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  1. Brief description: initial position of controller devices are not taken into account when sim starts (joystick, throttle, ...) Detailed description, conditions: When the mission starts, the position of the switches and analogue axes are not read until the user moves them, which results in a confusing behaviour. It mainly concerns the throttle quadrant, I'm using the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog. For example, the mixture lever is at 100% on the physical device, but IL-2 doesn't see it when starting the mission and sets the mixuture at 0% in the sim. So when the user starts the engine, it fails for a reason that is not apparent, since the physical device configuration is correct (here I'm using the analogue INCR lever on the right of the throttle) the flaps control switch is ignored too (here I'm using the 3-way FLAPS switch on the left of the throttle) It is 100% reproducible in IL-2 v4.004, I think I never had that in previous versions and that it could be a new regression. This was tested with scripted missions, for example Achtung Spitfire!! and the Spitfire Mk. Vb Achtung Jabos! and the P-47D Kaiserschlacht and the Fokker Dr.1 (in FC) Quick missions or career missions reproduce the same bug too. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): None. Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): IL-2 v4.004 Windows 7 pro (other specific details in signature)
  2. I found what the problem was. In "Fokker D.VII Flight School", the file info.locale=eng.txt contains Instead, it should have Note also that the description wasn't meant for this airplane (there are no flaps, no turbocharger and so on), so obviously this file was corrupted and misplaced at some point. The files in the other languages don't have this name/description mix, but their description seem to be related to another airplane too. The other campaign "RAF S.E.5a Flight School" doesn't seem to have this problem.
  3. For information, one of those (or both) corrupt the Scripted Campaign menu: Fokker D.VII Flight School RAF S.E.5a Flight School When they are put in the data/Campaigns folder, there is an HTML text in white rendered on top of the selectable Campaigns in the mentioned menu. I haven't tried to see where the problem is coming from, just reporting it (I'm using v4.004)
  4. Check the few posts above, it's been discussed not long ago and there were some tips. It seems to happen a lot Now I'm only spinning when this silly screen blocks my view telling me I've landed, I really hate this.
  5. I forgot to reply to this. I had the same problem in the first 2 missions at Slavyanskaya. There could have been 2 potential mistakes, but I'm not sure which was responsible or if that was a glitch: I was almost centred behind the leader and not on the right or left, but normally the downwash shouldn't have been so much of a problem for the direction, especially at low speed I was braking at the beginning to get enough RPM before rolling, and I was applying the throttle gently to avoid any couple effect (and trying to correct the spin with some braking when it started rolling, which perhaps only made it worse?) There's a bit of crosswind too, but if I remember correctly the spin was not rotating the plane into the wind so it's not that. The problem vanished on the next missions, and I just tried again the 2nd one - shooting range, without any problem. Actually, the AI does frequently spin on landing (it's very erratic in the patrol missions, changing speed all the time, and so on) 😄 Could you sort it out?
  6. Early impressions on this campaign, that I'm enjoying very much! What I like so far It includes the cold start and taxi (and this implementation of the Spitfire Vb is strangely easy to taxi!). The presentation at the start of the mission, with a story part and even music, is a very nice touch. The zoom-in gives a good sense of the airfield, even if it's a bit slow and repetitive after a few missions. The missions which are varied, and based on historical events... Or are they? It's mentioned in the first post of this thread, but the (quite short) description given in the sim says the opposite (fictional and not based on history) To be honest, I haven't looked up the historical facts to check (not sure I have the material for that anyway). It's a Spitfire campaign Features I'm not sure about / suggestions If I could only change one thing, it would be this. The "You have landed your airplane" picture scene *has* to be removed! I almost crashed a few times when I was taxiing and this picture completely blocked my view. It doesn't add anything, breaks the immersion, and is just plain dangerous. Please make it an option at least, or keep it for the 1st mission only, and once the airplane is fully stopped and safe The mission briefings could give a little more information, especially the name of the flight so we know which radio messages are relevant (what's the pilot's name anyway?). Maybe the flight altitude and IAS would help. In the 2nd mission, I was expecting to get some guidance by this Peter chap, but he remained silent the whole flight I guessed where the actual targets were, but firing at ground vehicles is a dangerous process, I'm pretty sure a real pilot would be given strict instructions on what to shoot (and probably not so close to a camp with friendlies). Little bugs? 1) I noticed that in the first mission, the leader could never land. It's probably more an IL-2 issue than a campaign glitch (I know IL-2 doesn't make scripted missions easy to design and maintain). The runway was empty for a long time, and yet the tower would not give landing clearance. I finally landed anyway, waited for the leader to land a while longer but finally gave up and exited the mission. It's of no real consequence, except for users who expect to wait for everyone to land safely before stopping the mission. I didn't have this problem in the other missions I flew. 2) In the patrol mission, the AI leader does a first pass, then does very tight 360s for a while. That's the same bug as in the career missions, so I suppose it's a problem for 1CGS (I did report it to them but that, along with all other AI bugs, never had a reply). See log in attachment, with the tight 360s at the bottom. Thanks for the campaign!
  7. In carreer mode, there are illegal characters in the briefing of ground support missions. See screenshot, 1st and 3rd paragraphs of "Primary objectives" part. IL-2 version 4.004
  8. I'll post this here because it's currently not possible to post in the AI thread. Brief description: AI 360 with very high bank angle Detailed description, conditions: When the AI does 360s in carreer mode, either to wait for the trailing airplanes to get in formation or at patrol waypoints (for ex. in "free hunt" missions), they turn in very tight circles, which is not efficient for the plane, and *very* annoying to follow for a long time because it's not natural and doesn't leave much spare time to look around and below for incoming enemy units. I'm not sure if that's realistic with WWII planes, but it's not what we do when flying in general. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): N/A Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): version 4.004
  9. Problem is still very much there in 4.004. It's mandatory to stop the game after the 1st plane has landed, or they will destroy one another.
  10. It's still there in 4.004, it's more obvious with the Tempest than the other planes, but I heard it yesterday with P-51s flying around before landing. With the Tempest, it's annoying enough that I prefer to stop the game immediately after landing.
  11. Brief description: lot of 'pop' noise and currupted sound of distant planes (like dithering but applied to sound) Detailed description, conditions: For example after landing, once the engine is shut donw, the user can hear the sound of other airplanes still in the pattern. Those sounds have been corrupted in the latest updates. They don't fade in and out gracefully but with popping bursts of noise. I had never heard that before (perhaps before version 4?), it's very irritating to the ear. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): none Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): IL-2 version 4.003b The sound card is a Sound Blaster Z (I don't have those popping sounds anywhere else) In-game sound settings are basic so I doubt they're relevant, they are still the same as in my previous problem report:
  12. Yeah, it seems people with different hardware get very different results in DCS performances, but oddly, also different improvement over time (getting worse and worse for me, but others see better overall performance). It really requires the latest high-end hardware. I'm looking forward to a Normandy map that is running smoothly, with realistic damage modelling of WWII planes and nice clouds, because we don't have that yet. Even better if the framerate is good and there are no regular load freezes. Though the cities are popping up in IL-2 when the user is looking in their direction, and don't blend as well in the countryside when seen from farther away, but that's WIP. I like DCS for the depth of the system modelling and the variety of available aircraft, but each time I'm trying a campaign or even a simple flight, there are so many broken features that I find it too distracting to continue, especially when those issues last for years and have lower priority than new stuff. In comparison, IL-2 doesn't go in such depths (on purpose), lacks any form of up-to-date documentation, but it's much more reliable, immersive and enjoyable. It's just a different approach, let's hope they take the upsides of one another over time.
  13. Good news is, the new decade is only starting next year, so plenty of time before getting there!
  14. In real life even today, a diversion airport is usual, it's even part of the fuel budget that you must calculate before departure. So it's surprising that it's counted as a crash penalty. It's even less expected to have two different results shown on the debrief and on the HQ planning page. But I suppose it's extra work to indicate "forced landing" or "diversion" in case the user lands in a XX-minute radius along the planned route (as long as it's friendly territory and airfield), instead of "crash". Or at least not the highest priority. It would indeed be great to have to refuel (and/or repair minor damage) and ferry back to the designated airfield, as a next mission or even in the same mission. Perhaps when refueling is fully implemented, that could be a first way to handle this.
  15. Ah OK (the plane shouldn't be lost though, I didn't check the numbers)... but I'd be happy to fly back there myself, all I need is a little bit of avgas Perhaps an idea of ferry mission in the future.
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