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  1. katdog5

    Developer Diary 213 - Discussion

    amazeballs damage model!
  2. katdog5

    Online videos (featuring DBS)

  3. super cool. thx wow extraordinary footage! miss those 1946 days ....awesome
  4. katdog5

    Rap's P-47 Thunderbolts, HELP YOURSELVES!!

    DUUUUUDE!!! YEEEESSSS!!! These skins are soooo kick ass. You rock. Cant wait to try em out.
  5. katdog5

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    THANKS DUDE! awaiting my confirmation so I can hopefully fly the jug today!! all paid up a few hours ago, no key yet
  6. katdog5

    [MOD] Winter Kuban Map (RELEASED)

    wow dude!
  7. katdog5

    Developer Diary 209 - Discussion

  8. katdog5

    So how good is this?

    dude it's insane. wtf. what are you doing with your life
  9. katdog5

    SvAF on Coconut Expert: Fw 190 Airfield Raid!

    so awesome..love that server
  10. katdog5

    How to turn the main menu ambient war sounds off?

    personally I’d like to bring the old IL2 music back for the loading always got me pumped
  11. katdog5

    Is this new? Cloud news

    All I know is that I’ve experienced some amazeballs clouding as of late
  12. katdog5

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    server went offline right as we were landing wow strange ok. thanks for checking east coast here. my wingman and I (who is on west coast) both were dropped to offline at same time as were were landing, then server did not re-appear..strange. love the setup.
  13. katdog5

    DD today?

  14. katdog5

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    flew kuban summer last night. thanks enjoyed! server went offline right as we were landing