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  1. No november update, what is going on. .? Did Bonkins mobile fall again into the touilet? 😜
  2. Yesterday i bought BoS but the tag is not showing, only BoK.... Can someone please help me ?
  3. I love to hear this news and I am very excited. Thanks to all being involved and making this happen. I would like to know if Oleg is happy with what is happening, i hope so. Jason, since you took over i see more and more positivism here, lots respect to you.
  4. Very nice move busdriver and thank you for the invitation. Don't put me in , i think there may be someone who can not effort to buy the game /Tante Ju right now and i don't want to take the opportunity away from him/her to get that present. Good luke everyone
  5. Thanks Habu. I will not be able to fly for a long time because i don't have a pc that can run this game/simulator, so I have to save up money for a long time to buy me a pc next year around Oktober. But that is not so bad for me, i can wait. My point is to support the team and our hobby. So it is better to pay 24.99$ for Tante Ju than 19.99$ so the team get s 5$ more ;-)
  6. Hallo everyone, first of all thank you Jason and team for new direction you are going with this game/ simulator. I was conserned how it was before. Reading the announcing battle of Kuban gave me goosebumps in a positiv way and hope, thats the reason i pre-ordered. I used to play Il2 1946 from almost the beginning and i loved it. Been years out of flying but always was reading the forums (including banana forum with Oleg). I m trying to bring friends to the party and will buy Tante Ju next month.
  7. Can someone please post a link where we can hear the Teamspeak Event.
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