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    Come and Join the Luftwaffe! [Recruiting]

    I really like the vibe I'm getting from the application and your professional looking forum. Here is a bump for interest.

    Stuka Campaign

    I'm not sure if you ever played my Stuka campaign... but things are in the works for CO-OP... https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/43340-netscapes-co-op-events/ Stuka is my favorite plane in the game.
  3. A simple solution would be to use CO-OP format because you could set the amount of plane slots each team. If you want balance you could force it that way.

    Developer Diary 216 - Discussion

    NETSCAPE has arrived to make his obligatory Stug III G comment. YOLO.

    NETSCAPE's CO-OP Events

    I'd like to share a screenshot so you can better understand the concept of my "Drive Across the Don" mission that is mentioned in the Tentative Mission list. Hs 129 and Bf 109 E Jabo pilots will operate out of Tuzov along with their 109 air cover. The Blue dotted line shows the area of operations for ground attackers. There will not be any targets east of this zone. The Red filled-in zones mark target rich area's for sorties. But don't be surprised if you stumble upon targets out of these zones as well. Depending on how testing goes (need people to fill up events to see performance hits) - I might have to split the target area's into a northern and southern half perhaps. We will see. I might possibly add Bf 110's at Frolov. The 110's could nearly reach the target area at the same time as the Hs 129 due to the dramatic difference in speed! Please let me know if you or your "squadron" are interested in this sort of thing.

    Tactical Communication in WWII

    Brief overview of PzKpfw IV comms Panzer Tactics (Command and Control) Consult Chapter 5, page 177 List of German Radios
  7. I read the plane specification in game and there is little to control or maintain. I tried flying a couple missions in career but my engine would freeze only after descending a few 100 meters to attack or dodge enemy fire.
  8. And apparently if you Alt-F4 out of the game during CO-OP and relaunch the game you will see your lobby still sitting there...

    What volume setting do you use?

    So these results are what I expected and feared... Until the game volume adjust the Media MCU playback as well this is going to annoying. People won't hear it who play at 100% and headphone users who play at 10% will get REKT...
  10. --- This is just turning into a waste of a day. But now I'm just irritated and my Autism has kicked in. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Here are the Ju 52's copy and pasted into a new Lapino file I created. name test.rar I'm going to remake the planes in my actual mission and see if that works. If not I am moving on to different tasks... --- Yep recreating all my Ju 52s from scratch within the original mission worked. Also fun fact @[TWB]Sketch I saw your coop test and joined to say "howdy" - then IL-2 froze. GG EZ.
  11. I just made a million Ju 52 groups in Lapino. I set each group up different to try and pin-point an issue (mods, cargo, skin, call sign order and starting point - 0 vs.1). every. single. group...is ordered correctly. So like I said... just my mission is jacked up... not deal breaker since leader is clearly visible in the lobby. --- Ah, just had a thought. You know what it might be? At first when I work on missions I always save them as single and test basic logic and stuff in singleplayer single mission type right? Well all those planes at one time were not cooperative start. Maybe that switch being turned on and or the mission going from single to coop is causing the issue.
  12. I appreciate the help but the first thing I checked was the formation in flight, ie what you thought I did wrong. I would never target link a group of planes or vehicles to a leader all at once, for obvious reasons. I'm sure the solution is something as simple as remake all the planes. Resave as a new mission ect... You know those odd ME issues that make no sense...
  13. Didn't work. Same issue. It only effects Ju 52 as far as I can tell. The order is still reversed in the listing (named all planes of a flight the same, except flight lead). I suppose as long as flight leader is known that's a bit better... but still this sort of tiny detail drives me insane...
  14. Tatsinskaya is packed... come join us.

    NETSCAPE's CO-OP Events

    I marked you down as flight lead of your ketten. Let me know if you have a different preference. Taxi and takeoff order is reflected in the signup list. We will be flying arrowhead formation made of 3 ketten... well hopefully