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  1. call me old fashioned. still love the old il2 start up music. now THAT was a band ...
  2. thanks been waiting on this since launch. will take the game to the next level
  3. super cool. thx wow extraordinary footage! miss those 1946 days ....awesome
  4. DUUUUUDE!!! YEEEESSSS!!! These skins are soooo kick ass. You rock. Cant wait to try em out.
  5. THANKS DUDE! awaiting my confirmation so I can hopefully fly the jug today!! all paid up a few hours ago, no key yet
  6. dude it's insane. wtf. what are you doing with your life
  7. personally I’d like to bring the old IL2 music back for the loading always got me pumped
  8. All I know is that I’ve experienced some amazeballs clouding as of late
  9. server went offline right as we were landing wow strange ok. thanks for checking east coast here. my wingman and I (who is on west coast) both were dropped to offline at same time as were were landing, then server did not re-appear..strange. love the setup.
  10. flew kuban summer last night. thanks enjoyed! server went offline right as we were landing
  11. For the basics, learn to fly the Yak-1. It might be the most reasonable to learn and fly, take off with - and has capability...then I wouldn't worry about mixture starting out What stick are you using. Is your Trim and RPM on there? Do you use a throttle? Yes, you definitely need to adjust your RPM and Throttle in tandem without overheating. Very fun to learn once you get the hang of it. ( like driving a car in 3rd gear on the freeway if not set up) ...also your trim needs to be adjusted on the fly - (like having your foot on the brake on freeway) TRIM-RPM-THROTTLE get those simple mechanisms down and you'll be fast...definitely play with the trim with the hud on to see whats happening. dont get too upset. Ive probably flown 1000 hours since 1946 ..and will still manage burn up a p40 engine by not paying enough attention.. great sim.
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