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  1. On Airbus airplanes very common: "it´s not a bug, it´s a feature"
  2. The issue seems to be even bigger in FC. You can shoot now 500 bullets into someone without reaction. Only the pilot is affected by the bullets as before that patch. What me irritates is, that there is no word about DM in the patch log. Last patch had changes, but not this one. So maybe it is a bug ? Otherwise some tuning would be appreciated.
  3. One effect hasn´t been discussed: The frequency of the engine sound is much lower (median of the spectrum). That means, that the air sound is cancelled much more with a mike (video) or a headphone. The lower the frequency, the more the sound gets a boost because of your vibrating body. If you put the headphone off in a T6 (didn´t fly a P51), the air sound gets much louder in comparison with the engine. So I don´t say this or that is right or wrong. I just say it is not so easy to find that "realistic" balance. Maybe you could connect a big subwoover to your system However, the quality of the changing ram air sound with speed is very high in this sim.
  4. I guess, you taxi 4 times his speed 😀 the english say "No need to taxi faster than a man can walk"
  5. I don´t think so. Many towns, that I know well, are much better, than i had expected. The problem is, that it is impossible for a few devs to fill such a big map as it was. From the castles at the Rhine to the Autobahns. The only way to make it better would be, if modders could create those additional content. How many more copies would have been sold, if the Autobahns were included ? I guess zero, to be honest.
  6. I have a similar system (6700k@4Ghz, 980ti, 16GB RAM). Try to get a used FFB2 on ebay. Then test IL2 (Stalingrad module). The system is good enough to do SP traffic pattern in VR. If you get excited, you might get a better GPU.
  7. Brief Description: On all airfields on Rhineland Map airplanes are drowning The plane will go below the grass surface and then it will explode. It works on SP, but not MP. Strange thing is, it did work with the same mission and same game version already. I am puzzled what could have happened.
  8. My newest setup: GVL throttle, Spitfire Rudder, extended FFB2
  9. Do you have a FFB2 or other force feedback stick ? Because if you don´t have one, the trim cannot work as it should, as it cannot bring the stick into the aerodynamic neutral position. See it like that: the trim takes the force from a deflected elevator, but it stays deflected. If you have to fight the spring at that deflection, it feels as if the trim wouldn´t work. The sense of a FFB stick is, that this neutral position is set. The shaking on the ground is nice, but irrelevant.
  10. You are right, more effects would be nice. But trim is the most important. Are you sure about it ?
  11. Sometimes I lost the stick during flight, but I did hear the windows sound for disconnection and reconnection of the controller. But still there is the fact, that although I use FFB2, CH throttle, TIR5 and rudder on all 3 of my systems, I get all problems only on one of them. That tells me, that it can´t be an IL2.exe problem. It seems to be hardware related. At the moment I am testing a powered USB HUB, instead of connecting the controllers to the mainboard.
  12. But whould it run with BoS ? The FFB2 is supported. But I don´t think this Brunner will run out of the box, and who would do a driver for BoS ?
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