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  1. Hey @LukeFF what strategy did you use for uncovering the Revolutionary War information? Pensions? Muster/Rolls? or that Sons of Liberty stuff? It seems rather difficult (and inconclusive/or not concrete) when common names are uhhh common. I know my odds are slim but it would be a neat find. WW2 and Civil War vets are the easiest to discover for me it seems. I had to dig HARD to get information on someone I KNEW served during the Great War (my great grandpa was in the US medical corps). It was interesting to learn that my "German" family was actually Austrian and Bohemian. A significant amount of my English lineage is traced back to the early American Colonies, which is really cool. I'm talking births recorded in 1620s and 30s which is beyond epic. The farthest back I've connected is currently an English line to 1350. I've owned a couple k98's, shooter-grade, for uhhh shootin'. Out of all the main battle rifles of WW2 it is my all around favorite. The Arisaka type 99 wins in the "feels the best in my hands" award though. --- Meet the Austrians.
  2. So I logged into my moms ancestry stuff. I am finding records for more civil war guys. One got drafted into the 7th Indiana in '63 and died listed under the 13th Indiana 19 days after the war ended, damn measles got him. Man I can tell this is going be REALLY addicting...
  3. 15. Posting messages that are not relevant to the topic of discussion (off topic) except as specifically allowed in a section is prohibited. 7. Comments containing profanity, personal insults, accusations of cheating, excessive rudeness, vulgarity, drug propaganda, political and religious discussion and propaganda, all manifestations of Nazism and racist statements, calls to overthrow governments by force, inciting ethnic hatred, humiliation of persons of a particular gender, sexual orientation or religion are not allowed and will result in a ban. 6. It is forbidden to discuss the actions of moderators and administrators in any form on the forum. All questions are to be sent via "personal message" to the administrator/moderator. 2. This forum is provided by 1C-777 Ltd. as a courtesy and its usage is a privilege and 1C-777 Ltd. reserves the right to ban any member temporarily or permanently for any reason at any time. Any penalties listed below for violations of the rules are guidelines only and forum administration may take additional action if they feel it is warranted. Use of the forum is not connected to usage of the game and access to this forum is not guaranteed to users as a consequence of purchasing the game. Hope this time is clear to you.
  4. My (g-r-r-r-eat!) uncle "Benajamin Burt" was in the Yankee Cav. We have his sword, binoculars and pistol. Also we have an awesome looking charcoal portrait of him. Apparently he survived the war and drowned 2 years later, (i suspect this might have been a suicide). He was also a river-boat gambler and the story goes he once "shot a cheater dead". What a badass. Oh and I dated a Mauser girl once. Her family had little to no understanding about what their name mean't and the weapons associated with it. I honestly was expecting a K98 production line the first time I met her parents. Disappointing to say the least.
  5. Even "normal" ai setting for AAA is insanely accurate. In real life they were not even remotely close to that successful.
  6. There is a thread in the scripted campaigns section about KG 55 missions with insight into flight book/logs. Many of the missions were against Stalingrad itself, as one would expect based on the history of the battle, duh. So that is one prime example of IL-2 not getting it right (they are a-ok with retarded cinematics depicting civilians being targeted, but god forbid it is actually in game). If AI issues were taken care of you could rest assured I would make some bombing missions against the City itself. I mean it was a war wasn't it? This is a war game isn't it? For some reason the flight community seems very divided on blood/gore or civilian targets. I suspect because many fans are like hot-rod fans. They like the aesthetic of planes and the pretty sounds, but want to look away at the fact that these are war machines designed for death and destruction. Personally I want to strafe and bomb small ferry vessels on the Volga. The lack of civilians is a huge issue I have with war games in general. Some "edgy" non-war games have innocent or civilians populations - but NEVER kids. Why? What is the difference between killing a hooker in GTA vs. killing a punk kid on a skateboard? I want a war game where maybe you're clearing an area and storm a building only to learn your arty barrage you called in killed a mother and her child. That's war. Kids will grow up thinking that war is where 2 opposing armies meet up for combat after everyone else clears out of the area... I'm afraid the these zoomers will grow up thinking that Imperial Germany consisted of black people. It's so retarded. I'd like to see a single player story/character driven Vietnam War game where the player faces moral dilemmas and choices that have massive consequences (imagine you're a platoon leader). For example your interaction with the civilians would always be nerve racking... maybe you gain the trust of some villagers and they give you intel... maybe you find out one of them was actually relaying information to the NLF... maybe some "civilians" approach you and don't stop when you order them to, do you have your guys shoot or take the risk of another soldier bleeding out from a surprise grenade? ect ect. Now if you make a game like that there will be edge lords that will just want to kill everything, no doubt. But that's not the point. If someone forked over a stack of money to me I'd make it my mission to produce war games that depict the horror of war. Marketing would essentially be free based on the "controversy" - it would pay for itself. (hit me up angel investors lol) Remember that game Hatred? Yeah I supported those devs for merely having the balls to make the game. I support freedom of speech. It's ironic how GTA everyone is a thug, runs around committing all sorts of crimes and murder... but you "have a choice" (implying people use morals and ethics while playing GTA HAHA) . But in Hatreds case the critics said it was different because the premise of the game was that you're playing as a mass-shooter, and that's a no-no I guess. This "you are acting it out" sentiment is exactly what our opposition says in regards to why video games are different than ultra-violent movies, which as you stated are widely excepted as being "ok". You mentioned RO2. We all know that game. RS2 plays somewhat rare death audio that reminded me of RO2... after 300 hours in-game I heard a unique death sound yesterday that was gnarly. It felt like it lasted an eternity, the sound of a man choking and drowning on his own blood. It was brutal. It made me second guessing if I should exit my little crater of protection I was hiding in. Though I will admit overall RO2 has a much more grim atmosphere all around. But imagine how much cooler it would be if you occasionally saw a civilian or 2 darting across a streets of Stalingrad? Or maybe a Babushka gives you a PPSH-41 drum mag... all sorts of possibilities to add a more "human" aspect to the game. Political Correctness gets adopted by most large companies and corporations - and that is what is shifting and killing the gaming world. This is why I bought HATRED and IS DEFENSE from those Polish devs. Not only were the games actually fun but I wanted to support their lowkey political flanking maneuver just in the name of freedom of speech, expression and art. I had to fight with my parents to play DOOM II as a kid. This was my entry into PC gaming. lol. The fight never ends. GaMeRz RiZe Up.
  7. I tried to play it fairly recently but the out-dated audio is more sour to me than the graphics. I'm weird like that.
  8. Yeah Happiness is a meme. You can experience moments of joy, that's it.


    When the Terror Threat Level reaches Mandarin Orange:
  10. Graviteam custom battle: Setting up creeping Artillery Barrage in Shilovo campaign during deployment phase: Stug III f/8s during the Bulakhi campaign: hey turn down the dust (its called "reduce dust" I set it to moderate reduce or medium or whatever its called...) and turn off the tracer smoke. This will improve your performance quite a bit. Personally I think the tracer smoke looks silly, it's just too big. The dust is massive, which is realistic I suppose, but when you have a couple tank companies moving around it just taxes your system a lot. Granted it is a strategy game so even if I dip down to 20 frames during an intense battle, I don't care. whoopsie: My favorite Rally car:
  11. I made one of the first user maps for Spintires. I used to talk to the creator Pavlov too, super nice guy. I'm waiting for a game where I can drive an Opel in a supply column lol.
  12. INTJ, high-functioning-autist (now with neurological issues) reporting for duty! lol. I've been prone to depression my whole life. After X amount of years of dealing with it I learned how to mitigate risk and avoid it a lot, or at least shorten it's length and intensity when it was unavoidable. As I stated I am INTJ, but have a rather extreme scores on various traits. For example I score in the top or bottom 1-5 percentile in multiple traits. I can't say this made my social life dramatically difficult. As a kid I found making people laugh always worked to my benefit. I excelled in music and gained lots of social cred points for shredding guitar like a mad lad. Hated most people. Hated most social situations. But for some reason playing music in front of 100s of people = no problem. Thanks to decent facial symmetry I never had problem with women, regardless of my emotional retardation at times. I literally remember an old girlfriend telling me "this is the part where you tell me you love me" - pretty hilarious in hind-site. The autism is only a recent discovery. After reading into it and talking to my family and friends about it it's almost a joke - it's so obvious haha. In 2013 I had a bad heatstroke one day after working out. Heatstroke involves the possibility of one or more organs failing or causing complications and or death. Heat Exhaustion is what most people experience and recovery is in 1-7 days usually. Please don't confuse the two. Heatstroke ain't no joke boys. Recovery took 1 whole year. The first 3 months were hell, I'm talking symptoms up there with brain tumor shit. I woke up every day feeling like someone had fed me magic mushrooms that Satan himself grew. The hypothalamus resets. All your primal functions are annihilated. I had no sense of what it even was to be "Jared" - ego didn't even exist. I was laying on my couch 20 hours a day in agony. I remember focusing all my thoughts and energy just to take 1 shower a week. I had the trots for a whole year. Recovery plateaued after a year or so and I went to various specialists looking for answers... I still have no diagnosis (can't get disability). Naturally doctors started pawning off my array of symptoms on anxiety ect. Yeah autistic Jared nipped that one in the bud quickly. I spent 6 months seeing a shrink with a Phd and had him fax a letter to the doctors that confirmed my issues were beyond the scope of any mild-moderate mental issues I was dealing with at the time .Anything that raises body temperature inevitably brings on an array of symptoms that can range from simply feeling uncomfortable to impending heatstroke and death. Going to a store? probably too hot. Going to a persons house? probably too hot. Want to fire up the stove to cook? probably too hot. ect ect. I go on 2 or 3 walks a totallying around 30 minutes a day. I also throw in some light weight for only like 10-15 minutes max when I feel up to it. Basically doing a simple task in life turns me into some Seal Team 6 OP planner, it's quick in/out entry and extraction. I matured through life learning what I need to do and not do to avoid depression. By my mid 20s I had a pretty solid grasp on this. But now I have VERY few options to cope with life due to rather extreme heat intolerance (more like warmth intolerance). For starters this keeps me in doors for like 4 months out of the year. All my old hobbies and interests are not possible (ww2 reenacting, mountain biking, lifting weights, playing music, SLAMMING BEERS ect ect). So life (as I knew it at least) was annihilated. Even though I have very little hope in my future or my life I will give you my old formula that I used to avoid depression. If you do the following and are still depressed than maybe you actually need meds. However if you're overweight, doing nothing all day but video games and porn - you need to sort yourself out bruh. Eat healthy (just eat real food dude) Workout (this was my biggest one) Set goals (GET IT DONE) Make plans (for me even a social event once a week is all I needed) Keep a journal (or just write stuff out) Be creative (this often incorrectly gets misinterpreted as only being a feminine things like art... but stone masonry, welding or carpentry can be creative) Experience nature (i swear to god city living and city life is why most people are depressed. Uncle Ted was right) I appreciate the thread. I lost count how many times I want to bring up my situation (because it clearly dominates my life) but I always delete stuff because I don't want to come across as complaining or boo-hooing. Things can always be worse, trust me. Struggle builds character.
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