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  1. An Air Ministry memorandum from the Air Tactics Section in Aug 1942 explicitly states that there is no risk of engine failure if the merlin 45 uses +16 boost for combat only. It even goes further to state that if flying in the vicinity of the enemy to fly max everything and in good time. That doesn't give me the impression that going over 5 mins of WEP in a spitfire V should cause the engine to fail. I admit that some engine power limitations are due to risk to failure and thermal reasons. But certainly in the case of the spitfire V at +16 boost and in my opinion proba
  2. Conversely i rarely spot anything beyond 2km with my setup, therefore the visibility issue is not resolved. End of story.
  3. I'm sorry, but I don't use CH Control manager for anything else other than for calibrating my stick, so I don't know. I setup all my buttons, switches and stick scaling from the ingame menus. I've just opened up ch manager and there doesn't seem to be a way for it to recognise my pedals.
  4. CH fighterstick. It is an accurate stick, but the stick throw is too ligth for some people. There seems to be a quality and control issue with the CH fighterstic. I returned my previous two due to faults. MFG Crosswind Pedals. I cannot praise these enough. These are accurate and highly configurable to suit your feet position and comfort. There are people who recommend the Thurstmaster Warthog, however my experience has been an entirely negative one. I spent a significant amount of money and time attempting to fix the 'stiction' probelm inherent in the Thrustmast
  5. Hello, I'm looking for a squad to fly with during euro timezone. I typically fly in combat box sever and willing to fly co-op too. My interest is in flying RAF aircraft. I must be upront and form any potential using an original oculus rift therefor I find it an incredible challenge to spot and identify contacts. Is anyone willing to fly with someone who might be considered legally blind? Thrila
  6. It has certainly been a challenge online due to the difficulty of spotting aircraft. For me it's more frustration of not finding anyone to fight for 25 mins and then reviewing a film to see there were up to a dozen aircraft about 3-4 miles away. I've downloaded 3Dmigo and been trying to setup 5x zoom (that is a challenge in it's own right at the moment.)
  7. Thanks, I've mapped zoom to my stick now. The challenge I have no is adjusting the convergence so both images are the same in each eye. I'm using a laptop with so keys such home, pagegup aren't on my keyboard but require me to hold shift and use one of the numbers of the keyboard. I need to find a way to remap the keys for convergence etc because i cannot use the default keys because for example home key for me is shift+7. This means global convergence is shift + shift +7 which doesn't work nor any of the other default keys for convergence/divergence.
  8. I'm having difficulty assigning 5x and 10x zoom to my joystick and I'm hoping someone can provide me advice. I've tried mapping the key to a button for 5x zoom in CH control manager and joytokey and I cannot get either of them to work in game. The assigned key works ingamne using the keyboard (I had to change the zoom from home key) but I have had no luck getting it to map to button 3 on my ch fighterstick. I've watched videos on youtube for mapping keys using either of these programs but I've not found any which are particularly useful. Any suggestion?
  9. I believe part of the problem for finding any action is that I'm using oculus rift. I downloaded tacview and it is pretty clear that even dogfights with a large number of combatants I simply cannot reliably spot aircraft beyond 1-2 miles and identification is also a problem.
  10. Thanks for the explanations, CountZero. I'm using VR and have the HUD turned off so I'm unable to see any chat messages. That'll be why I never made the chat connection with the beeps. I've been flying towards friendly/enemy targets along the front, but even with a server with 70-80 people it has been a challenge at times to find opponents. I was hoped there was a mechanism that I wasn't aware of to assist me in finding where the action is.
  11. Hi, I have a few questions concerning multiplayer. 1. What do the beeps signify that I'm hearing over the radio and how do i disable them if they're not of any significance. 2. I've not been able to come across any explanation of various icons on the map. Is there one avilable online somewhere? 3. Is there a way to discover where fighting is taking place on a map? Thanks for the help.
  12. I don't know if you are aware but crecy has a series of books on RAF airfields: Action Stations
  13. In my experience the AI enters a gentle right turn even on ace setting once you get under 500m or so. When further out the AI will enter a gentle climb. I find the AI has little aggression on the offense, nor does it makes any significant evasive manouevres when on the defence to throw off an attacker or to force an overshoot. I appreciate that it so no easy task to create a AI for a flight sim, however those are my observations from single player.
  14. The 2nd TAF between June 1944 and May 1945 had an average stoppage rate of one per 1,562 rounds fired for Mark II and Mark V Hispano. Regards, Thrila
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