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  1. Here are some photos of my Grandfather in Korea while serving with the 7th Infantry Division. I have his M2 Ordnance Compass. It's a neat little gadget.
  2. This is awesome. If I ever make another Stalingrad campaign I will fill the city up with soldiers. When I can get Starlink out on the farm I will fill up Stalingrad with soldiers for co-op or a server.
  3. Hello. I have a suggestion. Take photos and compile images of the common buttons, switches, knobs, arms, grips ect that you use. Then post that image in your first post of this thread. Maybe number/catalogue the parts so potential clients like my self could scketch up a rough draft of what they want. "knob type A potentiometer" - "switch type C" ect. Or you could get fancy and make a website where people could even drag and drop these items on a box (custom dimensions maybe, or not) as a rough draft for an order.
  4. Hey it's already gutted! Perfect for a Stage Rally build! lol Just kidding. Seems like a cool restoration project.
  5. I've only watched a handful of Marks videos even though I subscribe to him. Everything I've watched so far seemed reasonable and accurate. He has a very large amount of videos, most of which I will probably never get around to watching. I rather read books. Secondly, people using Reddit as an end-all be-all authority is just about as cringe and annoying as people thinking "snopes" (which is some dude, his fat hooker wife & a couple of cats - no joke) or "wikipedia" (which any pink-haired university idiot can edit) is an infallible authority handed down by God almighty himself.
  6. Coming back to IL-2 after a very long break. Bump-a-rino for plane specific control profiles! Setting up the JSGME method today. (or just manually replacing files out of folder of saved presets)
  7. and rather than hit keys you could use voice commands... this works well with uboat sims. I experimented with it with Tank Crew, acting as tank command - this also worked. It seems like voice commands over a mic activating the games radio commands would be nice - but since it is multiple key strokes to access different layers of options it would be a bit more tricky than the ones I did with Tank Crew.
  8. sounds like the map must have been changed I have not been playing IL-2 let alone working on content. I'd like to start doing Staffel sized fly outs with people again for LW attack/bombers once Starlink internet arrives out here on the farm... Who knows, maybe I'll get back into it (would have to get used to all the new editor changes that I am unaware of). If suddenly AI works "decent" enough again - Stuka missions priority above everything else. EDIT: did some testing. I got a whole Staffel to actually drop bombs on a target, but from 2000+m al
  9. Someone else will have to carry the banner on this one. I've barely played this game in the last year. If AI gets improved I'll happily come back and create content for us ground-pounders. I'm busy working on strategy game content.
  10. What about the Kampfgeschwader operating in the area?
  11. I am making scenarios. I post under the same name on the Slitherine forums. Check out my PC2 Scenarios here: http://www.slitherine.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=597
  12. I am working on a project about the Battle for Cholm. I know StG 1 gave critical support to the pocket. I also know that fighters provided cover for Ju 52s, Ju 88s, Ju 87s, Gliders, Stukas ect... My question is simple. What Jagdgeschwader would have been providing cover around the pocket during Jan to May 1942? To anyone interested in the battle I highly recommend Jason D. Mark's book "BESIEGED - The Epic Battle for Cholm".
  13. I have had a handful of people pm me about it. I never want to give files to people that aren't up to date and/or won't function as intended due to AI changes. Maybe one day the Stuka AI will get back to how it used to function and I can work with it again.
  14. I live on a farm. But all the territory next to us is the foothills of the cascade mountain range. All our farm animals are free-range. We just accept that there are going to be causalities with the smaller animals like chickens. You'd think they would get massacred with so many raccoons, coyotes and birds of prey out here. But I think that having 80 heads of cattle roaming around thwarts off many predators. Small predators want nothing to do with giant cows . On the topic of coyote population and my leaning towards killing some... consider that we used to have larger
  15. In my area bobcat populations are ok apparently. But we also have many birds of prey (bald eagles, various hawks) and coyotes that probably take a toll on young bob-kittens. We don't have wolves here so coyote populations get crazy... We should probably shoot some coyotes here to increase the population of other animals like deer and bobcats.
  16. I was hoping to catch a herd of Elk that I recently crossed paths with while fishing on the farm. I assumed I'd also get some cool Coyote footage at minimum. I was not expecting these guys though .
  17. Report made mid-2018... Photo of me waiting for AI improvements:
  18. Yes. It has a big learning curve (operational turns/UI/mechanics). But the simulation of battle is good enough so that if you have a basic idea of tactics that would work irl, it will work in the game.
  19. An artillery observer... 15cm incendiary rounds to burn the Russians out before the attack... infantry gun await orders for a fire mission... The farm is attacked from 3 sides... Assault Guns flank the enemy... Prisoners are taken and sent to the rear... 4 anti-tank guns taken out...out of ammo!
  20. I have only read a bit so far but this is very interesting. I'd recommend posting your work in the appropriate sub-forum on the Axis History Forums.
  21. When I used to play Red Orchestra 2 I always made sure to have a bottle of Pervitin handy. I would also leave my window open all winter to simulate eastern front temperatures. I would not shower and would welcome the lice on my body. All these things keep you awake and alert thus improving your performance in-game.
  22. Got some gravel roads along the farm I'm on along with some logging roads up into the woods to mob on. I picked up a 200x for $700. It just needs basic maintenance and tuned up and hopefully will be good to go. Not only are they cheap, parts are readily available since so many people still ride them. Also those 250r's mob in the dunes if that's your thing.
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