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  1. gad11

    ME 262

    is there pitch trim on this beauty? amazing aircraft to fly!
  2. gad11

    ME 262

    Excellent! Thanks!
  3. gad11

    ME 262

    Is there much single player content for the 262? Just quick missions so far?
  4. Any thoughts on the 262 now that it's out? Looks like it can do ground attacks and some dogfighting.
  5. Was thinking of maybe getting FC. What does it have for single player right now? I don't really care about campaigns and such, but is there random mission generator or anything like that? Thanks!
  6. Hi Pat! It's very survivable. I have everything on default (AA and fighters) and while I have been shot down for sure, I find if you go low and slow you can usually get to and from your target most of the time. I always see dogfights above me and German fighters that venture down have trouble hitting me because of speed and altitude.
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions! I have found lately I like to use the Bf 109 E-7 for ground attack. I am using Pat Wilson's Campaign Generator and having a blast in this little plane.
  8. Ya. Very long flight times. I will stick with Pat Wilson's Campaign Generator for this little plane as with that your home airfield is a bit closer.
  9. I want to try the A-20. Looks fun! I will also add i love the U-2. So fun to bomb stuff in. Looking forward to playing tonight as I see today's patch added it to career mode with night missions.
  10. Hi all. Just getting back into IL-2 and really enjoy the ground attack part of the game. Strafing, dive bombing, etc. Curious what everyone's favorite ground attack aircraft is? So far I enjoy the IL-2 with rockets as well as the Pe-2. What are your thoughts on the Hs 129 B-2? I see it's on sale and looks fun for ground attack. Thanks!!
  11. Did a mission. Worked pretty well. Nice close target so didn't take too long to get in the ol putt-putt U2! 😄 Only issue during mission was no target showed up. Mission was to destroy troop concentrations but didn't receive a target (red mark on map). No big deal though as i blew up some AAA so did something good for the war effort! Only advice and not sure if possible, but default altitude for the mission is pretty high. U2 is pretty low level so I manually changed the heights to around 150. They were set around 800 I believe which would take quite a while to get in the U2. But no big deal as I can change easily myself! Look forward to the next mission. Thanks for this Pat!
  12. Wonderful! I'll give it a try now!
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