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  1. Quax

    Rudder authority - taildraggers...

    The 109s, for instance, require permanent almost always full right rudder during taxi, even with tailwheel locked, and even when throttle back to iddle. I never use the rudder to taxi an taildragger in RL. It might move a bit using differential braking, if I can´t keep my legs calm
  2. Quax

    new mission for tanks

    The air cover is much more realistic, if the server is on expert setting. It is the icons, that make it impossible for tanks.
  3. Happy New Year to the Dev Team ! I start loving your tanks 😊
  4. I had the same issue with the last patch already, but as Field-Ops said, after starting Oculus Home it worked.
  5. Quax


    Yes, since last update I have only a 1:10 ratio :(( I get thrown out after the loading files message. I don’t get the loading picture, then I see the cooperative/dogfight screen next I got it with low number of players. However I never could join high number servers as Wings of Liberty anymore
  6. Quax

    Developer Diary 199 - Discussion

    262 in BoS quality - big show !!
  7. Quax

    Developer Diary, Part 197 - Discussion

    I fly post WW1 biplanes (FW,Bücker,Stampe,Stearman), and can assure you, that RoF has the same rudder/roll coupling problem as BoX had in the beginning. Gliders are very different.
  8. Quax

    Developer Diary, Part 197 - Discussion

    The devs know for sure. The same "fault" in the rudder / roll coupling, that has been corrected in BoX, is present in RoF. You can check the forum for details. They have been explained by the devs themself.
  9. Quax

    Developer Diary, Part 197 - Discussion

    Of course I am happy you are doing Flying Circus, and will support it. But I really hope, the wrong rudder/roll coupling, the fault that has been corrected in the BoX series, will be adressed some day. It is even more disturbing in WW1 planes, as you need the rudder much more !
  10. Great map size ! Looking forward to cross it in the Me262
  11. Quax

    New player requiring advice on game

    Don´t buy any Logitech crap. Best stick is still the FFB2. You should get it on ebay for ca 100 bucks. FFB gives you natural neutral position of the elevator according to trim, and of course some additional immersion. They modelled that really nice.
  12. Impressive work on the map. There are civil sims, where you pay massively more to get better geo maps, and they don´t look as natural as this !!
  13. They might have this approach. But they are very far out of the runway yet
  14. Quax

    Jazzed about Flying Circus - Thoughts on Plane Set

    The RoF2 announcement was the best news ever. What I would like to know (I don´t care too much about the initial plane set) is, will the rudder/roll fix, that BoX got, be implemented as well ? Although I am pretty sure, this will be done, I would be happy to read a confirmation somewhere before preorder time.
  15. The MSFFB2 is adjusting the 0 force center according the airplane trim. This is the only way of realistic flying. I use NO curves with the MSFFB2. Any center joystick behaves unrealistic, as it gives force on the elevator in the center position. You can just improve it with curves, but without getting rid of the problem (trimming the plane can´t be realistic, whatever curve you use). I hope I explained it good enough, if not ask again.