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  1. It is true, this is ridiculously difficult to spot and track any target in this sim. This sim does not take in account of human eyes capability to find and focus automatically to moving targets. That's why the spotting the targets are way over difficult here. I would like to see something along the line of WW2Online's implementation of human eye's capabability to distinguish detailed targets upon focusing to general target's direction long enough. This would actually simulate quite nicely human eye's capability spot and depict to 2D display what we see (or on VR headsets).
  2. At least I hope we could remove the forward firing MG if wanted from loadouts. It's blocking terribly bad pilot's view to critical gauges and to landscape forward right. Another loadout could be pilot operated forward firing machine cannon below bombardier's station like many A-4's were equipped in IRL.
  3. Jason, Please consider to extend API-support for very affordable Realteus ForceFeel haptic seat cushion. This accompanied with VR HMD would be awesomely immersive experience in IL-2 GB ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘
  4. If Russia decides to cut Internet traffic from rest of the world on more longer basis, our ability to join to multiplayer servers drops of at the very same instant. Do you have any backup plan to move master server to other country to mitigate this? https://www.technologyreview.com/s/613138/russia-wants-to-cut-itself-off-from-the-global-internet-heres-what-that-really-means/?fbclid=IwAR2ZzyHMOEW2kcjI6oa3EcQ1djattlPppsajmNAZjMK5s0LuFDvq5gYLavw
  5. Would you care to elaborate what's been planned and when we could have some official info on this?
  6. With 3.012 Update we got rudimentary output support for moving platforms. Unfortunately this is not enough data for Realteus ForceFeel haptic seat to simulate different effects for IL-2. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ Well, at least it's a start for the right direction...
  7. It would recommend when Tank Crew (especially Online wars) will fully commence, we'd have player controlled SPAA (Self Propelled Anti Air Artillery) Panzer and Half-track units on both sides. (I don't see reason why not in single player campaign there wouldn't be available these AI-controlled units also.) I am sure Russians and Western Allies had similar units too. Unfortunately I am not too familiar with their SPAA types.
  8. Maybe this optional! manual startup procedures and clickable cockpit could be implemented piece by piece during longer period of time. For example: First round: Switch on electrics, magnetos, fuel systems Second round: Radios, Nav radios Third round: Weapons related switches & settings Fourth round: Other auxilliary systems, oxygen, etc.
  9. This awesome Arras map begs for infantry, artillery and tank combat like in WW2Online has.
  10. I guess IL-2: GB cannot produce real HDR info to HDR capable displays. I'm running my Win 10 with HDR On and HDR videos, X-Plane 11 etc. looks amazing with HDR enabled. In IL-2 with Win 10 HDR enabled looks very over saturated mess. IL-2 HDR setting doesn't make any difference. Only way to fix this is to run IL-2 HDR Off from Windows 10 settings. Any chance we could get real HDR support to IL-2 in the future?
  11. So, did you Bisch got any proper response from the devs?
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