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  1. finally saw some action last night. was a good time. got shot down 3 times but still learning. maybe i need a different aircraft. i am partial to the Albatross but I kept getting swarmed by Camels as she's so slow. Any recommendations on a German aircraft? Thanks!
  2. it's just a mission is generated under Missions. Mission name should be the date and name of your campaign and type of mission.
  3. no. i check every night on my PC. usually down to 1-3 people at 8-9pm MST. like now it has 22 people but i'm at work. i am assuming a good portion of the folks are from the UK. hopefully more North American chaps will get FC and we can join in the fun!
  4. It's a great server, but sadly at night in NA, it's pretty dead. Hopefully more people get into FC so it can be populated at night
  5. SOunds good. I'll keep an eye on it. I am MST in NA, so sadly I think I miss the peak as i get on a bit later. Look forward to trying it out! FC dogfighting is so fun, can't wait to try it with actual folks.
  6. i've noticed FC mp is not very busy. both nights i have checked there is no one on sadly. hopefully picks up eventually!
  7. Hi Pat! Hope all is well. Just checking to see if there is a approx. ETA on adding that RTB fix for FC. Now that I know it exists, it's hard to play as more often then not planes are RTB'ing just as the mission is getting going. Thanks very much for your time and work!
  8. Hi all. Looking to try some MP finally. What is the name of the server in the server list? Thanks!
  9. Thanks sir! Good info. Appreciate you checking it out. The stop gap would probably be better then them not fighting at all and turning around. But ya, not ideal. Hopefully fixed soon by devs! Thanks again
  10. Did another mission with the Pfalz last night and same thing. They do a 180 about halfway across no man's land. Did another with the Albatross with no issues and it worked fine.
  11. Ya, Pat Wilson's tool is great! Lately I usually use Easy Mission Generator by SYN_Vander. A quick and easy tool that generates missions to you specifications. Very cool
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