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  1. Oculus seems really focused on the mass market. I doubt they'd be releasing a high end headset. As you said the Oculus CV1 to rift s wasn't much of a jump. They're really focused on a model that appeals to someone only wanting to pay $500. I think its great cause they'll get alot of casual users into VR. For simming I'd wait for the Pimax 8KX.
  2. (German)portemonnaie = Wallet(English) had to look that up. Figured I'd save someone else the time...
  3. Hard to tell when they'd even start shipping. I'm still waiting for them to start shipping 8KX. If all goes well, I'll order one of those. I guess for you it depends on how much you want the extra FOV. It is pretty sweet for checking your 6.
  4. Hmmm........ which will ship first. 3080ti or the Pimax 8KX? Guesses?
  5. maybe try adjusting your IPD. Just a thought, never tried IL-2 tanks
  6. well the good news is, the longer its delayed, the more time you have to save for it. : )
  7. By the TTL shots on the Pimax forum it looks great. I think it'll be next year sometime by the time people get their hands on one. It could be the best VR headset out there, but like I said without trying one, nothing is certain. Certainly looks awesome from the demos and the specs.
  8. Sooo were back to the Intel i9900K overclocked to 5+ ghz probably being the best single threaded performance. Too bad, Intel needs a kick in the pants in order to innovate.
  9. oh, interesting. They really should label that better. Good to see AMD doing so well : )
  10. Just a word about those benchmarks. The intel 9900ks were running at their crappy default stock speed of 3.6 ghz. I'm not sure anyone actualy does that. Mine easily hit 5 ghz.
  11. sounds kinda like FFR. Exciting that people are working on solutions to try to make VR run better
  12. According to this the cloud fix is bugged This feature is disabled with 14.1, it is bugged
  13. chiliwili69 - I see your point on PPD. However, I don't feel showing pics of the pimax 5k and the reverb is a honest way to compare a updated 8K+. Well have to wait to get our hands on it, but it sounds like improved panels and upscaler. I doubt the 5K panels compete with it anymore.
  14. Thanks! I have a new i9 9900K and would not have thought of this, I'll have to try it out.
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