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  1. Well, that's what everyone does all the time. I didn't say "hey, your text is full of mistakes", I gently pointed in the right direction. You'll also notice I started with a compliment. On the other hand, you trying to second-guess my intentions and accusing me publicly, is wrong. I hope you can see the difference. So please stop trolling, and get back on topic.
  2. There's nothing wrong in helping others to improve.
  3. Quite the beast! Note, use of the 3rd conditional form is quite wrong there: The front part of the canopy includes two angled parts and the windshield center post would have blocked the view through the gunsight, had it been installed in the center,
  4. I suppose they have a lot on their plate and had to fix a limit somewhere. I had also given info on an airfield that had played a role in WWII, and proposed to search further but they didn't even respond (same with the typos in some implemented ones).
  5. Good news is there isn't a wrong choice, both are awesome! I love the 109, but a campaign with the 190 would make a nice change
  6. It's always been like that for me, and it's still today. Never had news there.
  7. @Gambit21 Noted a "Kirmskaya in site" and another other similar typo. It's "in sight". Really enjoying it so far!
  8. Actually, that didn't change anything for me (with TrackIR, using zoom in/out) I had to change the FOV change speed of the PAN camera mode, in settings / camera. Not very intuitive, but there you are.
  9. I meant, the change of plans may be nice but may also look out of place, it depends on the type of campaign, here I didn't miss that at all. But it's subjective I suppose, I was just mentioning that because istari6's post made me thing about it. Forget what I said about briefings, longer and more detailed would probably be boring, and the way you did goes well with the flow and contains enough information, then there's also the map. Thanks for making this campaign!
  10. Is that why the zoom in is now much slower than before, while the zoom out is still the same? I'm only seeing this setting, vr_zoom_speed, which was 0.1 in the config file, but not separate zooms for in and out. Weird.
  11. Completed! It was a nice campaign, my impressions haven't changed. The missions are convincing from an immersion point of view, most of them start cold from the parking, and you can finish there if you want. There are other flights going on about their missions, sometimes you see them or even meet them during the flight. The time of day and the tasks are somewhat varied, nothing fancy but interesting and realistic. Sure, sometimes a surprise or a complete change of plan is nice, for example Ten Days in Autumn used it wisely. But the lack of it didn't bother me at all, I had the impression the missions were realistic, no particular drama or fuss is expected. The personal notes of the pilot adds to the overall story and is a very nice touch, there's even music to emphasize the "out-of-mission" impression. What partly ruined my experience are these very annoying "You have landed" screens that are imposed upon the player at a random time when taxiing, causing him to crash or loop because he can't see where he goes for a long time. I came to really hate that part and almost decided not to complete the campaign. Seriously, you ignored my first comment, but get rid of this! Then I'm not sure eveyone would appreciate it, so it's only a small suggestion: the success criteria seems easy to achieve and vague. I would sometimes wish the goal be more specific or more challenging, not only "keep your leader in sight and get back" - by the way, leaving the leader out of sight entirely or ignoring one's flight has no apparent influence on the outcome, you can really just have the mission on your own and it's still fine. The briefing could also be a little more precise about what to do. It would give more purpose. With the new 4.005 update, which I had in the last couple of missions, those missions get even more enjoyable in the air, especially with the AA. On the last mission I got shrapnel from those and my plane was damaged, I could still land safely but man, now we really have to be cautious about them! Before they were only amusing puffs... not anymore! Paying attention to the briefing map - which are well-detailed, becomes more important now, which is good.
  12. Keyboard is not working well though Well I have no other idea, @LukeFF has the same issue and is a tester, hopefully he knows what to do, or who to report this to?
  13. Just to make sure, I started it in French but I still have the front lines. You could also put the settings back to default, first in the campaign realism options (back to normal), then in the global settings for the user interface and so on, but I guess you've already tried. Maybe start by checking if you see those front lines in other scripted missions and in career mode, to see whether it's specific to this campaign or a general issue. Try to have missions with the same map, too, again to check if that is specific to the map or general. In the data subdirectory, there are *cache files (for each language), that you can remove and they will be rebuilt, but I don't think it's related to that. No harm in trying though. There's no local file that I know of for DLC missions, so I see nothing to "refresh" there (maybe someone else knows more about this). Perhaps a file is corrupted, but I don't know if there's a way to check or repair the game contents (there's no manual except a very outdated one, so...). If someone else knows, maybe.
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