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  1. So I have the cessna trim wheel that I want to bind to the flaps up/down as axis so I can make the 109 realistic as possible. Couldn't get it working as it detects one bind as an axis. So any way to get it working? If so and I am flying a lot I will purchase another so I have one wheel for flaps, another for trim just like the real BF109. I'm trying to make my BF109 setup in VR as realistic as possible. Thanks!
  2. exactly, how can u guys even see anything, anyways. Let alone have good SA, to know whats happening at a distance?!
  3. Just as the title says, looking to play in the afternoon with somebody to share the experience with. Probably on the WOL and Bologa servers, as I need to train as much as possible.
  4. So, I just got il2 installed again and I love the 109. I have a VR setup with a 1080ti, pedals, joystick, throttle quadrent configured for the 109 and I only want to focus on that. Im really looking for some top 109 pilots to teach me the ropes and possibly bring me in their squad. I think I have a stable connection with wings of liberty server, and the bologa dogfight server. That is the catch, Im in China, and probably not on your timezone. For me, beijing time, mid mornings, to afternoon should be good. But you may have to put up with the chinese network nonsense from me. Let me know.
  5. 9am-2pm, ten around evening 7-11pm Beijing time
  6. So I'm a bf109 flyer, got joystick pedals, throttle even replicated a little to look like a 109 model and I fly in VR on a GTX970 so resolution is low (1280x720). Also Im in China and fly over a gaming VPN online. Im a teacher for a living and I have a lot of time on my hands, but I don't think the timezones work out for anyones squadron... But if you also love the 109 (Im not familiar with the G models but would love to learn) and want to fly together online either in a coop, a wingman or w.e let me know we can have some good times I would prefer to fly on expert mode because I want to fly an airplane and have to control it.
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