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  1. It's safe to say this is dead at this point. I moved out onto a farm so my ping is insane. No more multiplayer for me. All is well though, Farm > City.
  2. Seems like using windows and some website to do simple image editing is more a pain in the ass than say, downloading paint dot net software for free...
  3. Yeah back when we were kids we just called it "running from the cops".
  4. The devs just released bots so singleplayer is now very possible if you want to sail alone. I highly recommend this game to anyone who is a uboat sim fan. It is quickly shaping up to be the best uboat sim ever. Yes better than Silent Hunter series. Now all we need is voice commands to control the bots for the final step in immersion.
  5. I want a Stuka B or D series eventually once I crash some cheap-o planes. This guys looks awesome... wish I could buy one.
  6. Depends. Here is some data from the BoS, KG 55: Indeed, even the AI accuracy set to "low is still statistically more accurate than what is historical true. Most mission designers use "normal" setting which is almost lazer guided. This is one of many reasons why I hate multiplayer. It's odd that this community is autistically obsessed with realism but "lol learn to fly better" is what I get told when I complain about getting shot down constantly by AI flak.
  7. I'll be moving out on a farm next month (bye bye to multiplayer games). I was thinking about getting into RC stuff once I got some monies saved up for hobbies again. I looked for a few planes I'd like to fly eventually, they are all sold out though! I haven't researched the hobby that much. But it seems apparent to me that most people get into it for the DIY planning/building/painting aspects. I am the exact opposite. I just want to fly. I have a feeling that a lot of people just obsess over building and don't fly enough. Then they crash their 5000-10000 dollar project lol.
  8. A Soviet Platoon is nearly wiped out by 4 x 8 cm GrW 34 at a range of 2,000 meters. The 369th Croatian IR perform flanking maneuvers on Soviet mortar positions. A light mortar crew moves into position to provide covering fire. --- Mortars lay smoke, Artillery pounds the tree line and heavy MGs suppress the enemy... Angriff! 3rd Platoon, the reserve, is sent to their baptism of fire. Recon reports no enemy armor so all available guns are used in the fire support role.
  9. I'm looking for to IL-2: Battle of the improved AI. Until then I will keep a firm grasp on my shekels.
  10. They get purged on YT on a regular basis. Archive dot org has a fair amount that I've been watching. But I want the collection as complete as possible. Also I'm moving out to the country in a couple months hopefully, so my internet won't be good for streaming...
  11. Have any of you guys ever purchased from this site/company before? I found them mentioned a couple times while doing searches on the Axis History Forum. I'm interested in Die Deutsche Wochenschau and other News Reels.
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