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  1. Would you consider to add to the development roadmap to some near(ish) future on-line server major overhaul to cater more massively multiplayer servers than we currently have 80ish of on-line players to hundreds or so? I know this is a major redesign and recoding work, but business wise, this could pay dividends by enabling 24/7 dynamic strategic larger scale warfare somewhat like for example WW2 Online has. This would keep people coming back and be entertained on and on PS. I need you to kick your friends from the DigitalForms on the buttocks to enable my relaxing day at the SPAA every now and then. πŸ˜‰
  2. The Pacific air war is boring as hell. I agree the original poster, the battle of Finland should be next and after that Mediterranean scenarios. Western Europe scenarios are like beating a dead horse, same old s*it all over again in other air combat sims, war games and movies.
  3. Finns Hurricane Ia vs. Ruskies Hurricane II πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
  4. I hate to repeat myself, but simply increasing the contrast of plane and it's background will solve this issue and be the most accurate simulation of real world visibility. This can be achieved by programming to enhance the colour contrast of plane against background, wether developing this with HDR or not. Now everything are coulourwise and contrastwise too same and bland compared to real world.
  5. - Brewster B-239 - Curtis Hawk H75 - Morane Saulnier M.S. 406 - Fiat G.50 - Fokker D.XXI - Hurricane I - Blenheim I / IV - Dornier Do 17 Z πŸ˜‰
  6. Indeed, I have several HDR capable 42, 55 and 65 LED and OLED displays with at least 10-bit HDR capabilities and I am truely impressed with the visuals. So rich colours and depth of perception. I like my Pimax 5k+ HMD too, but today it's not the option to use for example a TAW bomber mission, do or die type of situation. For the moment, for demanding air combat I have to still use my 2D displays over VR HMDs... I still love the concept of 3D HMDs and use it civilian flight sims like X-Plane
  7. Only real-life-like solution to spot targets from the current situation is to emphasize the contrast between the flying object and the background at realistic manner. Normally at daylight the flying target is seen lighter at darker background and the flying object is seen darker on lighter background like sky. This applies on varying degree on different lighting situations. High Dynamic Range (HDR) graphics / output might at it's best bring this result if is implemented properly but it is unknown wether IL-2 GB engine can be implemented to HDR with a decent effort. It think, the easiest and quickest way to increase the realistic visibility of aerial targets are to emphasize a bit of object's light colour against darker background and vice versa, so the object will pop out a bit more from the background but not much. The human eyes will catch the movement if we can get a bit more contrast to the objects and the background.
  8. It is true, this is ridiculously difficult to spot and track any target in this sim. This sim does not take in account of human eyes capability to find and focus automatically to moving targets. That's why the spotting the targets are way over difficult here. I would like to see something along the line of WW2Online's implementation of human eye's capabability to distinguish detailed targets upon focusing to general target's direction long enough. This would actually simulate quite nicely human eye's capability spot and depict to 2D display what we see (or on VR headsets).
  9. At least I hope we could remove the forward firing MG if wanted from loadouts. It's blocking terribly bad pilot's view to critical gauges and to landscape forward right. Another loadout could be pilot operated forward firing machine cannon below bombardier's station like many A-4's were equipped in IRL.
  10. Jason, Please consider to extend API-support for very affordable Realteus ForceFeel haptic seat cushion. This accompanied with VR HMD would be awesomely immersive experience in IL-2 GB πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
  11. If Russia decides to cut Internet traffic from rest of the world on more longer basis, our ability to join to multiplayer servers drops of at the very same instant. Do you have any backup plan to move master server to other country to mitigate this? https://www.technologyreview.com/s/613138/russia-wants-to-cut-itself-off-from-the-global-internet-heres-what-that-really-means/?fbclid=IwAR2ZzyHMOEW2kcjI6oa3EcQ1djattlPppsajmNAZjMK5s0LuFDvq5gYLavw
  12. Would you care to elaborate what's been planned and when we could have some official info on this?
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