like WW2Online).
  5. Spotting is broken right now and has been since forever. I guess RoF hereditary might come in play for less than satisfactory spotting of targets complemented with half-assed attempt to remedy the situation and leaving us to disappearing targets when closing in....
  6. It's shame that devs do not fully appreciate the very drastic impact of not fixing the visibility issue of other aircrafts. This should be the priority one!
  7. Not exactly, the Germans had two types on radars back in since 1940s - Würzburg and Freya. Way better than British Chain Home. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Würzburg_radar https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freya_radar
  8. This sim fails monumentally all aircrafts ground handling physics I've tested. It would need a major overhaul for it.
  9. You mean like making war ambience in a same manner I'd like to see artillery round hit flashes and ground weapons fire on the ground near battlefield. Not necessary inflicting any damage but giving suspension of disbelief (as they say in movie business).
  10. I agree. Even the orginal Ju 88 A-4 needs some hefty additional work to be about completed and now they release two half-assed Ju-88s. It is not very wise move business wise. I strongly suggest that next heavy Ju bomber would be a Ju-188 to give at least some (still minor) differences over Ju-88 series.
  11. The developer just need to complete the improvements of visual spotting mechanics they started. This alternate options are not a way to go. They need to implement and complete the proper visibility system all the way. IMHO It is better to allow a bit overly easy spotting than overly hard. This is a entertainment product after all, not a life and death military training simulation.
  12. It's not a big dead to fly left, middle or right handed stick/yoke and throttle, RPM, mixture controls. It comes natrually after settling in the cockpit and starting to operate the plane. I speak only of my personal experiences with Piper/Cessna/Diamond/KitFox/Aero L-39C Albatros/Robinson R-44 Astro type of planes/helos.
  13. Newly found excitement to continue flying IL-2 GB regularily again
  14. There would be major step forward having more atmosphere if the missions would start in 3D mission breiffing room with mission map on the board. After briefing the pilots would have to run / walk on their respective planes on board it. This applies on both SP and MP missions.
  15. The most optimal path to develop IL-2 content & experience after BoBP in my opinion is: 1) Finland (& Murmansk) - New faction: Finnish Airforce. This gives also the opportunity to develop naval aspect of the sim with Gulf of Finland and Arctic Sea around Murmansk. 2) Mediterranean - New faction: Italian Airforce. Sicily, Malta, Italy as new opportunity to refine naval aspects and bring more volume to the battlefield. 3) Pacific - New faction: Imperial Japanese Airforce (+IJN). After two previous steps, the sim is now at least technology wise ready to dive in to the Pacific the
  16. Any news on player controlled Anti-Air mobile artillery units?
  17. Would you consider to add to the development roadmap to some near(ish) future on-line server major overhaul to cater more massively multiplayer servers than we currently have 80ish of on-line players to hundreds or so? I know this is a major redesign and recoding work, but business wise, this could pay dividends by enabling 24/7 dynamic strategic larger scale warfare somewhat like for example WW2 Online has. This would keep people coming back and be entertained on and on PS. I need you to kick your friends from the DigitalForms on the buttocks to enable my relaxing day at the SPAA
  18. The Pacific air war is boring as hell. I agree the original poster, the battle of Finland should be next and after that Mediterranean scenarios. Western Europe scenarios are like beating a dead horse, same old s*it all over again in other air combat sims, war games and movies.
  19. I hate to repeat myself, but simply increasing the contrast of plane and it's background will solve this issue and be the most accurate simulation of real world visibility. This can be achieved by programming to enhance the colour contrast of plane against background, wether developing this with HDR or not. Now everything are coulourwise and contrastwise too same and bland compared to real world.
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