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  1. Since there is no real up-to-date documentation, I'd advise you to watch "The Air Combat Tutorial Library" channel on youtube, it shows a tutorial for each plane, fight and attack techniques, and other very useful information! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwV5RLX7mkaDy5gTIiuwGmg
  2. Redglyph

    Graphics, models and maps

    Brief description: graphics artefacts, white contours around cockpit features and other planes Detailed description, conditions: Best seen in the screenshots, there are white contours around the cockpit frame, the wings, engine, and other airplanes. They really stand out over ground and forest by contrast. Most are also visible at night which makes night mission very bad. Those artefacts change with time, depending on the angle, so they are very distracting. I haven't noticed those artefacts before, or not to that extend, it seems very recent, probably with 3.009. Anti-aliasing is not disbled in the nVidia driver, those are the standard settings (decided by the application), and antialiasing is set to max in the IL-2 options (see screenshot). It doesn't seem to work very well, though, most contours and features like antenna wire, for ex. in the main game screen in rotation around an airplane, show very visible aliasing as long as I can remember in IL-2. Perhaps both issues are linked even if the reported issue is more recent? Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): - 3 screenshots emphasizing the artefacts - screenshot with graphics settings Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): - version 3.009 - screen resolution 1920x1200, full screen - extra hardware/software details in sig
  3. Redglyph

    Autopilot and AI

    Brief description: AI bomber pilot doesn't close the bomb bay doors after run Detailed description, conditions: - A-20B bomber mission 5 of "Havoc over the Kuban" (for example) - equipped with internal bombs and extra bombs attached to the wings - the AI drops the bombs over the target, but forgets to close the bay door, it remains open all the way back to base Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): screenshot Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): - version 3.009
  4. I've just completed "5. Dawn Patrol" and didn't encounter any issue, no crash. I've followed the leader all the time, except over the target area. I usually don't use labels, except when I have a big doubt when identifying a fighter (friend/foe). It seems that when I had occasional crashes in the career mode, it was linked to switching the labels on the way back of a long flight to check for potential stalkers. Perhaps that's the difference? I noticed on the log that three Lagg-3s crashed on the way back, all over the sea at about the same time. Out of fuel? Or is that on purpose (removing planes appear on the log as crashed planes)? PS: flying over these mountains was great! Really enjoyed this one
  5. Redglyph

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

    Happy New Year everyone, fly safe!
  6. Mission 3 complete, and this time one cargo went down (would have been earlier if I hadn't forgotten to open the bay. Damn!). There are a lot of things going on, it's really fun and alive! I checked the log, 3 planes were lost just because of the relief. I witnessed one perfectly healthy Havoc hitting the hills west of the airfield, when I was taxiing back after landing... so much for respecting pattern altitude, they should rather enforce a right-hand pattern to avoid that (I suppose it's hard-coded). Two other fighters crashed earlier into the hills on the way back too, not far from the base. I don't know if they were trying to destroy the AA or just not paying attention. Despite what was said recently in the fix logs, there's still an awful lot of AI crashing into the ground and into buildings, even if there's no relief. Just a note but I'm not sure there's anything that can be done: in mission 3: there are a few vehicles messing around at the end of the runway, they steered in front of me and cut the way when I was taxiing after landing (the short bit of "taxiway" at the end of the runway). I could brake in time but it was close, after that they went on, driving on the runway then back into the fields.
  7. I think it's this file, you have do double-click and confirm (it will set a flag in your registry so the OS will ask confirmation): IL-2\data\EnableErrorReporting.reg Then run the mission again, good luck! I also have crashes with long missions in IL2, though I only had that in career mode so far, but I'm not at mission 5 yet.
  8. Finished mission 2, a lot of fun so far 1) Mission 1: From the briefing I was expecting to be in position 7, but I see that I'm 2nd position to take off. 2) Grammatical errors in the briefing of mission 2: => its (there's no place for a verb there, that's a determiner) => in the hope of intercepting => watch [out] for and listen to my signals (but really, I'd just say "watch out for my signals") 3) Mission 2 again (and I suppose, the next ones) It would be preferable to indicate the take-off position relative to the leader, since IL-2 is very fussy about that. Here apparently, after waiting a bit behind number 1, I tried to its left and then it was OK. I'm pretty sure I sank a boat but got no score. I need more practice
  9. Redglyph

    Havoc Over the Kuban - RELEASED

    If I understood correctly, you can link your Steam account to IL-2 and purchase it from the website here. But it's best if someone who actually did it can confirm. See this link: My advice: never buy from Steam if you can avoid it, if you buy directly from the website the publishers usually have a greater share of the income, and more importantly for you, you are not bound to Steam.
  10. Redglyph

    Graphics, models and maps

    It's actually correct. Rain in clouds is overdone in other planes, you usually don't get drops on your canopy (in a real flight) with the gentle stratus or stratocumulus clouds modelized in IL-2, you'd need at least nimbostratus or cumulus clouds.
  11. Redglyph

    Havoc Over the Kuban - RELEASED

    I know, I was just teasing I'm sure you are as impatient as we are. Looking forward to it!
  12. Redglyph

    Havoc Over the Kuban - RELEASED

    Damn, all my stratagems to try and extract more info have failed
  13. Redglyph

    Havoc Over the Kuban - RELEASED

    Jason said "more info later", but we only heard about the pre-order for "Fortress on the Volga", which sends a strange message.
  14. Do you still have the problem with the latest version? I have only done missions 9 and 10, but haven't experienced those ugly problems so far. Perhaps a short mission record track could be run on different PCs for comparison? I'm willing to try it out if you posted one.
  15. Redglyph

    Aircraft training campaign?

    Thanks a lot for the time you're spending on the manual! And thanks also for confirming the items above and all the extra info. I suppose the lack of audio until now, except a few effects in some scripted campaigns, is mainly due to the required support for so many languages, but I have never tried so I don't know if there are other possible issues. In DCS one can control the timing and assign an audio file to the text which is shown on the screen, in IL-2 there must be something similar (except the text is much more limited). Or perhaps it's just not in the spirit of this sim, an actual developer in IL2 should comment on that. It's definitely something that should be tested in a training mission