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  1. I am fighting with my windows recognition of my controllers every time. I have three systems running (different places), but the problem shows up only on one of this systems. Luckily I can get windows to recognize them by pulling them out and in until they are seen under controllers. If one is not recognized before I run IL2, none of them will work as the registration number changes within IL2. Microsoft obviously doesn´t care about this USB registration problem.
  2. This means, that you have an dll registration fault. You can´t get help from Devs, as this has nothing to do with their software. I think they would help, if they could. But this is impossible in that case. There are repair programs on the market, but I don´t know wether they really help. Maybe you installed another software, which corrupted the system ? (google "msinfo32 fault") You can try to run the installer of IL2 again. If this doesn´t help, you might need to set up your windows again. Or you have acronis and can reset it to a "running version" ?
  3. The seaplanes of RoF have been one of the most impressive highlights on a PC sim for me. Landing on the moving waves was great fun.
  4. Why do guys buy this product on steam ? I´ll never get it. PS: If you can´t get your Kuban running, you surely did contact the support ?
  5. Read again: Question: "Am I the only one ..." Answer: YES Sometimes it is better to rethink before posting 😉
  6. I did fly today at max players with no stutters, max FPS, no CTD. PS: stunning update - great show from Moscow
  7. Good idea. I saw one Win10 message: pointing to wrong address xy message. So it may be related to too less RAM. I have around 11 GB free (16GB in total). Maybe I should go to 32.
  8. I get CTDs randomly inflight, whenever the Bodenplatte map is loaded. No matter wether in single or multiplayer.
  9. Since the last update I get massive crashes, I never had before. They happen at any time. Don´t think, that they implemented so many new bugs. Maybe it is graphic card driver related ? Does anyone have a stable nvidia driver ? Which version ?
  10. You flip, if you leave the narrow road by one meter, what you normally do, at least in the end of the landing roll. But that doesn´t change my point: you can´t build your on airfield anywhere. Especially the Rheinland map does have nice spots, which would give nice little maps, as we had in the "Fast Food" server of RoF. Quote: "Different ground textures could eventually be given different bumpy properties" That would be the most realistic way, but I fear, the effort will be too big for the team to do that.
  11. I liked to build small airports into the nice landscape of RoF. On one side, on the Arras Map the hills with rivers of the RoF map are missing, but there is no way around that. But what I find very disturbing: the whole landscape of the BoX series is so muddy, that WW1 planes sink into that mud everywhere - even in towns. No succesful landings out of airfields are possible anymore and the nice little hidden airfields are not possible as well, as most of the planes are not able to take off.
  12. It´s a total different issue. The restriction using TrackIR causes no problems. But in VR you get motion sick, if you bang your head against an invisible wall and then push your whole aircraft sideways. Nobody wants to cheat with VR (you are not competitive anyway with your restricted resolution). And it is not about looking outside. The glass walls within the cockpit are the problem.
  13. Just as a reminder: they have to SELL the new three titles big time before the money will be available for something new ... So better work on that part via youtube, flight forums, friends etc ... IMHO
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